Mrs Dirt Put In Harms Way By Psycho-A Warning to ALL Bloggers

Yesterday on Twitter (out of seemingly nowhere and not for the first time) Mrs Dirt was Tweeted to by a new/faux Twitter account harassing her yet again about her real name/work credentials. Clearly someone who has an axe to grind most likely with me and rather than directly confronting me for whatever her gripe was, in heterosexual/STRAIGHTBIAN style she blasted Mrs Dirt's work name on Twitter publicly for anyone to see.

For a fuller report see Mrs Dirt's post here: Why I Use A Pseudonym. (Not That It Is Anyone’s Business)

Having Mrs Dirt's work name it is easy enough to see based on her long history with law enforcement as to partly why Mrs Dirt kept her name close to her breast and partly on another more serious case I cannot and would not reveal here. My point being, given Mrs Dirt's previous work that endangered her life every single day for more than a decade, our faux Twitterer cared more about pissing me off than potentially getting my wife murdered.

Fortunately due to some deep respected friends in high places the faux Twitterer isnt quite as anonymous as SHE believed SHE was/is. While we do not have a name at this point-(we will soon we're promised) we do have the IP address/origin of the Twitter ID for Mary Sue@realbaddeeds:
If ANY Bloogers see this IP addy on your blogs, BEWARE. I or Mrs Dirt will keep readers abreast of this ongoing situation as it may affect hundreds of Feminist Bloggers.



  1. You have an IP address.

    You have a device associated with the alleged crime.

    By all means go to the cops. I want them to catch the perp because it will be a vindication when it's proven that there was no witch, erm, I mean "STRAIGHTBIAN" doing this at all. Such concepts are one and the same to you aren't they Dirt? I'm willing to bet if there were another burning times in America that you'd be the first one standing in line yelling "burn the witch!"

    The fact that you are trying to start a blog war/witch hunt against any feminist who disagrees with you and calls you out for your misogyny is exactly why you've become irrelevant. Your frothing hatred of straight women in a world already full of heteronormativity isn't progressive, it's downright medieval.

    While I would never wish death threats on anyone, I'm having a hard time sympathizing with your situation. That would be like caring about your abuser and putting them before your own rational self interest.

    1. dirt you probably want to get this anon's ip too because anybody who says she a hard time sympathizing with some motherfucker putting your wife in danger is seriously fucked up in the head. i think u are a total asshole sometimes but i do not approve of doxxing your wife.

    2. Thanks to Anon Jan 16 at 8:56 a.m. ^^: Your comment proves that we don't always have to agree, or even like each other, to recognize that targeting me was wrong. It was the act of a person who cares absolutely nothing about women's privacy/safety concerns.

      As for the original commenter, Anon 1/16 at 8:26 a.m., I have no desire to argue with you about what Dirt and I are saying about Straightbians (or anything else, for that matter); we know the truth about what we are saying, and we don't need/desire your approval.

      Our message is not the point here, and to use your disagreements with what we say about Straightbians as your reason to "have difficulty sympathizing" with someone intentionally putting me in potential danger says ALL anyone would ever need to know about your character.

    3. Your work name is known, now what? Do women suddenly have equal rights? Has VAW suddenly come to an end?

      This was nothing more than a LEZBOPHOBIC attempt to hush Lesbians revealing the UGLY fucking TRUTH about STRAIGHTBIANS!

      Problem is, as Straight women they expected (us) Lesbians to react passively they way they do. Strengthening the FACT this was done by a STRAIGHTBIAN! Lesbians do not function like straight women! We also do not spend copious amounts of time trying to fuck each other over!


    4. Yes, it was a mean-spirited AND unproductive act by someone who clearly does not care about the safety of other women.

    5. Oh call me a waaaaambulance, January 16, 2017 at 8:26 AM. Get a grip on your whiny sniveling ass self and grow the fuck up. Dirt and Mrs D have a right to say whatever the fuck they please on their own blogs and many agree with what they are saying, including me.

      If you don't like what they say, don't read it, fool.

      To compare them to "abusers" would be laughable, except for it is insulting to describe reading what anyone writes on a blog to what real survivors of abuse have been through.

      I would bet you are the person who did this but if not, you're just as bad for supporting it.

  2. Dirt, you piss me off on a regular basis and I don't agree with half of what you say but I am sorry this happened to your wife. There is no excuse for putting her in danger. I hope that whoever did it gets caught.

    1. AMEN to the last comment. Abuse like that undermines (or seeks to) genuine discussion and honest disagreement. Dirt knows I often disagree with her, but there is a rock-bottom solidarity that can't be endangered by those fools.

  3. As much as I disagree with most of what you post here, stay safe Dirt. I hope you two find your wife's harasser. No one deserves to feel like their life is threatened. God bless.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous February 3, 2017 at 11:38 AM!


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