Portraits of a STRAIGHTBIAN

In the ongoing effort to help Lesbians free themselves from the long nailed clutches of STRAIGHTBIANS they may be involved with and spare all other Lesbians from ever getting involved with STRAIGHTBIANS, we bring you Portraits of a STRAIGHTBIAN.

Portrait A: She is often the victim of child sexual abuse, usually perpetrated by her father/father figure/s. Sometimes her mother knows she is being abused and turns a blind eye. This strange abusive familial coupling solidifies her hatred of both men and women. Men for abusing her and women for failing to love/protect her.

Portrait A-a: This is a subcategory of Portrait A's. In this category we often find the special snowflake types. Women who may have grown up in an atmosphere where sexual overtones were in the air but never quite crossed over into sexual abuse. Regardless, these women grew up feeling like they werent heard enough, loved enough or told they were special enough. We often later find them to have many body piercings, tattoos, outrageous outfits such as angel wings, crazy platform shoes, studded or clothing with chains/safety pins etc, multi coloured hair, goths, queers etc. You will find many with a litany of adjectives in front of their names. They may be promiscuous, they may have both boyfriends and girlfriends. While they might frequently when younger date Lesbians, they dont usually abuse/use them beyond bragging rights (I'm dating a Lesbian now-I'm so cool). Most grow up, marry a man, have kids and move on. 

Portrait B: She may not have been sexually abused, but she is straight, left handed/right brained. Her right brainedness makes her feel different from her peers. She is both attracted to boys and repelled by them. During puberty and early adulthood she may confuse not feeling like other women and her dislike/discomfort with the power dynamics between male/female relationships for Lesbianism. Many Portrait B's will be attracted to Feminism/academia; even becoming leaders in Feminist groups. They may insist to other group members that Lesbianism is a political choice. Many speak or dream of a feminist separatist utopia where they are the leader. They often try to appear in heterosexual notions; unfeminine. This unfemininity, in their straight brains, is how they perceive Lesbians to look/be. Many will say that they have consciously eschewed femininity, believing the feminine or non-feminine are merely patriarchal fashion choices to be donned at will. Online they will often change their screen names and/or have dozens of different online personas.

Portrait C: She may be a combination of Portrait A and B. Portrait C STRAIGHTBIANS pose a more sinister danger to Lesbians. Their right brainedness which makes them naturally good at math/science/map reading etc is shared by MANY dykes. They legitimately speak of always feeling different as far back as they can remember from other girls. Because feeling different from our earliest memories is so common among Lesbians, when we hear another woman speak of it, we too can mistake that familiarity for Lesbian. But their psycho/sexual pathology doesnt bond them to Lesbians, it pathologises itself in the form of a dual hatred of dykes. They hate us because they cannot be us (not desire men) and they hate us because we're women.

Portrait D: This is the smallest minority of STRAIGHTBIANS. Portrait D's are an EXTREME form of Portrait C's. Extreme because their sexual/mental abuses were so tremendous, coupled with their right brainedness they later identify and even idolize their male abusers. This idolization turns them into abusers themselves; usually abusers of women, mostly straight women who have also been abused as children. Their warped worship of male abusers/men even lead some to transition. Their heterosexuality will often display itself in the form of sex with young men, with a preference for underage males. Their sadism with women will often take the appearance of  sex, because nudity/genitals etc are involved, but Portrait D's like all STRAIGHTBIANS lack sexual desire for women. Their only desire for women is to hurt them. Their heterosexual desires will often come alive with male youths; partly because their attraction is to males and partly because their maturity puts them in a power position over young males. In and of itself they may seem to pose more of a threat to male youths than dykes, which is true. But what is also true is, they play out their sexual psycho-pathology of sadistic sexual abuses of women and boys under the rubric of Lesbian and often in academia!

Some general statements and subjects (by no means complete) routinely made by/on the lips of STRAIGHTBIANS:
  • Not all Lesbians are born that way.
  • Lesbian is a choice some women make.
  • Any woman can choose to be a Lesbian.
  • But anyone cannot choose to be a woman.
  • Lesbian has nothing to do with sex.
  • Sexuality is fluid. 
  • Lesbians DO have sex with men and enjoy it.
  • Dykes and Butches are so manly/masculine and handsome.
  • Dykes/Butches transition because they're really men inside.
  • I support Political Lesbianism.
  • Patriarchy is the root of all evil.
  • Patriarchy is to blame for all of women's woes.
  • We do not fall in love with gender we fall in love with the person.
  • Gender Identity scientifically proves that the differences between men and women are not biological but instead based on societal expectations and prejudices.
  • Gender is socially constructed.
  • There are no male or female brains/brain differences at birth.
  • Compulsory Heterosexuality-wash/rinse/repeat ad nauseum. 
  • Abortion/reproductive rights.
  • Prostitution. Prostitution. Prostitution.
  • Racism. Black Lives Matter. Racism. Black Lives Matter. Racism.
  • Pornography. Pornography teaches male violence. Pornography. Male Violence. Pornography.
  • Mansplaining. Mansplaining. Mansplaining.
  • Men are evil. I hate men. Men hate women.
  • Trans women are not women ad fucking nauseum.
  • MRAs are EVERYWHERE and they are bullying me! MRAs. MRAs.
  • Radical Feminists eschew femininity.
  • Intersectionality. Inclusivity. 
  • I'm a radical feminist, not the fun kind.
While many issues listed above are of the utmost importance, few are Lesbiancentric, Lesbian accurate or seek to improve the lives of Lesbians.

This clearly is a general overview, were we to detail each Portrait and sub Portrait we could fill a text book (a later project) and obviously it does not explain the history/behaviour of every single STRAIGHTBIAN ever. But we are confident that Lesbians can and will benefit from a greater awareness of and psychology behind straight women who seek out Lesbians to date, who with straight privilege in tow and heterosexual lens firmly in place define and DICKtate Lesbian to society and to Lesbians ourselves and who all around have been to Lesbians what AIDS has been to gay men. 

dirt and Mrs Dirt


    1. The World according the Dirts. What a bleak and sinister place.
      Try to hate a little less and love a little more, dear old girls.
      Then, perchance, the world might start to look a little less hostile and hateful to you.

      1. Dear Anon 1/13 at 9:34 a.m.:

        You may choose to believe whatever you want, "dear".

        It is clear that either you are a Straightbian yourself, you are in love with one or want to increase your dating pool, and/or you're just too obtuse (AKA stupid) to see the problematics of Straightbians for Lesbians.

        Whatever the case, you and your snarky, uninformed, preachy, and smug comment is a perfect example of the very point we are making over and over and OVER again.

        Those who turn a blind eye to the harm being caused for Lesbians by Straightbians co-opting our lives/culture and wasting/ruining our lives are just as culpable.

        Try to think more and comment less if all you have to say is drivel, my "dear".

    2. I don't agree with all, but you've got some real truth there. I've seen so many lesbians vulnerable to straightbians. I think it would be nice, if you could write about the the personality of lesbians that fall for/have relationships with straightbians.

    3. I really don't understand why you get so much hate from people. Take five minutes and its obvious you don't hate at all. You just have the audacity to, you know...stand up for lesbians. Quelle horreur.

    4. About the fifth point starting from the bottom of the list: (just to clarify what your are trying to say, I'm not acquainted with this) does that mean that you consider trans women as legitimate women? And I'd like to ask, do you consider that trans men are not legitimate men? I'm really asking, just want to know. I'm not stating my own opinions here though, these are just questions.

    5. This sounds pretty spot on for the most part in regards to Radfems, but I'm a bit confused by these two points:

      "Lesbians DO have sex with men and enjoy it.

      Dykes/Butches transition because they're really men inside."

      Most of these Radfems I've come across think the complete opposite of this. They insist that transitioning butches are self hating butches, at least the ones I've talked to. But it is true that they seem to care very little despite this, they focus more on harassing transwomen because they are more worried about men coming after them then they are about helping other women. (Their bathroom phobias have ironically harmed butches trying to use the correct women's restroom, because they think they're trans and freak out. You've seen the news of butches getting kicked out or harassed in women's restrooms by paranoid straight women more than usual because of the bathroom bill?)

      I'm just curious where you got the idea that they're okay with butches/dykes transitioning, as from my experiences they've stated the complete opposite.

      I'm just trying to understand as this whole time trans people painted you as a radfem but I see that's not the case.


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