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A recent study on the body image of trans females who received Top Surgery (Body Image in Transmen: Multidimensional Measurement and the Effects of Mastectomy), while small in participant numbers, proves huge in results.

The aim of the study was to "prospectively assess the effect of mastectomy (top surgery) on the body image of transmen, including cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects." And the study interestingly concludes: "Mastectomy improves body image beyond satisfaction with chest appearance alone. Body satisfaction and feelings of “passing” in social situations are associated with a higher quality of life and self-esteem." I bolded the slight of hand in the conclusion. Now lets look at what the study actual found.

Thirty three trans females began the study, but only twenty six completed the study. Nearly ALL participants were, you guessed it...LESBIANS!
From the study:
"Overall body satisfaction (BIS) before surgery was neutral."
"Postoperative reflections on appearance (self-evaluative salience) of transmen were similar to those of control cisgender (non trans) women."
"On average, Appearance Schemas Inventory–Revised scores were not significantly influenced by mastectomy."
 "No significant change was seen for the overall BIQLI (Quality of life) score after surgery..."
Postoperative BIQLI was significantly lower than reference male and female values, indicating a lower body image-related quality of life.
In between the study struggling to prove that surgically removing healthy body parts is a great self esteem booster, it instead throughout the study proves that even in the short term when trans females are in the trans high mode with each new change, actual quality of life isnt at all improved by top surgery. And in fact, trans females fair less comfortable with their bodies even AFTER surgery than non transgender men and women:
In relation to control men and women, postoperative transmen were less satisfied with their bodies.
A most interesting passage:
"In relation to control male values, transmen showed less health and body awareness. This lower attention could be the result of the dysphoria with the (previously) female aspects of their body. Conversely, efforts made in physical fitness were found to be relatively high. Investments made in fitness might serve another purpose than only improving physical health, namely building muscle mass."
Meaning working out/weight lifting can produce physical results that both physically/mentally improve trans female bodies/image and self esteem sans breast removal. As this blog and many of its readers have attested for years. So why is the Psychiatric Complex and associates so invested in cutting off the breasts of Lesbians? Who is REALLY the uncomfortable one here?

Moving on:
"Body schemas of the study participants appeared to include masculine and feminine aspects that were not significantly influenced by mastectomy."
Most interesting:
The present data suggest that transmen show a relatively “female-like” pattern of self-evaluation and a more “male-like” pattern of behavior. The high self-evaluation score could be explained by the conscious internalization of masculine ideals during the transition from female to male. 
Clearly those interpreting the study are either complete buffoons or completely ignorant of dykes. I suspect a bit of the former and a shitload of the latter! The Lesbians in this study self evaluate like females, because they're females. And their "male-like" behaviour is natural Lesbian behaviour READ/FILTERED through heterosexual norms. The only "internalization" going on here is the HETEROSEXUAL model for female behaviour! There isnt even a thought that Lesbian is its own NORMAL! And Lesbian NORMAL differs greatly from STRAIGHT female normal! Thank our lucky gene mapping!

But I digress:
"The present study found less social dysphoria in transmen compared with control women".
"Overall, self-esteem was not significantly influenced by surgery".
"...postoperative self-esteem was significantly lower in transmen than in control men and women".
Our results suggest that mastectomy alone does not improve overall self-esteem within the chosen follow-up period.
The study concluded IF read in total that top surgery does NOT improve self esteem, quality of life or remove dysphoria. In order to counter the negative top surgery results, the researches reach for straws by supposing the negative post surgery outcomes resulted because of a short follow up. Anyone studying trans females/top surgery even in the slightest knows full and well that it is precisely within the short term that the most positive feelings occur. And as time ticks away from the initial breast removal, the more dissatisfied the trans female becomes.

Even studies that are heavily invested in proving how wonderful and brilliant transgender drugs and surgeries are, the more it is clarified how these treatments do nothing to help quality of life or build self esteem in transgender patients.


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  1. 1. They are not called "Trans Females" they are men. And if you must call them trans, call them "Trans-Men"
    2. They are not lesbians. If they like girls, they are straight men. If they like boys, they are gay.
    3. You're probably going to reply all hot-headed, and get Dirt to back you up, huh, sayes?


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