Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-Gender Critical Professionals-Whose Side are they on?

Jordan Age 24

Niko Age 23

Rex Age 30

Chris Age 24

Ell Age 29

Alix Age 36

Tyler Age 40s

Ren Age 26

Korey Age 25

All these women were adults at the time of medical transition, according to the new Trans Critical Wave of the less than professional, this is A-okay by them. So long as their Gender Non Conforming aka Lesbianism persisted into their adulthood, they support their transition.

Gender Critical Professionals, critical of homosexuals who act homosexual. Homophobia, same as it ever was.



  1. Why do you equate gender non-conformity with lesbianism? In fact, why do you equate literally everything with lesbianism? Literally all the pysch and science points to gender identity and sexuality being separate. Just because the lesbian culture enjoys masculine presentation, doesn't mean that everyone who's ever worn a flannel shirt is a lesbian.

  2. There is no "lesbian culture", you are confusing STRAIGHTBIAN bullshit with Lesbians! The "lesbian uniform" was created and maintained by STRAIGHT women, NOT Lesbians.



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