Trans Trending-Who is Transitiong-When Transgender Became Big Business

Anthony Age 25

Elijah Age 15

Ash Age 19

Syd Age ?

Asher Age 16

Ivl Age 18

Dax Age 19

Kayden Age ?

Rylan Age 22

Like any trend, whether Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch dolls or Transgender, if there's money to be made you can bet your bottom dollar someone is going to make a buck! Regardless of how fruitless the trend, regardless of how many landfills will later be brimming with whats left of the trend when its no longer fun or its popularity wanes and regardless of the obscenity of the surgeon's furnaces reducing once HEALTHY breasts to ashes: money before morals and moolah before common sense.

Before Transgender became BIG business, it was a pathology. Like other popular pathologies, Transgender didnt find a large audience until it was marketed. Those who critically analyze Transgender, from health risks/certain death, to the genocide of homosexuals via transition now face a much greater enemy than merely the Psychiatric Complex who once held the only key to the Transgender gate-Corporate America and other corporate affiliates.

One such example is Dr. Charles Garramone who spotted a need for Trans Trenders before Corporate America made Transgender a household name. From his website:
"Body Masculinization are the New standards of care when having FTM Top Surgery, and Dr. Garramone is the creator and the only Plastic Surgeon offering these methods. His methods are based on him performing Thousands of these procedures. Not many surgeons can attest to performing thousands of these techniques during their entire career, but Dr. Garramone has."
Garramone cushions the unnecessary dismemberment of thousands of females by couching their mutilation as a standard of care. Dr. Garramone has made good use of the current pro-trans atmosphere and is practicing getting more bang for a buck by hacking the tits off from anyone who can afford to pay him:
"FTM (female to male) transgender, trans-masculine, trans-male, gender neutral, gender variant, lesbian, pan-gender, and female identifying patients."
Basically if you have breasts you dont want, he'll slice them off as soon as you can sign your name on the credit card receipt. Dr. Unethical I suspect has enlarged his potential clientele because cutting the healthy breasts from mentally troubled females has become big business. With other doctors developing new improved methods of mutilation, Dr. G tries to frighten potential customers:
The Buttonhole technique has lately been touted as a “New” procedure unlike anything else, and superior to many other choices including the Double Incision Method, because it allows preservation of nipple sensation...Sadly, both the Inverted-T and Buttonhole techniques promise maintaining nipple sensation, which is rarely true. They also require leaving behind a fair amount of breast tissue to maintain the nipple sensation, thus running into the same problems of giving the appearance of excessive breast tissue. Basically, it looks like the Patient still has breasts and fullness in the lower portion of the chest and therefore prevents them from attaining the “Ideal Aesthetic Male Chest” they are looking for.
The snake oil charlatans of yore are as present in our time as ever, as Dr. Garramone and millions like him so ruthlessly demonstrate. The War on Homosexuality has gained reinforcements, we are no longer fighting the Psychiatric Complex who continues to view/treat us as abnormal, we're fighting a root of Democracy itself-Free Enterprise. Since Nietzsche declared God is Dead, its apparent even the Heavens cant help us.


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