Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt Comes Clean

Yesterday I presented a lengthy post on the pathology of a darling of the Gender Critical Professionals/RadFems, Carrie Maria-Catt Callahan aka Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt aka Carey Callahan. Particularly regarding Miss Callahan's pathological lies regarding taking testosterone and the length of time she injected testosterone. Documenting her own various accounts of time which can be read in my original post and assorted posts Miss Callahan has written for Gender Critical Professionals and various other outlets. As was expected, heterosexual alliance among STRAIGHTBIANS and straight academics alike closed ranks, choosing hetero hysteria over Lesbian logic. What wasnt expected (thanks to a the Lesbian reader who sent this screencap), Miss Callahan admitted earlier on a blog she has under a different name that yesterday's post was correct and she had NEVER medically transitioned. See screencap:
What is clear from this exchange is Miss Callahan did blog about lying somewhere, but maintained to Gender Critical Professionals and other RadFem bloggers she had medically transitioned for somewhere between 5-9-11 months.

So for those who questioned what good or what was the point of yesterdays dissection? The above was.

Not only do Lesbian Lives matter, I'll see to it we have merit, meaning and will NOT be defined, or trampled on by STRAIGHT women of any kind, anywhere on MY watch!


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  1. Apparently, she "desisted" (change her mind), not "detransitioned". She must be confused straight or bisexual woman with a lot of issues.


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