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Mrs Dirt recently received this comment from a trans female who wanted to post here but wasnt sure which post was most appropriate. I'm posting her (Bartek's) comment in full here as it is oriented toward Trans Trenders: (I put in a few remarks in red)


At first, sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker. If I sound rude – keep in mind it was not my intention.

I know this may be not a correct place to post this comment since it’s not related to comment policy, but honestly, I have no idea where I should write it. I just want to leave a feedback on yours and Dirt’s general work. I’m not sure if there’s a point of re-posting it on Dirt’s blog, I guess you two talk about what happen on your blogs? (We do!)

Anyway: I’m myself a FtM and (heh, it will sound like heresy, right?) recently I thought what you two were doing was really important. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets nor I deny the existence of transgenderism, so while I don’t agree with your basic statement, I still think you made some good points.

First of all I really appreciate Dirt’s posts about testosterone injection’s influence on female body. I regret most of the FtMs (trans females) will be to busy with sending hate messages to actually read theses posts.😛 Have you ever think of anonymously sending them rewritten in friendlier way to some transgender site? Most of trans-people perceive Dirt as their biggest enemy and don’t care what she has to say, but she’s saying things that doctors are unwilling to say. Of course, by this way you won’t change anyone view on transgenderism, but maybe some people WILL read it and be more cautious about their health. Honestly, some of the girls and boys on tumblr and other weird places talk about hormones as if they were candies with no side effects…

Also – I noticed the same things as you did. This is becoming a trend. A couple of weeks ago I talked with a girl, who claimed to be a pre-everything transboy. She told me she has started to be transgender (?) when she realized she’s in love with a gay. I wish it was an isolated case but 95% of the “trans” people I met seem to be completely mindless about what and why they are doing, fetishists or deeply damaged, self hating people.

There’s a short story I’d like to tell you, I think you’ll find it interesting. One popular trans activist in my country some time ago decided to detransition. She discovered she can truly enjoy her female self, found a love and stopped HRT. Probably in another order, though.😛 Anyway I felt happy for her and I thought everyone else will react the same but… no. The amount of hate she got was terrifying. If people could they would instantly burned her alive. She didn’t even started to be critical about transition in general, she just said she has chosen the wrong path and found the right one. I don’t know, why would anyone who is ‘mindful’ about what they are doing react so angrily?

Anyway I don’t agree with many of your opinions, but I think your voice should be heard and analyzed, not silenced by people who are trans, think they’re trans or just pretend to be.

I guess I should post it on Dirt’s blog after all, since she’s more focused on gender critical (did I use the correct term?) activity, but I noticed she really like to have her place well organized and is not found of off-topic comments. And as I said, this is really off-topic.😛

Have a nice day.


  1. it's transmale when it's Female to Male.

    Insisting on using a completely incorrect term just makes you look stupid, and any valid point you have is lost in the fact that you have an agenda.

    It doesn't matter if you think it's wrong or bullshit, this is about accuracy.

    TransFEMALE would be a male going to female.

    Do you also say white for black because you personally disagree with the concept of light and dark.

    Your stubbornness on pushing your incorrect terms loses you many readers, I agree with some of your points, honestly, but this childish insistence on using the terms wrong - even if you hate them - just destroy taking you seriously.

    1. Males are males-females are female-if on transition drugs simply add "trans" in front of. Biology 101 is your friend, not your enemy.


    2. The modern field of biology, even taught at the 101 level, firmly establishes that there are at least 6 distinct human sexes, so you should really brush up on this stuff before you start mocking other people for their lack of knowledge (though I guess that kind of thing is really only for people with integrity, so, I guess you can skip it.) As for the nomenclature of trans men and trans women - feel free to use incorrect terms all you want; no one will know who or what the hell you're talking about, which is just as well. In case you were confused, though, a trans man is a man who is trans, and wants and deserves to be recognized as a man - if you're using the term "trans man" to mean anything else, you're doing it wrong - which is your choice, but these are the actual generally agreed-upon words we all use, so, deal with it.

      Also, you might want to see someone about that aggressive case o transphobia you got there, it seems to be getting in the way of you being a happy, reasonable person. Or at least one of the things. Anyway, cheers.

    3. Exceptions are not rules, a BIOLOGICAL fact. Red herrings are as useless as your biased thought processes.


  2. BTW, this a form of stalking, bullying, and online harassment.

    Just so you get that.

    1. but it really is. maybe you should educate yourself first before spreading these lies. I've read a few of your articles and they are nothing but misinformation spread by someone who was no obvious experience with medical professionals or trans people. maybe stick with the Lesbian stuff instead of giving a place to source for hate

    2. This is bullying, this whole damn page is NOTHING but BULLYING. It's literally filth. The fact that stupid people read this nonsense is beyond me. You attack people who cannot defend themselves then post irrelevant shit, for people who can't even use the proper terms. Are you seriously believing this nonsense you spew? Or do you say it to get people to laugh? Reading through this trash, it is bullying. Do you ask these people to use their images? do you talk to this people and tell them you're writing about them? I am sure they don't know because no self respecting Transgender is going to allow anyone to post this bull shit about them. If I were in that position, i'd lock down your IP and burn your fucking computer. It enrages me to see injustice like this. What gives you or anyone the right to talk about people like this? Slander is what this is and I hope someday someone gets you so you can see exactly what it is that is taking place so YOU can understand what YOU look like to us.

    3. I am a trans man and, as awful as this entire blog is, it's unacceptable to threaten the same kind of violence on that person that they are inflicting and encouraging on these young men. I know sometimes people will comment like this to damage the supposed "other side", and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case here, but if you are sincere- speaking out against hateful things like this is the right thing to do, but threats only draw attention away from the actual issue of that person's hatred and cruelty.


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