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Gender Transition is a multi layered/multi step process involving drastic changes to appearance ranging from the superficial (clothes/hair) to the severe (medical drugs/surgeries). An early goal for those seeking transition is passing as opposite their sex. Initially this is simply matching visual markers of sex (hair cut/clothing/breast binding etc in the case of females) to their opposite sex.

The "success" of passing is heavily dependent upon reactions by the general public, such as for females, getting sired by a sales person or a cashier. Being sired is an early addictive Trans High which reinforces to the female in question that she REALLY is meant to be male. Examples:
So guys today I was at a cafe with family in my town and the waitress was talking to my sister and she says "so it must be hard for you to be the only girl in the family" and my sister just stares at me until I just went "yes yes she is" and that is the story of how I finally am able to pass in public!!!!
Twenty-three months on T and I've finally started to pass and/or communicate male regularly. Yay! I thought it would never happen.
Feel like ive been passing really well lately.

Not passing when trying to pass is a low blow for those seeking to transition. Examples:

So tonight my drink never came with my dinner and I told my waitress I didn't want it anymore. She later showed up with the drink saying the bartender told her to just give it to her anyway. Her being me. So I gently and non confrontational asked her why she referred to me as her. She acted surprised. Then blamed the bartender who could not see me from where he was at. I'm tired of being quiet when I get misgendered.
It happens all the time when I have jobs at different stores. I will ask for the bathroom key and they hand me the girls and I always say no I need the men's and they act like I killed a kitten.
I get aggressively ma'amed which is weird and uncomfortable but even at work people won't call me the right things I'm getting so frustrated but I can't seem to get the strength to correct people.
Fortunately for those who do not pass, there's social media sites like Tumblr or Facebook groups. Females seeking transition use social media groups for support and to assure each other they do in fact pass. Many trans female sites/groups are full of trans females posting pictures of themselves to the group, asking if they pass. Even when glaringly obvious that they dont, despite the claims of male, their reactions toward each other is typically female. Words to a fellow trans female asking if she passes ranges from total assurance to supportive tips on how better to pass. Its a warped version of good old fashioned female etiquette do's and donts.

What goes ignored about passing is what is actually taking place, in both seeking to pass and passing itself. The disappointment and anger that occurs when not passing, isnt because transgenders arent being seen as their true self, but precisely because they ARE. The same is true when transgenders begin passing with regularity, the exhilaration is in no longer being seen, not in being seen as the someone else (opposite sex).

Another area of transgenderism, particularly trans females, that psychologists, therapists and Gender Special/ists have failed to see let alone understand.



  1. Couldn't have anything to do with service personnel wanting to maximize good feelings, especially among patrons who might be leaving a tip…

    I guess it doesn't occur to the person in the cafe with her sister that the server might "sir" to the patron's face, then laugh about the girl-in-boy-drag later in the kitchen. Naw, that wouldn't happen.

    1. I had thought about addressing that since I know that happens frequently to trans. When in the throws of transgender the idea that society is merely doing whats its taught (being polite) never occurs to them.


  2. Testosterone injections does not eliminate the hour glass figure that many females have. I've seen numerous face photos and many, if they take long shots of their bodies, they indeed have female curvy form. Females have hips, what do they do about that Dirt? More surgery? Never wear form fitting clothes?

    The smaller hands and feet usually give it away for me if nothing else. Removal of healthy breast tissue and injections of poison does not a male make.

    1. Even were there to be some magic pill that changed bone structure as well, that female brain isnt going nowhere. Behaviour is dead give away.

      But as it stands now, you are absolutely right, most trans females or males are easy to spot. And as I've made mentioned many times here before, since so many are mid range dykes, changes from testosterone affect them so similarly they look like they're related.


  3. the funny thing is that most butches and studs don't even try to pass but we do 50% and for some even 100% of the time! as dirt has brought up in other posts, a good portion of these kids are feminine in appearance before they transition. so when you have a feminine body and facial structure, no hormones are going to make that change. you'll just look like a female in "boy drag" as the anon said earlier^^^

    1. LFB, True. I hated passing growing up and at this point in my life ignore it. I dislike not being seen, whereas these girls are risking life and limb for just that.


  4. I still often get "mis-sexed" on the telephone, and when I was young it happened "in vivo" too. My "rule-of-thumb" was and is not to correct if it's a short interaction, e.g. "Here is the key to your room, Madam", but to correct if the conversation was likely to go on longer. The point of the latter is to avoid subsequent embarrassment for the person you're talking to. Or are we supposed to go into some shrieking narcissistic rant every time a person makes an innocent mistake?
    I confess I was a bit miffed the first time I heard myself addressed as 'Madame' rather than 'Mademoiselle', but that has to do with a whole other aspect of my narcissism. (-;
    "She later showed up with the drink saying the bartender told her to just give it to her anyway." You got your drink, darling, who is so self-obsessed to even notice that little grammatical 'mistake'.
    You make me very tired (muy cansada Y muy cansado), not you, Dirt, but the authoress (heh, heh!) of this nonsense.


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