Transgender Critical Professionals FAIL Homosexuals

There is a current (pre) school of thought among some academics and psychologists speaking out against the trend of transitioning children/young teens. On the surface, amid the transgender explosion, this sounds like some sort of progress back toward common sense. But just below the surface lurks the same shark infested waters gays and lesbians have been swimming in since our lungs took their first breath of air.

Not a single one of these professionals showed any concern as adult lesbians were swept under the first tide of transition trends twenty plus years ago, despite many now gravely ill or worse dead (including once lesbian leaders). Lesbians who were kicked out of their homes/families because it went against some god or other. Lesbians who allowed themselves to believe they were really men trapped in women's bodies and it wasnt their fault. Lesbians who hoped and prayed transition would fix all that. Lesbians who once on testosterone aged as rapidly as their sexual attraction switched from women to men. Lesbians whose scarred chests was/is a permanent reminder of their sex.

Nor did any of these professionals bat an eye as growing numbers of minority gay men transitioned. Gay men who because of their race could not afford doctor prescribed drugs and surgeries. Gay men who were harmed or worse  died from back alley castrations, taking a female friends birth control pills or illegal "Pump Parties" where they were (are) injected with auto shop silicone. Gay men who were beaten or died at the hand of a "john" because they use/d prostitution as a means of garnering money for transition meds/surgeries.

None of these professionals uttered a peep from 1994 to 2005 when gay/lesbian children, age infant to three, were being diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. A label that would open their immediate future to hormone blockers/non FDA approved hormones and mutilative surgeries.

None of these professionals called out sites like YouTube to be shut down (still havent) for promoting Trans Trending among lesbians (youths and adults), despite doing just that (shutting down) years ago Pro-Ana sites.

But then some of these professionals had young lesbian daughters who got caught up in Trans Trending and suddenly we're at Peak Trans! And they're starting blogs and websites professing the dangers of transitioning GENDER NON CONFORMING youth! Failing to see the harm or the sheer ignorance of their middle-of-the-road-some-people-are-REALLY-transgender approach! And dont waste your time asking any about autogynephiles, in typical heterosexual fashion, these professionals believe THEM (the greatest number of transitioners to date) RARE!

This heterosexist Gender Straight Jacketed thinking is why GENDER NON CONFORMING was such an easy pill for them to swallow. Had any of these professionals bothered to garner enough knowledge of homosexuals/homo culture/history for them recognize what NORMAL homosexuals look/act/function etc like they might be a little less for adult transition and a little more for educating parents/schools/society on how best to support homosexual youths pre-school to high school. They might realize there is no RIGHT way to be a heterosexual male or female and no WRONG way to be gay or lesbian!

Instead, these less-than-lunatic-fringe professionals who are seemingly on our side, are only interested in ferreting out the REAL transgenders among school children. Meaning those like this :
  • What came after first was what I know and what came after that was what I remember. I'll start with what I know. I know around age two my ma could not keep me in a dress. I remember around age three being asked by strangers observing between my long (girls) hair, my pants, T shirt, tennis shoes and rough play "are you a boy or a girl?" It is a question that dogged me throughout my childhood, my teen years, even today I can spot it in the eyes of strangers. In childhood those looks were usually filled with a puzzlement, somewhere in adulthood they developed a range, from dumbstruck to disgust.
 or this:
  • I'm not a boy. But I'm in boy space. I navigate boyhood while being a girl. I learn the boy ropes. Boy rules are applied to me. I find myself partly confused, and partly proud by this application. Only I don't remember filling a boy application, surely I must have. I forgot is all. I have no girl friends, only boy friends. Of them it is a constant sizing up; him sizing me up, me him, him him. "Do you want to wrestle" a boy asks? "Ok" I answer. I take him down quickly. I now understand the game, I'm three years old. Wrestling is fighting, without fighting. Wrestling tells us both who is stronger, it tells other boys too. If Paris is the toughest boy in the 3rd grade and I beat Paris wrestling? I beat Paris wrestling. But I'm not a boy. There will be a long line of boys I will wrestle in my youth. I will beat all of them, a true Olympian with all the blood, sweat and many tears, but none of the gold or the glory.
These and less extreme narratives hold the classic transgender signs that even our seasoned professionals with the best of intentions would flag for childhood transgenderism, whereby the transgender signs arent likely to change with age. One thing they would have right? Those signs didnt change with age. What they would have drastically/horrifically wrong? Those narratives are mine and I am not remotely transgender, but lesbian.

That these professionals believe some transition is acceptable tells us they believe some homosexuals are wrong. 



  1. Hi Dirt, Gender Critical Dad here,

    This stings, because it does contain a lot of truth.

    I'm not a professional, I'm just a parent of a lesbian who has fallen into the trans cult and may end up using untested drugs (testosterone) and undergoing unnecessary mutilating surgery.

    I am working with professionals to fight the transgender hegemony and the doctrine of gender identity.

    While I can't speak for them I think I do share some experiences that are relevant to your criticism.

    Trans was very clever when it usurped LGB organisations and language. Until one is faced with the reality of someone you love choosing the self destructive path of transition, it is so easy to fall for the lie that transgender is just another form of gay. I know I fell for it.

    Professional fear for their jobs for speaking out against trans. Losing their jobs means losing their homes and letting their families suffer. They will also be letting down their current clients and colleagues.

    Going public with an anti trans message will end up pushing the very kids they are trying to protect further into the trans cult. Life isn't like the movies, you can't get people out of cult by arguing with them.

    There are many fronts in the struggle against trans. You are doing great work within the Lesbian community. A confrontation stance and style of writing works well for that. Your blog and tweets are great to read, get a wide audience and challenging and always worth reading.

    The front professionals are fighting on needs a very careful approach. They are trying to influence politicians and health and education policy makers. They have to be very clear that they are not against trans people, if they are not to be perceived as bigots.

    I may not agree with the decisions trans people have taken, but if they have taken those decisions after fully understanding the consequences of the decisions and the alternative, I have to accept their right to take those decisions. Yes I accept that a lot of adults are making bad decisions under the cult influence, but really what can I say to a lesbian that if falling into trans?

    I hop we can be allies and work in solidarity on different fronts.

    Take care and stay strong

    1. Thanks for your comment JAD,

      With regard to those professionals too afraid, too Gender Straight Jacketed, too heterocentric, too too etc, who suggest working within the Psychiatric Complex to bring about changing (transitioning HOMOSEXUAL children while ignoring those more at risk as documented here alone for the last near decade!)I'm reminded of something the late
      lesbian activist Audre Lorde said in one of her famous essays:

      "Those of us who stand outside the circle of this society's definition of acceptable women; those of us who have been forged in the crucibles of difference--those of us who are poor, who are lesbians, who are Black, who are older--know that survival is not an academic skill. It is learning how to take our differences and make them strengths. For the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. And this fact is only threatening to those women who still define the master's house as their only source of support."

      They, like you, do not know or bother to know our history within the Psychiatric Complex and how that history AND present time have treated homosexuals. A SLIGHT glimpse if you will with a few previous posts:

      If you've got this far then you'll forgive my distrust of a system that continues to view me as an abnormal freak, something to be fixed or corrected via transition.

      And at this point, given Informed Consent as a means for medical transition, that Trojan horse is on its way to the knackers yard.



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