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Alfred Kinsey, Harry Benjamin and John Money comprise the Transgender Trinity responsible for the twisted, warped, self loathing, dangerous ideology of transgenderism. A disorder based on a theory proven false more than four decades ago. This UNholy twisted trinity also made up one of North America's leading pedophile rings, one which remnants of still exist today.
  • Men who paid rapists to rape their own daughter so that her orgasms could be timed while being raped.
  • Men who paid pedophiles to time the erections and orgasms of male children as young as 2 months old.
  • Men who forced brothers as young at age seven to have sex with each other while insisting one brother role play the girl
  • Men who wrote books and lectured parents on the importance of having sex in front of or with their children. 
  • Men who tried changing age of consent laws to better help underage children get jobs in the sex industry. 
  • Men who tried changing age of consent laws to lessen pedophile jail time.
  • Men who reframed pedophilia in effort to decriminalize it. 
  • Men who claimed being a pedophile was akin to simply being left handed.
  • Men whose work changed laws to minimize jail time for convicted pedophiles.
  • Men who promoted consensual sex with children. 
It is precisely from THESE sick, despicable, pervert's minds that sprang the THEORIES: Gender roles/Gender Identity/Gender Identity Disorder/Transsexualism/Transgender/Gender Dysphoria/Gender Incongruence/Gender Non Conformity and Transition as a cure-all.

Young women like those seen above are transgender because pedophiles worked to unseat language from biology for the purpose of normalizing adult sex with children (consensual pedophilia), NOT because any of them actually are transgender.

Ideology (Imaginary or visionary theorization) is only an identity in theory and the theory of Gender Identity is false.



  1. whoa im a dude and I'm not into girls so you cant call me a lesbian even if you think im a girl. also who are these people? Ive known im a dude since i was 3, and i grew up in a christian home with very little news or media so theres no chance i was influenced by whoever they are. im 19 and so happy with the changes to my body, i would never take them back. anyways im gonna get outta here theres no point arguing on the internet but damnnnn lmao this site is fucked

    1. also, i like to wear makeup and stuff. You can live without abiding by gender roles no matter who you are. im not being restricted.


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