Trans Males Coercing Lesbians into SEX with them? I dont think so!

A more recent ruse from STRAIGHTBIAN is declaring online trans males (autogynephiles) are coercing/pressuring (I've also seen the word forcing used) lesbians into having sex with them. There are several issues with that, the first being:
  • Why the hell are these women wasting a moments time on this?
and second and most important:
  • By identifying as Lesbians, STRAIGHTBIANS interacting with trans males (any males for that matter) are giving the false notion that dykes would give males the time of day and then some! 
My wife and I daily observe Lesbian IDd STRAIGHTBIANS playing school yard boy/girl games with trans males. Wasting both their own time and Lesbian time when Lesbians are being asked/expected/coerced into helping them defeat the Big Bad Wolves. And with each defeat, within a days time, these same Lesbian IDd STRAIGHTBIANS seek out/target a new set of trans males to engage with, and AROUND we go!

  • Dykes are not afraid of trans males!
  • Dykes do not date trans males!
  • Dykes do not fuck or get fucked by trans males!
  • Dykes are not feeling pressured into sexual relations with trans males!
  • Most dykes never heard of a cotton picking ceiling (many of us wear boxers!)
  • If confronted with a trans male, dykes deal with them directly and the convo ends there!
  • Its rare for the general dyke to ever give a thought let alone any of her time to trans males period!
  • Dykes date/fuck/love dykes we're attracted to, because they're dykes and we're attracted to them!
  • IF some group of trans males said to a dyke that she was being "transphobic" cuz she wont cuddle his cock, she is not going to feel pressured to please him in any way, including bantering with him under the guise of arguing. 
  •  Men do NOT fall on Lesbian Radar!
  • And lets be honest, when was the last time you saw a trans male at a softball game???!!!
While Lesbian gullibility and fierce protectiveness toward women may ensnare some dykes into arguing (FOR STRAIGHTBIANS) with trans males, heterosexuality keeps STRAIGHTBIANS going back to trans males for more.

To my LESBIAN sisters, if you run across ongoing arguments with trans males by STRAIGHTBIAN/RadFems that over some form of transwomen arent women, by golly RUN THE OTHER WAY! STRAIGHTBIANS brought transgender into the lesbian community, and now STRAIGHTBIANS are using Lesbianism/Lesbian resources/Lesbians themselves to fuel and fan hetero flames between themselves and the men they (pretend to) hate.

The Dirts


  1. Dirt, what do you think about arguing with the straight, bi, and trans females who love promoting this lesbophobic nonsense? Waste of time?

  2. Had a femme ex-crush who shared with me, if there were no Butches available, she would prefer to have oral sex with a man (blow him iow) rather than be with a femme lesbian. She calls herself "gay" she is unable to utter the word "lesbian." I realize now why. She is an insufferable straightbian. Took me a bit, but I get it now. Boy, was I naive, last I heard she is in a doomed long distance relationship with a prevaricating transman.

    1. My dear Mare, what you had was a STRAIGHTBIAN! And trust me, we've nearly all been there.


    2. I admit this right now for everyone to see. ALL of my 'serious' relationships have been with straightbians, including one for 20 years.

      Just thinking out loud here, do you believe we Butches are more in danger of being attracted to straightbians than other women attracted to women? Scouring my past, obviously I have been. *sigh

    3. Yikes. This is exactly what we are trying to tell people; that Straightbians mess with lesbian lives in many ways; even if "just" wasting our time, love, and energy.

      I do think Butches and Dykes are much more likely to be attracted to Straightbians (and Straightbians to them), but I have also heard of Straightbians targeting Lipstick Lesbians too.


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