Off Topic Comments or Just Plain Off

In effort to keep the pedestrian, the ignorance, the hate filled, the off topic and the truly bizarre comments from impeding/side tracking or misleading the posts from this blog, I've decided to hold such comments and regularly publish them in a separate post. Each comment will be labeled to make it easier to comment on a specific comment:
Bear in mind, these comments come from those who have transitioned, are considering transition or are pro transition.



  1. Have to love #18 "...lesbian trans women"

    If I wasn't so distraught over these comments, I'd be laughing my fool head off.

  2. The trans cult claimed another victim, my cousin. We're not on speaking terms because I won't play along with her delusions.

  3. Anonymous E:

    "Everyone knows that only you [Dirt] can choose who posts here." Well, duh! I get tired of explainng to these cretins the difference between editorial choice and "censorship". If this commenter had read more than a couple of your posts s/he would know that you often publish opinions that don't fully agree with your own. Let her go make the same complaint to the New York Times, or if s/he really wants all her ramblings to be published, set up her own blog.

    Anonymous F

    hopes "you are not a parent" and that "parents would be smart and stay clear of your intolerance[sic]". Not this step-dad. Our son's real Dad (yeah, I know we're supposed to say "biological" not "real" now, but fuck that), his real Dad and I raised him (a big grown-up, oh dear, heterosexual) man now, to respect women and men and never ever be bamboozled by his own dick or hormones into PRETENDING to confuse one for the other. Believe it or not, we did that before we had the benefit of your blog, but I don't imagine we'd have done anything very different.
    Spare a thought, though, for Anonymous F's daughter. You made her cry because "she couldn't believe that there was anyone who was this mean associated with the LGBT+ community". Are you associated with "the LGBT+ community?" I suppose we all are, by the broad tarring of the brush; but I certainly repudiate any connection with the "T+" part of that, and remain to be convinced of what the "B" have done or had done to them to merit a separate letter in our acronyms. You are too young to remember that it was the widespread abuse of the term "gay" not just by the mainstream media but by gay men ourselves that made it necessary to rename our organizations "Lesbian and Gay" rather than simply "Gay" in the first place. If we had known what floodgates we were opening...

    Anonymous G:

    "When I considered swerving my car into the oncoming truck, trust me, being a trendy trans was the last thing on my mind." Was it really? It kinda sounds like the welfare of and consequences for the truckdriver were even lower down on your priorities, but I confess I know little about driving in the USA, and maybe a motor vehicle on the freeway is one of those arms you have a constitutional right to bear. "Your blog is just feeding haters." I don't hate Anon G: it's true I hate camping, know nothing at all about "Game of Thrones", and surely "doing our groceries" is something we all have to do, regardless of sex or gender, unless we're rich enough to pay somebody else to do it.

    Anonymous H:

    "The category of female is a construct of male science, just like trans." No, it isn't. All mammals are sexually bimorphic, including homo sapiens. If it was a man who first wrote a university dissertation about it, that's a regrettable fact about our human history, but doesn't change the fact. I would love to read your poetry. Since longer than you can imagine, poetry has been written about "hermaphroditism", and much of it is very inspiring to our imagination, regardless of our own sexual identity.

    I'm too exhausted to deal with the other Anonymae or Anonymi (I know they go at least up to Q or R). Can I pass the baton, if anyone's interested in taking it on?


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