Tuesday, July 19, 2016


  1. Best wishes and love on your journey back.

  2. I have a question, maybe you could make a post about this if you haven't already: It's very painful as someone who is detransitioned/detransitioning to think that your female body has been "ruined" by transition processes, whatever they are. I read here a lot that "trans" people are "ruining" their bodies, or doing harm to themselves that is irreversible. That can instill a great feeling of hopelessness, and self loathing. Do you tell detransitioning women that their bodies are "damaged?" Is it possible to be a whole and beautiful female person who has gone through transitional processes like surgery, or hormone "therapy?" Or will non-transitioners always see us through a lens of victimhood, like our bodies or minds are permanently "wounded," or somehow not what they should be?

  3. No. It doesnt really require additional surgery, implants or the concealment of any scar to reclaim one's femaleness.

    You never really left.

    Women are Badass. Our scars inside and out are truer medals than any awarded amongst men of folly, poison wars.

    Women never have Anything "Missing".

  4. Just like "top surgery" and hormones never truly changed your sex... You don't *need* any particular surgery or treatment to "go back". Society may pay attention to physical markers like facial hair or chest shape, but they are NOT always true markers of your real SEX. If you're a female, you are a female. Full stop. There are hairy, flat-chested females. There are females with scars, but they are not "ruined"! Much love and respect to ALL females, in all the forms they come in. xo

  5. I applaud your courage and honesty! This statement: "it seemed like a good answer to some of my problems. Become a male in society, don't have as much bullshit to deal with, etc." confirms my worst fears regarding the youngest generation of Lesbians. I would be interested to know why younger Lesbians are seeking to escape the bullshit rather than standing up to it, as this old dyke did in her 20s? Did Feminism not make it easier to be the kind of person, male or female, one wishes to be? Kudos to you for finding your way back to sanity.

  6. No offense but this is why I think trans people have a mental illness. I apologize if that sounds brash, but I feel like the core of wanting to be something you're not is rooted in not accepting yourself in the first place. How society views and treats you is what you make of it regardless of surgery and hormone injections.

    I think it's crucial that doctors take this issue more seriously and people recieve the care they need to accept themselves. There are many many people who have body image issues that need to be dealt with via therapy rather than a fabricated idea of what happiness could be with "modifications". You can only go so far with modifications and be happy, but once the scars and removals have been done, there's no "un-doing" it without some visual consequences.

    Instead of conforming to a fabricated idea of male or female, just be yourself and be confident. Keep in mind people change feelings all the time. Eventually you stop wearing the clothes you wore in high school and even your thoughts and v feelings change. Finding yourself is a journey and doesn't fit a mold.

    1. Be your self? So? Let people be trans if they're trans?

  7. Some people are just trans. Leave them alone. Get on with your own life