Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-Pop Psychology in the 21st Century

Jay Age 20

Rian Age 15

DD Age 22

Caden Age 19

Sean Age 22

Tate Age 20

Ari Age 15

Jamie Age 15

Eli Age 24

The 1980's and early 90's flooded bookstores nationwide with every kind of self help book imaginable along with new agey therapies sprouting up in equal measure. There was a tidal wave of self acceptance, the REAL you is the BEST you and an all around I'm Ok You're Ok attitude. During this time one would be hard pressed to swing a dead cat without hitting at least one person that wasnt in therapy, trying to find a therapist or poised with a self help book in hand.

This fertile ground of it's not what you're eating it's what's eating you sowed the seeds for the distorted Rousseauan I think therefore I am-ness that has become the theme for the transgender revolution by both Drs and patients alike. This transgender theme doubles almost as an ideology itself, combining self help pathology coupled with consumerism on steroids! Be the REAL you, but by golly only if you completely change your body, your brain, your personality, even your insides!

How can anyone be the REAL them by changing the them that IS the real them to begin with??? The answer is, they cant!

When psychologists are peddling a pathological movement whose WHOLE premise for being the REAL you, your TRUE self is by advocating medically changing everything about yourself, who are the REAL crazies???



  1. When I was 12, had a huge crush on my Mormon neighbor "Becky" She had sleepovers on many weekends in the back yard. Living just 3 houses over, I would get up super early and sneak inside the tent so I could cuddle up to her in the sleeping bag. I did not believe I could take a breath without her in my life.

    On my birthday, she bought me a bracelet with the name "Mark" engraved on it. I didn't say much about it at the time. Naturally when I was older, I realized she needed me to be a "male" because how else could she be attracted to me? This made me uncomfortable and told her so. She was not comfortable using female pronouns toward me. Being a Mormon, she must have had some real relationship challenges when she grew into a woman and realizing she was so attracted to another female (physically and mentally).

    The family moved to New York when she turned 15. The last time I heard from her, she was married to a male member of the church with three kids.

    1. Scary to think were you a young lesbian today, the "mark" bracelet along with your feelings for this gal could have been enough to have sent you into transition.


  2. You are such a sad, sad human being dirt.

  3. It's so sad when I see 15 year old girls who are eager to go on "T". There are three 15 year old girls listed. When will this insanity end?

  4. testosterone doesn't change mens' personalities. also please stop finding kids on the internet and just make your posts without that portion, im scared for them.

  5. Sorry to break it to you, you pathetic feminazi cunts, but transmen aren't 'poor oppressed wesbians who can't expwess themsewves because of big, bad SOCIIIEEEETYYYY!!!' - a GAY MALE transboy


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