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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Anatomy of a Trans Trender (as told by pictures and hashtags)

A brief glimpse into the transition of a young lesbian by route of her STRAIGHTBIAN girlfriend and the pro transgender anti lesbian media:

From youthful, fresh faced, even beautiful; to haggard, grey skinned, tired and far too old for her years. From lesbian to pansexual. Within the span of a few years of testosterone poisoning, this young lesbian's life has been ruined, erased and replaced with a ghost. While the psychiatric community, medical community, Obama Admin and liberals are breaking their arms patting their own backs, (OUR) the Lesbian Community is disappearing before our eyes.




  1. Replies
    1. She's alive, but her lesbian self is being smothered.


  2. It's a tragedy. My daughter went to see her doctor yesterday. Her doctor runs a practice for young people. The doctor told her that she had a patient (she didn't reveal names or details) who was a gay male. He had a loving boyfriend. His parents didn't like the fact he was gay. He had internalised homophobia and got a sex change. His loving boyfriend then left him because he didn't want to be with a girl. There are no gay males who want to be his partner, because they want a male. Now the poor boy is regretting his decision. Very sad.

  3. Why do they all do that thing with their foreheads and eyebrows? It's like the transman version of the transwoman pursed-lip smirk.

    1. Media induced Bieberism. When another Boy Ideal Icon appears, the affectations of that Pop Star will be appropriated.

      Instead of daydreaming about an imaginary singing/posing boyfriend and staring at posters on the wall like girls once did for generations, the trenders stare at and create endless selfies, obsessively "Becoming" the Boy Ideal.
      Its trans trend twist of teen idolatry.

    2. That's gross and ridiculous. Your comment, I mean. Do you just come here to belittle and have a jab at someone? Your comment served no point other then to demean. Way to be.

  4. Its not demeaning if its true, and it is.

    If it "jabbed" a nerve I suggest examining the hypersensitivity. The world is not an insulated chamber of mirrored Fuck Yeahs.

  5. She truly does look ill by the end. Old and ill. Its strange. Also....what is the meaning of such a dramatic change in appearance? Its just appearance. Its just the outside. its superficial. I'm not sure what people see when they look at this, but to me, it doesn't tell me much about this person. I wish youth could see past the superficial.


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