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Thursday, June 2, 2016

EVERY HOMOSEXUAL WAS A HOMOSEXUAL CHILD (NOT a gender non conforming child)

There are two distinct Gender Non Conforming camps-Camp A who wants to transition children defined as GNC and Camp B who press a transgender wait and see policy toward children labeled GNC. BOTH camps agree some children are Gender Non Conforming. Both camp's position harm children, particularly gay and lesbian children whom are mostly likely to be branded with the GNC label. Both camps promote the ignorance that homosexuality doesnt exist in children. Both camps fails to distinguish between the IDEA (theory) of transgenderism (in children) and the REALITY of homosexuality (in children). But the greatest injurious insult that both camps hold is that there is a correct way to do male and female! Both camps agree that obvious faggy boys and obvious dykey girls are Gender Non Conforming i.e. ABNORMAL! Both camps also use GNC (gay and lesbian children) to further their own warped agendas!

Let me state this flat out THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG TO BE MALE OR FEMALE!  

There are no wrong clothes to wear, no wrong toys to play with, no wrong mannerisms to possess, no wrong way to walk/talk and no wrong playmates to have. Bear in mind, nearly ALL from both camps are heterosexual themselves! Using majority numbers not merely to rule, but as a measuring stick for what and who is NORMAL! Under that broad/wide and expansive umbrella no gay or lesbian child (or adult) will or can ever qualify as normal! Even if a gay or lesbian child manages to slip through the cracks of the GNC net, there is another GNC back up net to catch them as teenagers if they dare to come out or worse are caught being homosexuals with other homosexuals! The back up GNC net can and does extend into adulthood. Because the mere act of falling in love or lusting after someone of the same sex does not conform with NORMAL (heterosexual) IDEAS of gender!

Gay and lesbian children who conform to typical homosexual behaviour as small children/middle children and teens are NORMAL! NORMAL HOMOSEXUAL CHILDREN! I realize transgender agendist may have stolen gay and lesbian narratives but that doesnt mean it is too late to take our homosexual narratives back from greedy hands. It also does not mean WE (HOMOSEXUAL adults) suddenly became homosexual when we reached a certain age or passed a homosexual driving test!


WE know OUR homosexual feelings as children and it is up to US to protect homosexual children today who are being either transitioned or fucking erased via the Gender Non Conforming label/consequences!

A dyke child who conforms to being a dyke child IS NORMAL! 

A faggot child who conforms to being a faggot child IS NORMAL! 
Gender Non Conforming is an insult to homosexuals (children and adult)! WE ARE NORMAL! What we are NOT is heterosexual!




  1. Loved my Handy Andy tool set when I was 9. Parents had a Betsy Wetsy doll under the tree one time. Would not have it, no dollies or girlie things ever after that. BUT that did not mean I was suppose to be a dude.

    1. It also doesnt mean you werent conforming to the girl you were/are!


  2. I'm over forty, and I'm grateful that I grew up before they started drugging kids with GnRH agonists and hormones. I was a tomboy when they used to call girls tomboy instead of transgender. They sure as heck would have rushed me to the nearest "gender therapist" to set me up with testosterone and top surgery.

    ~Another Dyke Conforming Dyke...

    1. Its a scary anti lesbian world, much so than when wer were young. All the more reason adult dykes need to step up and represent.

      Hugs to you DCD!


  3. Sure, but anyone wanna tell me why there aren't "faggot conforming faggots" walking around in high heels and dresses, buying strap on vaginas from sex shops for their boyfriends to bang? Why is it that when "faggots" marry each other, both are wearing suits, while almost all lesbian weddings have one woman in a suit and the other in a dress? Why are there no "stone top faggots" who won't let their boyfriend touch their junk?

    In other words, being female in a patriarchy is agony, and it leads almost all of us to LOATHE our bodies in one way or another. Sure, gay men experience societal homophobia. But if they get over that, they are still part of a society which sees men and dicks as awesome! They also don't have to face what lesbians do: that female organs often lead to rape at the hands of males, disgust in the eyes of society, the expectation of brood mare duty, the threat of cancer, monthly misery, and no guarantees for pleasure.

    Lesbians, stop championing gay men. They. Are. Privileged. Over. You. They laugh at female parts and female lives. Their straight girl BFFs do too.


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