Monday, May 23, 2016

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Mikey Age 14

Sam Age 18

Deh Age 20

Jordyn Age 22

Cam Age 23

Leo Age 18

Hunter Age 18

Quinton Age 19

Day Age 23

As medical insurance companies are beginning to absorb the exhorbitant medical cost of transition surgeries, more transgender females are opting to go beyond breast butchering to actual genital mutilation aka bottom surgery. Unfortunately the horrors that accompany bottom surgery, like the copious health hazards from testosterone's poison wont come to the forefront until bottom surgery numbers increase. Which now thanks to medical insurances covering transgender elective surgeries the medical coverage of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION is a reality:

These surgeries are goldmines for the doKtors performing them, they include the steep price for the initial multiple step genital mutilation then extend to the unconscionable aftershocks seen above in the second video for example.

Transgender drugs and surgeries arent making fractured lives whole, they are fracturing whole lives including the bodies they occupy.



  1. It breaks my heart when I see 14 year old girls who say they want to "transition".

    "Bottom surgery" on females is barbaric. The pain and suffering that this woman has endured is horrid. This didn't have to happen to her healthy body. Urethra fistulas are common in "bottom surgery" because the female urethra isn't as long as a male's urethra, and it wasn't designed to be lengthened. Urine backs up, or it squirts everywhere. I've never heard of a rectal fistula. This is ghastly butchery on healthy female anatomy.

    1. He is not a woman you ignorant fuck. Go back to your hole


    2. FTT are women, you fucking creep.

  2. There's this thing called privacy. You shouldn't post these people's pictures and URLS with out even knowing them or their story. You have the right to your own opinions and beliefs but publicly posting peoples blogs on this site is not at all okay.

    1. Exactly. But this bitch doesn't know that. You ignorant whore. Go finger yourself in a bathroom and let other people be. It clearly shows you're unhappy with your shitty life.

    2. Am I to understand that you do not like bottom surgery?