Mikaël MJ Monette-Death of a LESBIAN

It has came to my attention that another young lesbian woman who transitioned only 10 months ago has committed suicide.
 Mikael's real name was Marie Julie:
MJ clearly got caught up like many young dykes into the Trans Trending vortex that is transgenderism. MJ was your garden variety mid range sporty dyke before transition:
A loved dyke:
 Maybe even a proud dyke for a minute:
Our lesbian youth is so busy yelling at the world not to hate them, mistaking the direction of the real hatred from within.

MJ was doing her residency at a very good university, McGill. She was married to her lesbian partner. She was loved and respected by many from all accounts. She was posting on FTM FB groups on the day she died:
Out of respect for MJ's wife I wont post her comments regarding her changing attraction toward men (from taking T) and other trans females or their bedroom problems. But I cant help but suspect at least some of this lent itself to MJ taking her life. Given how on board her family was with her (rather than remain a dyke) transition (from what I gathered) must have also pained her deeply, right down to the condolences missing someone who wasnt Marie-Julie, but someone MJ was trying to be for someone/s else.

I never knew you in life Marie-Julie, but in death, despite all the obstacles you Marie-Julie (MJ) are my LESBIAN sister.



  1. Another tragedy. When will the "professionals" realize that transition is not making everything magically better?

  2. Just thinking out loud here Dirt. Explain how these young dykes who have been on T, so many are now attracted to men? Guess I could go in your archives, you have probably written about this. Just can not wrap my head around this at all. RIP to Marie

    As an aside, very cute photo of you and your ma. :)

  3. I'd like to know more about dykes on T becoming attracted men, also. Seems counter-intuitive. Rip to Marie.

    1. Will comment in full tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


  4. This is a tragedy, and I hate to speculate what drove this young woman to suicide. Mood swings/changes in mood are one of the possible side effects of testosterone coupled with the belief that "T" will magically make their lives perfect.

  5. Even his parents are using male pronouns. Not sure how you think you rate.

  6. People like you who invalidate their identities are one of the reason trans people get so goddamn depressed.
    Even in DEATH he can't get a break from it.
    You're horrible.


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