Letter on Transgender Students Removes Means for Transition Insurance Coverage

At the height of the should MEN be allowed into women's public bathrooms/lockers/showers debate, the OBAMA administration made no bones about their HIS views on the matter when they HE issued this letter to ALL federally funded (public) schools which begins:
The letter itself and the school guidelines that sprang from this document are as follows:
Like one of Obama's first decisions in office (despite millions of US citizens who lost jobs and homes), special rights for Transgenders (authogynephiles specifically) rates highest on his to-do list. Nowhere in these unlawful/coerced special rules, are gays and lesbians mentioned or included. What is included that parents, teachers and concerned citizens should know?

Lets start with whats on everyone's mind:
Using a WARPED interpretation of Title IX

any student at any time cannot be discriminated against from using school facilities such as bathrooms/showers/locker rooms or sports participation based on self reported gender identity, granted nowhere (and having combed through it) in Title IX is gender identity EVER mentioned! EVER!

Aside from the biological sexist prejudice toward female students who will be harmed by this move, what is more worrisome is the REAL harm female students WILL face from horny teen males (and adult male staff-trans or otherwise) ready, willing and thanks to Obama now able to access girls at their most vulnerable time.
  • Girls having to deal ashamedly with their periods with males present.
  • Girls being shamed by trans males for their periods.
  • Girls being shamed from using biological femalecentric language in or out of the bathroom if a trans male student is present.
  • Girls being removed from school when they do.
  • Female sex education being removed from school curricula because it violated transgender male rights. 
  • Girls being unable to escape the male gaze because female private facilities no longer exclude males.
  • Girls being filmed or photographed by trans male students when in the toilet/locker room or showers.
  • Girls forced to strip in from of trans males.
  • Girls forced to shower with trans males.
  • Girls being fondled by trans males in toilets/locker rooms or showers.
  • Girls being RAPED by trans male students in toilets/locker rooms or showers.
 According to School Psychologist/authority and trans male himself, Jill Davidson "Most assaults don't happen in public bathrooms" or so-called feminist and voice for lgbT Victoria Brownsworth in a recent article on transgender males in public loos: "The laws are meant – or so their proponents claim – to protect women and girls from being sexually assaulted in public bathrooms. This is certainly a noble concept and as a rape survivor, I appreciate the sentiment. The thing is, there are not even a handful of cases of men dressed as women sexually assaulting women in public restrooms in the entire country. Which makes stoking these fears of men in women’s restrooms a canard."  This is the logical (and trust me I'm using logical as loosely as humanly possible here) explanation for why males claiming transgender status do belong if female private facilities. OF COURSE RAPE DOESN'T OCCUR IN HUGE NUMBERS IN LADIES TOILETS, BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN ILLEGAL FOR MALES TO ACCESS THEM!!! Until now!
 Yet Brownworth continues by saying "under the North Carolina law, someone I know well – a trans man with a full beard – would be forced to use the ladies room. Because he was assigned (born) female at birth. And even though I have known him for more than 20 years, I would feel extremely uncomfortable sharing a restroom with him" Meaning a woman whom has known and befriended many trans males/females isnt comfortable herself using the toilet with a masculinized female BUT the rest of us women are supposed to be okay with sharing the bathroom with a male in a dress. Which by the way, gives males greater access to their penis. And where school is concerned, very few self identified transgender males will have had their penis pretzeled. But regardless if they have, according to long term studies, fully transitioned males (hormones/surgeries) criminally parallel non transgender males.

Saving the silver lining to this cloudy nightmare for last, what is most prominent (and surprising) in this FEDERAL document is this ditty early on:
"Under Title IX, there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their gender identity."

This statement FEDERALLY unseats Transgenderism from the constraints of a DSM Gender Dysphoria diagnosis! Simplified-NO DSM DIAGNOSIS MEANS NO TREATMENT!
A DSM mental diagnosis is fundamental to federal/state and private medical insurance coverage for trans drugs and surgeries. The Federal Government is obviously on the side of self reporting alone (transgender without diagnosis of GD) and the medical industry's Informed Consent for transgender's who choose to medically alter their bodies. NONE of which any medical insurance agency INCLUDING Medicaid/Medicare should cover! Thereby making ALL transgender changes requiring medical assistance ELECTIVE!

I dont know whether the Obama Administration screwed up or fear the growing tidal wave of transgender children/youths and adults will burst his Obamacare baby, but either way, its obvious the next step is a DSM 5 revision WITHOUT Gender Identity Disorder/Gender Incongruence or Gender Dysphoria.

We all know that Title IX was implemented to protect females from institutionalized sexism! If the Obama Administration cannot manage to figure even that out, the American people, particularly females are in a lot of trouble in the short term. But by separating gender identity from a DSM diagnosis and putting gender identity solely on self reporting, NO healthcare Federal or private should cover or have to cover the enormous developing financial strain of transgender surgeries and LIFETIME supply of elevated cross sex hormone use which studies show will cause later secondary health issues. From this we can also deduce the FEDERAL government's (FDA) continued response of keeping cross sex hormones for the purpose of transition on the UN-approved list.

This information is being sent out to every medical insurance provider we can humanly send it to, I suggest you reader, do the same. Making transition elective wont stop everyone transitioning, but it will certainly slow it down, particularly where children and teens are concerned.



  1. Thanks for this and it is right on target. I am normally a Brownworth fan, but I was so disappointed in Brownworth's article on this important issue. It seemed that she was smugly smirking while she made light of a very serious and legitimate concern, and throwing her sisters under the bus in the process. Your quote is right on target (and I have to say Duh! to anybody that doesn't see this): "OF COURSE RAPE DOESN'T OCCUR IN HUGE NUMBERS IN LADIES TOILETS, BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN ILLEGAL FOR MALES TO ACCESS THEM!!! Until now!"

  2. It's a dark day when the President of the United States allows the message to be officially sent to ALL women and girls -- even his own wife and daughters -- that their privacy, safety, wishes, and comfort don't matter, and that men's desires always trump women's rights.

  3. This alphabet soup, LGBTQI is not good for us females. I wanted to even get the "B" out years ago. The more letters added to this so-called potpourri of so-called progressive policies for the can't-we-all-get-along feel gooders is making our diurnal lives even more challenging.

    "Librul Dudes" are not friends to females. They will support policies for other MEN."Librul dudes" will support any policy that will place a heavy, black boot on females necks!

    Every now and then, I find myself agreeing with boisterous Christians. About this bathroom debate is one of them. An unusual coupling occurs every blue moon, remember Dworkin and Phyllis Schlafly disagreed on just about everything except the pornography issue.

    We females are on our own.

  4. What they are doing to Title IX makes me sick. Title IX was designed to give girls and boys, men and women, equal sports and education opportunities in public schools and universities.

    Trans males have equal opportunities under the male umbrella. Trans males are not females; the female umbrella does not apply to them.

    By allowing boys in girls' locker rooms and allowing boys to participate as girl in girls sports, they are taking opportunities AWAY from girls and pushing girls out of sports. This goes against Title IX and is an abuse of Title IX.

    While Patsy Mink is no longer with us, Birch Bayh is still alive; I would love to hear his take on the courts' incorrect interpretation of Title IX. I can assure you this boys taking over girls' sports is not what he had in mind when he stood up for girls and women by helping to author Title IX.

    Mink must be rolling in her grave.

  5. And using your logic, what about transmen (in your misguided terms, trans females) in the women's restrooms? They appear male, so you are saying that they should use the women's restroom? Because in this case you are asking for just as much harrassment either side. And don't try telling me that it is their choice either. Just like sexual orientation isn't a choice neither is this.

    1. I didnt choose to be born. I didn't have my tits cut up or inject poison into my body to be a lesbian. So honey, there's a world of fucking difference!

      Trans females arent fighting to use women's bathrooms! But they routinely discuss their fears of using men's rooms. Strengthening the argument that no space is safe for women, even those that resemble men!


    2. Anon 5/19 at 8:30 a.m.: Like Dirt said, it isn't a choice to be a lesbian, so there is a huge difference, so your comparison is inaccurate. And yes, Dirt calls them trans females, because they ARE still female -- no matter how many hormones they take, or how many surgeries they have, or how many policies/laws they make to try to force the rest of the world to believe their delusion.

    3. Dirt, I'm not sure where you are going with your newest tirade. You DID get your tits cut up, and you DID use testosterone and you are still a lesbian. How the fuck is there a world of difference?

  6. Well looks like someone is going to be condemned to hell. I cant believe this as a certified Christan preacher this article in all it's wits are entrusted in hatred. In all my years I've never read such horrible blasphemy against innocent people. No son or daughter of God behaves this way. God loves all his children, but you need to rethink your ways son. You and your wife will be in my prayers. I do hope your children are filled with love and aren't betrayed against if they end up being different. I hope you lay no hands on your children if think differently than you.
    Father Fredrick


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