Poison in the Well: Michigan School Proposed Policy not so Popular with Parents

Michigan's State Board of Education issued an interesting Press Release earlier, regarding transgender school guidelines certain poison-in-the-wellers (Rick Snyder/John C Austin) tried not so skillfully to sneak (like Flint's lead water) into our Michigan schools:
I have a thorough break down of the guidelines eugenics program here and here.

This latest release highlights the extension (by 30 days) for public comment from parents/teachers and concerned citizens, after already having received over 3,000 comments. Perusing the comments, it is obvious why the school board is extending comments for 30 more days, the majority of commenters are rightfully outraged! Clearly the extension is meant to generate more comments (how many are really John C Austin's and company?) in favour of the misleading (transgender suicides occur in majority after transition) sexist homophobic piece of propagandize child abuse.

Note, in the first notice for these changes in Michigan school guidelines, gays and lesbians were conveniently added as the children/teens to be helped, the second notice specified transgender students only and now gay and lesbian children/teens are back in the saddle again. Gay and lesbian children/teens are being used like cattle by a governor (Rick Snyder) who is already responsible for the deaths of Flint children/mental retardation from lead poisoning in Flint children and John C. Austin who has a hankering for Lolitaesque girls. Whether Rick and John are closet cross dressers, or sympathize with school boy's longings to gain entrance into girls bathrooms/showers and compete against girls in sports because they'd fail miserably against other boys, that team Rick and John will use gay and lesbian children/teens to achieve their aims is abundantly clear.

The general public (at least in Michigan) is finally pissed off at transgender blitzkriegs barreling over the human rights of others, so let the transtastic troupe topple-add your comments to the pissed off parents who are putting their children before political correctness.


Persons wanting to provide their input on the Draft Guidance can do so at: www.everyvoicecountsmi.org

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