John C. Austin Peddles Transgender School Policy Behind Parents Backs

Yesterday I wrote about the new TRANSGENDER Michigan Education guidance policy put together and soon to be executed by Governor Rick Snyder, school board pres. John C. Austin and superintendent Brian Whiston. Seems it isnt just lesbian feminist bloggers taking issue with this offensive piece of misogynistic cluster-fuck, but Michigan parents, teachers and tax payers as well. As a result this little ditty was issued by Mr Lolita (John C Austin) himself:
At least in his pathetic clarification, Mr Lolita is honest (had he read yesterdays post?) saying point blank these promotional/proactive/protective policies are SOLELY for/toward TRANSGENDER students ONLY! Its standard operating procedure where gay and lesbian students are concerned. Hopefully that will at least put queer bashers everywhere right back at ease!

Since Mr Lolita neglected (or didnt plain consider) FERPA laws into his school eugenics program, I wanted to do a little clarification of my own. From the guidance eugenics document:
As I stated in my previous post, these regulations would prohibit parents from any information (even if parents request information) on their child, if the child/teen specifies to the school they dont want the parents to know they changed their name or pronouns at school lets say, then the school will keep that confidential from the parents. Regardless of the mental strain and stress the student would be under trying to keep a dual life, even if suicidal, the parents are to be kept in the dark per THIS guideline!

Under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FEDERAL): Under FERPA, a school must provide a parent with an opportunity to inspect and review his or her child's education records within 45 days following its receipt of a request. A school is required to provide a parent with copies of education records, or make other arrangements, if a failure to do so would effectively prevent the parent from obtaining access to the records.

Meaning if a school tax paying parent suspected their child/teen changed school records regarding name/pronouns etc the school MUST release this information to the parents and the parents have the right to RIGHT that information if it had been changed! Governor Snyder and his eugenics buddies clearly dont care about breaking federal laws, parental laws, school or state laws and they dont care about children. There are obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons these poor excuses for men are trying to sneak these school guidelines into the backdoor of our schools, like Flint's water crisis, there's a buttload of money to be made. It can go from encouraging a tomboy to call herself Bob and use the little boys room without a parents knowledge to school doctors and nurses prescribing deadly hormones and there wont be anything a loving/concerned parent can do to stop it.

Who do you want teaching our classrooms, educated trained staff or the students? Seems the current Michigan powers that be trust the students more than the parents. Much easier to get over on a student than an adult.

Every Voice Counts in Michigan or so the Michigan board of Education says, so be sure you make your voice heard! Click link above and comment on this COMPLETE disregard for parental rights and concerns! 


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