Gov Snyder Set to Sex Change Michigan Schools

Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder has gone from poisoning our children's water to trying to poison our children's schools. Snyder, along with MI Dept of Ed board president John C. myfavoritebookisLolita-Austin and superintendent Brian Whiston are trying to sneak in a set of school laws/policies that would allow any student regardless of age or sex to at will change their name/pronouns/bathroom choice/locker room choice/shower choice etc simply by THEIR (the child or teen) say so and regardless of parental knowledge or consent.
From the document the transgenderific trio is trying to sneak into law:
On the say so of a child's whim or teen's trend entire school system's information must be changed to suit the whim/trend or in many cases joke of the student.
Not only will schools be required to alter current student information, BUT if already graduated (regardless of time) schools will be forced to go back through old records/yearbooks etc and change them. Bear mind, like the billions of dollars that Snyder didnt bother to factor into poisoning an entire city, he hasnt factored in the millions of dollars and Herculean effort (if even possible) number #2 would take.
The school CANNOT disclose to parents that THEIR child/teen may be using different names/pronouns/bathrooms etc while at school. Even if concerned parents were to witness suicidal tendencies and sought help from school counselors or school psychologists-school officials would be bound by these privacy policies even if it kills the child/teen.  

Any male who claims to be a female will be allowed FULL access to ALL female private school area's and there will be NOTHING concerned parents can do short of pulling their child/teen from school. Any female who chooses (for any reason) to call herself a boy will be able to access private male school areas, including showering with hyped up horny teen males.

Male athletes will only have to call themselves girls to qualify for female sports and compete against females. This will include sex segregated clubs, school organizations and interest groups.

This document purports to support and protect the rights of gays and lesbians too, but NOWHERE in the meat of the document do you see gays or lesbians mentioned. This document is using gays and lesbians and all the issues and harms gay and lesbian teens past, present and future have/will face to promote and practice conversion therapy politics on gays, lesbians and transvestites. This document propagandizes gay and lesbian narratives while hiding transvestic realities under the cloak of political correctness. This document fails schools, it fails parents and it most certainly fails children! Governor Rick Snyder FAILED Flint, do NOT let him FAIL Michigan schools, Michigan teachers, Michigan parents and Michigan children! 


  1. Ridiculous for parents not to be informed about a major issue involving their own minor children. Shame on John C. Austin, Rick Snyder, and anyone else involved in this nonsense.

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