The Makings of Mental Illness: Kayden Clarke aka Danielle Jacobs

Tragically, Thursday an Arizona woman, 24 year old Danielle Jacobs successfully committed suicide-by-cop after previous failed suicide attempts and another failed suicide-by-cop attempt "In my chart it says I’ve tried suicide. I’ve tried suicide by cop. I’ve tried shooting myself". Danielle's suicide is blazing a small media fire in LGbT news because at the time of Danielle's suicide, in her most recent DSM disguise, Danielle was calling herself Kayden Clarke-a "transgender man".

Last summer, Danielle entered the media spot light
when she staged an "aspergers meltdown" for the camera while her self trained canine companion "calmed" her down. Danielle's video went viral and HuffPost even interviewed HER. From the article: "Jacobs is employed by Target, but hopes to get a job with a dog-training company. She's saving her money to adopt a puppy she'll teach to become a service dog. And while she continues to suffer episodes like the one in her video, she said Asperger's has given her a talent for which she is grateful. "People with autism have a really high IQ and tend to figure things out pretty quickly," she said.".

What is obvious from the HuffPost article/viral video (now taken down) and her Danielle Jacobs Youtube account is Danielle was a VERY attention seeking disturbed young woman who has tried for years to use mental illness (real, imagined and fudged) to garner her 15 minutes of fame. And using a different DSM diagnosis like a magician trying to find the right trick to capture/recapture and WOW her audience.
  • But what caused Danielle to so desperately seek attention from strangers on the internet?
  • Why if so mentally unstable (multiple suicide attempts/including by cop previous to her death) was Danielle not living at home with the mother or aunt who loved her?
  • Why is the mother Stacia Rae Jacobs/Stacia Clarke Cowen/Stacia Rae Clarke and whatever other names she uses and the aunt Kamela Verry (2 of 9 children) making a clear point to the public that "the family did not want to comment as they were busy planning how to pay for their loved one’s funeral"?
We can glean from Danielle's mother

that her money/credit and other court issue histories might shed light on why she and her sister are trying to create a scenario from her mentally unstable daughter's death to file a lawsuit over:
We know from the length in at least one state from Danielle's father's criminal history that Danielle would have had a VERY unstable childhood:
We know Danielle's older brother followed in his parents criminal past/present:
We know during his trial his mental state was in question enough to require mental examination:
While the state couldnt prove Danielle's brother was sexually motivated to stalk/threaten their mother Stacia, given the extreme emotional issues Danielle suffered, we have to wonder had Danielle been sexually abused by her older brother Justin? Had both children been sexually abused by their father Danny or someone else close to them?
While we do know someone/s had a Protection Order against Danielle, we do not know who/why :
Was it Danielle's mother who filed the PO? Her aunt? Is this why the extremely disturbed (violent?) Danielle was living apart from her extremely dysfunctional family? Dysfunctional enough to cause or cause Danielle to think she suffered from PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Attachment Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder and Cognitive Disorder. One thing is for sure, Danielle was disturbed enough that multiple doctors/therapists/psychologist/Gender Specialists would NOT give her access to male hormones, which was the latest (2 months ago) of Danielle's endeavors to renew her license for an additional 15 minutes of fame via YouTube. And even that (transgender-transition) was obviously just another DSM disguise Danielle tried on/took off and added to her collection, as her YouTube channel (active 2 days ago) illustrates-she maintained Danielle Jacobs and had let go of her Kayden Clarke. (inactive for over a month)

What is CRAZIER though than the violent, dysfunctional family the created Danielle, is the shit storm of media frenzy whipped up by the Transgender Politic! 
Article after article insinuating or stating as if its fact that the two police officers who were FORCED to defend themselves against someone known to the Arizona judicial system for being mentally unstable and VIOLENT on various occasions, including as Danielle herself stated pulling a "45 on a police officer" that these officers acted in bad faith. Even the actions of the two civilians whom Danielle sent a suicide threat are being raked over the HOT trans-coals because they reported the (like they should have) suicide threat to the police. The simple fact is had they not and Danielle killed herself alone, the Transgender Community wouldnt have another corpse to run up their putrid propaganda flagpole. Danielle would have merely been another suicide by a disturbed young woman from a dysfunctional family.

Instead the two civilians who reported Danielle's suicide threat are traumatized, the two VETERAN officers forced to shoot Danielle are forever traumatized and their jobs are in possible jeopardy. The Transgender Community wasnt there when Danielle had PTSD, wasnt there when Danielle had Anxiety Disorder, wasnt there when Danielle had Bipolar Disorder, wasnt there when Danielle had ADHD, wasnt there when Danielle had Autism, wasnt there when Danielle had Asperger's, wasnt there when Danielle had Attachment Disorder, wasnt there when Danielle had Auditory Processing Disorder and wasnt there when Danielle had Cognitive Disorder.

So why is the Transgender Community there now???? When in 10 minutes the Transgender hounds will trot on sniffing sniffing sniffing for a new corpse and Danielle will be forgot, wrong pronouns and all. And the only benefit from slandering the police/the media is Stacia/Kamela MIGHT be able to sue and live happy for 5 minutes till the money is blown. 10 + 5 equals the 15 minutes of fame that Danielle didnt live to see.



  1. Firstly, unbelievable that you'd defend the officers, regardless of what you want to believe about trans issues this was a MENTALLY ILL person and the cops were aware they were there to deal with a suicide attempt. They had a stun gun too if they felt so damn threatened. Unnecessary death in any case, if a policeman can be so insensitive to cases dealing with mental health issues, they sould send someone more qualified to deal with them.
    Also, this is nothing more than a horrible tragedy, it's bad enough another death's being put on a pedestal, but slandering them/the entire family, accusing falsification of mental illness, and making brash assumptions to favor your agenda, without sympathy at all? Nothing's more heartbreaking than having a loved one kill themselves, then hearing people's little pickings-apart of their lives, their theories, from people who never knew them, especially that ;"they were attention seeking tho!!11!!" bandwagon. Have you ever had to deal with that? I have.

  2. To commenter above (Skorba): She used the cops to kill her by her own choice. She had a long history of mental disturbance and suicidal attempts, including a self-proclaimed suicide-by-cop attempt. Instead of demonizing people who felt threatened by a disturbed person charging at them holding a butcher knife, how about admitting that her actions resulted in the outcome she asked for. Plus, Dirt did not slander anyone; she presented facts that people like you would rather overlook.

  3. Oh thank FSM! Finally somebody reporting the other side! I am one of her former victims. I thought the transgender identification came on a little too conveniently after her internet fame started dying down. She needed to be back in the spotlight again.

    Surely another suicide cry would do it. No? Let's up the ante. I'll hold a knife. They'll shoot me with a taser, and I'll end up in the hospital again where I can get all the attention I want. When I get out, my coworkers and friends will ask where I've been. I'll get more sympathy/attention/fame/notoriety. I'm guessing she had narcissistic personality disorder, only because of a relative with it.

    One thing she didn't count on. LEO's are trained to kill you if you come at them with a deadly object. They like going home at the end of the day whether you do or not. Preferably not perforated.

    Now everybody wants the police officer's head on a pike. He did his job. He made it home alive that day, and Danielle didn't hurt anyone else. So unless you were in the officer's shoes or a victim's shoes, you're only getting the highly edited tape you've seen, not the truth behind it.

  4. FSM = Flying Spaghetti Monster (satirical faux religion). Unless there's something I don't get ? Getting old, I dunno...

  5. Kayden is a stupid name for a 24-year-old adult.

    1. Thats neither here nor there.


    2. I agree with Dirt. Kind of a rude comment. Though it does seem to be a typical sort of FTT chosen name from what I've noticed.


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