If Suddenly...

If suddenly everything was the same, but different. If suddenly men were the 52% and women held most of the power. If suddenly it were men having to worry about women in their public showers. If suddenly millions of men were being battered, abused and raped. If suddenly men became fuck objects solely for women's sake. If suddenly men cooked, baked and rocked babies asleep. If suddenly men did laundry, cleaned house, while still working forty. If suddenly men were over worked and under paid. If suddenly it was men working like slaves for minimum wage. If suddenly women's misandry was so rampant it passed as intrinsic. If suddenly men living with PTSD was normal. If suddenly men were emotionally imploding, having difficulty living and breathing through water. If suddenly men were the victims of centuries of female systems of terror. If suddenly males were raped as infants, boys and grown men. If male victims were put on trial when they took the stand. If what men wore was more important than what the woman did. If lawyers said, "he was asking for it" for showing too much skin. If women perpetrators won. If suddenly men were sent to prison for things their girlfriends had done. If suddenly men became second class citizens.

If suddenly women owned 95% of the world's wealth. If suddenly doctors put all their energy, time and money into women's health. If suddenly women became the center of the universe. If suddenly women became most of the world's scientists. If suddenly women stopped looking over their shoulders and walked unafraid. If suddenly women stopped worrying when their looks would fade. If suddenly all the time and money spent on what women weighed was collected and used to make a different day. If suddenly women were pimps instead of hoes. If suddenly it didnt matter if women could see their toes. If suddenly women made all the rules. If suddenly women were the ones regarded as cool. If suddenly it was women's sports being watched. If suddenly women made millions playing hopscotch. If suddenly women weren't afraid to be furious. If suddenly women were high fived for their periods. If suddenly women were the hero of the Iliad. If suddenly women made history. If suddenly women were the solvers of mystery. If suddenly women were in full command. If suddenly women stopped asking when. If suddenly women's flag was unfurled. If suddenly it were women who ran the whole world.

If suddenly everything was the same, but different? Just as suddenly, nature would (wrongly) right whats inherent.


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  1. "Just as suddenly, nature would (wrongly) right whats inherent."

    What do you mean by this?


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