Doing Trans Trending Different-Feminism-From the Mouths of Babes

My wife recently worked with a six year girl (whom I'll call Sue) who had been physically abused, emotionally abused and sexually abused by multiple men. During a break the little girl asked my wife if she could play teacher (they were in a classroom setting). My wife said, sure. The little girl went up to the blackboard and role playing a teacher said "Now the lesson for today class is (then wrote on the blackboard) MEN ARE BAD". She verbally added that "boys can be bad too, you gotta be ready for 'em" and that "girls should just get together, we'd be fine without 'em". In this classroom there is also a poster that reads: Are Boys Smarter than Girls? The little girl read the sign then said out loud NO! Then asked my wife if she could write "no" on the poster. My wife explained she didnt agree either but it wasnt her poster to write on. As tragic as this little girls life has been till recently, more tragic is that she's learned AND comprehended more in her SIX years of life about the male species that billions of teen/adult females around the globe.

Females like Eric, 14 years old that Sue-Xander, 17 years older than Sue or Bryton who is 13 years older than Sue have not learned that lesbians should NOT trust the MAN-made psychiatric industrial complex despite centuries of lesbian testimony/psychiatric evidence/medical evidence/historical evidence available to them to the contrary.

Women like Aiden who is 21 years older than Sue, Adrian who is also 21 years old than Sue or Mark who is 17 years older than Sue, who each would have been personally failed or fucked over my men, been close to other women who have been failed/fucked over by men or both and as adult women all would have the resources to study the MAN-made psychiatric industrial complex, juxtapose personal experience and historical data available to run screaming in the opposite direction than they are now headed.

Even teenage girls like Lane who is 9 years older than Sue, Mookie who is 11 years older than Sue and Atlas who is 11 years older than Sue, should at this point have the basic thinking skills, good old fashioned common sense and world-at-their-finger-tips-from-womb-till-tomb lives to have at least ONE light bulb moment illuminating enough of the MAN-made psychiatric industrial complex that strategically occupies the shadows.

It would be utterly IMPOSSIBLE that any young woman here (or woman like them) NOT to have come into contact, either directly/indirectly or both with at least ONE of these men below, all of whom have/are causing millions of women to suffer and die prematurely.
When a SIX year old girl has garnered more wisdom about men than the adult (near adult) women in the world, it isnt simply a woman President we're in need of, but the brutal honesty of a girl child who can teach us what we've forgot or dismissed long ago-beware of the boogeyMAN!



  1. Children are much more aware and intelligent than we give them credit for. They see through lies, and bullshit, and "political correctness"...

    Society then spends years grinding it out of them.

    Kids have a basic sense of fairness and equality. They don't come out of the womb sexist or racist. They learn that stuff from adults.

    If you explain capitalism to a 5 year old, they'll tell you it's not fair. Smart kid. Then give 'em a decade or more of "educating" and teach them how to justify unfairness...

  2. That girl ought to run the nation

  3. Did you know that it is illegal for you to post ,copy or anything regarding my picture. You are slandering and your deflamations regarding of my character are illegal. You will be hearing from my attorney. I never gave permission nor signed a legal document giving you permission.

  4. Fuck you asshole, for putting Bryton's name on this. He has nothing to do with this nor do you even know him. So back the fuck off of him.


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