YouTube Transgender Hate Speech & the End of Free Speech

I wrote a piece last week on how Eugenics theories sprang from academia and grew into the genocidal beast still killing today all those labeled/diagnosed or self identifying as different and how that difference is proliferating not out of acceptance of difference, BUT out of identifying difference for Eugenics purposes. I went on to record a YouTube video of myself reading the piece, see video on the right which has now been recorded elsewhere.

Friday I received this email from Youtube:
My video was REMOVED for HATE SPEECH! While I will freely admit to despising eugenics in all its incarnations throughout history, I didnt even say in said video that I "hate" eugenics. I then went to my Youtube account to "appeal" the moronic review of my work. This was waiting for me:
Without clicking that I "acknowledge", which screamed to me that by doing so I was admitting that the video was HATE SPEECH, I could NOT proceed in order to appeal. I hesitantly clicked:
Another message emphasizing my BAD standing with Youtube, the STRIKE against me and warnings that more strikes could lead to my account being suspended. Keep in mind, Google owns YouTube and my post here remained up and untouched. Clearly a different set of captains manning the YouTube boat. I wrote a brief (as I was only allowed to be brief) clarification of the post and sent the APPEAL.

The next morning-yesterday-I received this from YouTube:
While the video was reinstated because a different reviewer could not find anything in the ballpark of HATE SPEECH, that feminist's truth-tellings of white hetero-patriarchal history and modernity was flagged/labeled as HATE SPEECH in order to censor and ILLEGALLY silence any (female/lesbian) voice of dissent brings us closer to a totalitarian state/web.

I and any reader of this blog knows full and well the video was removed because of the correlation between eugenics/homosexuality and the new sacred moo transgenderism! YouTube doesnt give a flying fuck about video's that outright PROMOTE the HATE AND VIOLENCE AND RAPE OF WOMEN-Youtube carries over THREE MILLION RELATED VIDEOS OF THAT!
Video's promoting racial HATE and VIOLENCE? Nearly three hundred thousand on a single search of racial violence.
Oh and look Youtube also carries videos on the eugenics euthanasia mental institution my video was partially about:

YouTube isnt interested or invested in preventing the hatred of women, lesbians, races, minorities, religions et al UNLESS they THINK transgenderism MIGHT be examined/sniffed at/scrutinized too closely or critiqued. YouTube (someone/s there) clearly are/have been using the site to PROMOTE transgenderism AKA the genocide of gays/lesbians/tomboys/homosexual children/cross dressers/mentally damaged young women alike. Those of us making that all too apparent are now subject to silence so that the work begun by late 19th/early 20th century eugenicists can continue uninterrupted and make FULL use of modern technologies.



  1. While it is good they reinstated the video after your appeal, it is still a chilling commentary on the current state of affairs that it was ever removed and branded as "hate speech" to begin with. No other subject/group is so fragile and precious that not even a breath of criticism can be whispered about it. This politically-correct tiptoeing around the transgender topic stifles any sort of objective critical thinking.

  2. Why are most of the "pro-rape" videos you post actually anti-rape? Look, we know you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, and most of your fans are dumber than a bag of hammers, but some people are actually going to read the descriptions of the videos. I haven't been here in awhile, but its awful nice to see and hear in the media that your
    misguided little war is failing more miserably than ever. Feminists despise you for trying to associate with that category. You wasted your life on this shit. How sad!

  3. Hey Dirt, we may have a common enemy. Maybe instead of focusing on petty things like being pissed off about what other people do with their bodies, you should turn your attention on this "return of kings" men's rights group that wants to make rape legal and pass anti woman legislation. Just saying.

  4. Glad you persevered! How many others wouldn't? Scary times!

  5. Those rape videos may be saying they are helpful but the thumbnails look like shit a sick perv would wank to.

  6. Defending real free speech is important. If that involves defending the right of our opponents to say that being gay or lesbian or feminist is a bad thing, then so be it. "Hate speech" legislation is just a thin disguise for censorship, and I am ashamed that gay men and lesbians have been such vocal promoters of it.

    As most of you know, I am European, and while we have always been critical of the United States, we were in the past obliged to admire your commitment to free expression. (Of course, we may have been deceived, along with the American public, but the ideal still stands.) The Jewish lawyers who defended in court the right of American Nazis to parade on the streets of Chicago (even though we can hardly imagine doing such a thing ourselves) are kind of folk heroes for us.

    There are loads of bad things about Amerika. However well you know that, the rest of the world knows it better. Please don't throw away the good things.


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