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I recently watched one of my favourite childhood movies with my wife, whom had never seen it, the 1945 film version of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. For those not familiar with the story, we watch, little by little, a portrait painting of Dorian Gray change, due to all the ugly thoughts and deeds over the course of his life. Instead of unfolding on his face/body, they unfold onto the painting. Dorian's friend paints a portrait of Dorian, who is in the prime of his adult youth. As the painting is just being finished, Dorian makes a wish to Egyptian statue of a cat next to him, that the portrait would age instead, rather than he himself. And what we see through the painting is all the evils, ugliness's, crimes, sins and iniquities that were within Dorian come to light through the picture of Dorian Gray. While Dorian (for a time) remains young and attractive, the picture ages, as well as portrays Dorian's internal/external demons.

The film (and the lesson Dorian learns too late) is also framed by a song (Goodbye Little Yellow Bird) sung early in the film by a lowly tavern singer Sibyl Vane, whom Dorian falls in love:
Miss Vane begins singing:

"The snow was very plentiful,
and crumbs were very few,
when a weather beaten sparrow through,
a mansion window flew,
Her eye fell on a golden cage,
a sweet love song she heard,
sung by a pet canary there,
a handsome yellow bird,
he said to her: miss sparrow,
I've been struck by cupids arrow,
would you share my cage with me...

Like Dorian Gray's picture, trans female bodies paint a picture of every female who has transitioned.

Trans female bodies paint a portrait of:
  • All the sexual abuses girls suffer as children.
  • All the creepy stares from adult men sexualizing our girl bodies. 
  • All the editing girls/women do in a day of our bodies, our minds, our beliefs, our opinions and our experiences.
  • All the rapes and violence's girls/women suffer from men we know and men we dont know.
  • All the rapes and violence's our girl/women friends/lovers/family have suffered at the hands of male domination/privilege. 
  • All the shit smeared on girls/women for having female brains that allow us to feel EVERYTHING! 
  • All the mental diagnosis generated by men to label female experiences/feelings/emotions as ill/wrong/too much.
  • All the clothes designed for girls/women by men/approved by men that we're told will make us pretty/attractive/sexy/fuckable/lovable
  • All the same clothes that make us feel instead like cows/pigs at a meat market or ashamed because we cant fit into them.
  • All the things we're told we cannot do or be or become simply because we're female.
Like Dorian when his portrait is first painted, females transitioning begin youthful, fresh faced, hopeful and unblemished:
But over the course of transitioning, trans female bodies reveal the intricacies of female hatred and female self hatred:
And as can been seen here, trans females bodies portray all the ugliness patriarchically planted and grown within. The Picture of Dorian Gray and the Picture of Who is Transitioning are identical:

Both Dorian and every female who has/wants to transition should/could take of page from Sibyl Vane's humble sparrow:

...She looked up at his castle,
with its ribbon and its tassel,
and in a plaintive tone said she:

Good-bye, little yellow bird.
I'd rather brave the cold
On a leafless tree
Than a prisoner be
in a CAGE of gold."



  1. Great post, Dirt! Keep up!

  2. I love the comparison of a transitioned female to a caged bird. So true and so sad.

    The photos, however, are horrifying. Why on earth would anyone elect to undergo such grotesque mutilation? The concept is cruel, the photos are horrifying -- but it's also very sad that these surgery results are considered normal, successful and desirable.

  3. About the part where you refer to the "female brain". Do you believe that female brains and male brains are different by nature in terms of inherent emotional differences? Not looking to debate. Just curious where you stand on the issue. I do not believe they differ thus why it is impossible to be a male born with a female brain.

    1. If they werent different by nature (Y) everyone baby would be born female.


  4. That was quite a post. I loved it. The hatred women have of themselves is so apparent.

  5. Woooo! Can't wait for phalloplasty.

  6. Exactly. I'd rather brave the cold of the hatred from people like Dirt than be a prisoner to a female body.


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