Testosterone Suffocating Mitochondria in the White Blood Cells of Transmen

In a recent post I broke down the harmful medical realities/dangers testosterone treatment has on the (transgender) female cardiovascular system/organs related to the over production of red blood cells.
This post will deal with how that same testosterone treatment effects white blood cells (leukocytes), particularly via the deterioration of cell mitochondria.

Lets begin with some basic understanding of mitochondria and its function within cells:

  • The most important function of the mitochondria is to produce energy. The simpler molecules of nutrition are sent to the mitochondria to be processed and to produce charged molecules. These charged molecules combine with oxygen and produce ATP molecules. This process is known as oxidative phosphorylation. 
  • Mitochondria help the cells to maintain proper concentration of calcium ions within the compartments of the cell. 
  • The mitochondria also help in building certain parts of blood and hormones like testosterone and estrogen. 
  • The liver cells mitochondria have enzymes that detoxify ammonia
  • The mitochondria also play important role in the process of apoptosis or programmed cell death. Abnormal death of cells due to the dysfunction of mitochondria can affect the function of organ. 
More about what happens to cells/organs when mitochondria is compromised?
  • Disease of mitochondria results due to the failure of mitochondria. Dysfunction in the mitochondria fails to produce energy that is needed for the sustainment of life and growth of an organism. Injury in the cell or even cell death results in the production of less energy. If the process happens throughout the body, the whole system begins to fail. The disease primarily affects young. The mitochondrial disease causes most of the damage to the cells of brain, heart, liver, muscles, kidney, respiratory and the endocrine systems. 
The symptoms may be as follows depending upon the cells that are affected:
  • Loss of motor control, 
  • Muscle weakness and pain, 
  • Gastro-intestinal disorders, 
  • Swallowing difficulties, 
  • Poor growth, 
  • Cardiac disease, 
  • Liver disease, 
  • Respiratory illness, 
  • Seizures, 
  • Visual/hearing problems, 
  • Lactic acidosis, 
  • Developmental delays and 
  • Susceptibility to infection.
Moving on to leukocytes, better know as white blood cells which make up about 1% of the blood cells in a human body, but a MOST important 1%:
  • Although your white blood cells account for only about 1 percent of your blood, their impact is significant. White blood cells, also called leukocytes, are essential for good health and protection against illness and disease.Think of white blood cells as your immunity cells. In a sense, they are continually at war. They flow through your bloodstream to battle viruses, bacteria, and other foreign invaders that threaten your health. When your body is in distress and a particular area is under attack, white blood cells rush in to help destroy the harmful substance and prevent illness.
  • Your white blood cell count can be low for a number of reasons—when something is destroying the cells more quickly than the body can replenish them or when the bone marrow stops making enough white blood cells to keep you healthy. When your white blood cell count is low, you are extremely susceptible to any illness or infection, which can spiral into a serious health threat. 
A recent study Mitochondrial Impairment and Oxidative Stress in Leukocytes after Testosterone Administration to Female-To-Male Transsexuals found that even within a few months on high doses of testosterone for the purpose of transition, the white blood cells in trans female patients suffer serious impairment. From the study:

    • Aim. The effect of T treatment on the mitochondrial function and redox state of leukocytes of FtMs subjects was evaluated.
    • Results. T treatment led to mitochondrial impairment in FtMs as a result of a decrease in mitochondria O2 consumption, the membrane potential, GSH levels, and the (GSH)/(GSSG) ratio and an increase in ROS production. Mitochondrial O2consumption and membrane potential negatively correlated with T levels, which was further confirmed that the T treatment had induced mitochondrial dysfunction.
    • Conclusions. Treatment of FtMs with T can induce impairment of mitochondrial function and a state of oxidative stress. This effect should be taken into account in order to modulate possible comorbidities in these patients.
      "....Endocrine treatment of female-to-male transsexuals (FtMs), in addition to producing a masculine physical state, should represent a low risk of secondary effects. The objective of this treatment is to induce virilization of anthropometric parameters, including a male pattern of hair, voice, and physical contours, and to halt menses and induce clitoral growth. However, hormonal treatment regimens are associated with morbidity and mortality in FtMs, in particular, hypertension, obesity, water and sodium retention, increased erythropoiesis and low-density lipoprotein (LDL), decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL), alterations of liver enzymes, acne, emotional imbalances, and a risk of ovarian cancer and osteoporosis cancer." 
       "...we demonstrate that T impairs mitochondrial function in FtMs...This effect was evident in the decrease observed in mitochondrial O2 consumption, membrane potential, GSH levels, and the GSH/GSSG ratio, and the increase in ROS production. Furthermore, T levels were found to correlate negatively with mitochondrial O2 consumption and mitochondrial membrane potential." "Regarding the effect of high levels of T, it has been demonstrated in PCOS patients with high levels of T and females treated with high doses of T that hyperandrogenism activates and sensitizes leukocytes to physiological hyperglycemia." 
       "Hence, excess androgen in women can exert deleterious effects in mitochondrial function [33]. In fact, mitochondria can integrate exogenous and endogenous apoptotic and survival signals [34,35],particularly steroid and thyroid hormones, and there is growing evidence that some hormonal apoptotic/antiapoptotic actions are modulated by their mitochondrial receptors [33]. Depending on the target cell, hormones have a protective or apoptotic action, in part because of the mitochondria’s tissue speci´Čücity and changes in the mitochondrial membrane potential."
      " In general, estrogens are antiapoptotic factors for many different cell types, including endothelial, breast cancer, and brain cells [33,36,37]. Our results demonstrate that T treatment can reduce mitochondrial membrane potential and antioxidant levels, and this fact may implicate apoptosis." "The present study highlights an increase in ROS production in FtMs receiving treatment with T. In this context, it is necessary to bear in mind that the mitochondria of different cell types express estrogen and androgen receptors that are implicated in apoptosis (cell death), mitochondrial transcription, and oxidative phosphorylation biosynthesis. Leukocytes can be highly sensitive to oxidative damage and are related to ROS formation. However, excessive ROS levels can be deleterious (harmful) to cells, as they induce lipid peroxidation and apoptosis (cell death)...further data reveal statistically significant differences between FtMs post treatment and control men."
      "Therefore, we believe that while endogenous physiological T does not induce mitochondrial dysfunction in control men, pharmacological doses of T induce mitochondrial dysfunction in FtMs, suggesting that the effects of T vary depending on its source (endogenous-internal or exogenous-external) and/or gender of the subject."

    In as little as 3 months, the mitochondria in the white blood cells of females treated with testosterone for the purpose of transition, begin suffocating from lack of oxygen, putting stress on white blood cells. The white blood cells are not being choked to the point of death, because testosterone is being metabolized over the course of each (usually) bi-weekly injection. Think of a sadist choking/suffocating a female to near death, then loosening his grip so that her brain/body resume taking in oxygen and she's revived. Unlike a strangler who strangles the life from a woman straight off, the sadist chokes, revives and repeats. Testosterone isnt a strangler, testosterone is a sadist.

    The ongoing starving/feeding/starving of oxygen to the mitochondria in white blood cells, will likely not cause the death of the cell immediately. But over the course of years and depending on the health of the trans female, white blood cells begin to die, and their deaths lead to the greater deaths of whole organs. Organ death is what is leading to transgender deaths. Unfortunately, because hormones used for transition kill cells/ kill organs/kill persons-the illness listed for hormone related deaths are being considered secondary, since the transgender person is dying from organ failure or causes of organ failure. Why the organ failed and/or caused other life threatening issues that resulted in the death, isnt being traced back to its logical conclusion. Its as if testosterone is a hit man who puts a hit out on, say the liver, since it is the liver who pulled the trigger that resulted in the person's death, the hit man is getting away scot free while the liver is tried and convicted of murder.

    Male brain/bodies are different than female brain/bodies, were they not I wouldnt be writing this post. I've stated many times in the course of this blog, how insane and medically warped it is that medical professionals are treating males and females who transition as if their bodies are a simple recipe that can be neatly measured out with teaspoons, leveled off and baked into a new cookie cutter sex. If girl A is 16 years of age and weighs 125 pounds, then measure out the same testosterone a 16 year old boy of similar weight would naturally produce and bing bang boom-a healthy transgender female, looking and experiencing teenage boydom is born. And on the surface, it may physically seem that way. But the human surface never kills us, it is always what lies beneath.

    The cells/organs of male bodies and female bodies both have different hormone receptors. These hormone receptors translate, then utilize the body's naturally produced hormones to aid in cell function as well as cell protection. So what happens when testosterone (square peg) is forced into an unwilling female hormone cell receptor (round hole)? The distinct femaleness (maternal-mitochondria) of the white blood cell can barely breathe and gasping for breath puts undue stress on the cell. The testosterone males produce, while in high amounts, do nothing to harm or stress the mitochondria in their white blood cells, because their cell receptors have both square pegs and square holes.

    The 90's backlash (queer theory) against feminist gains and particularly lesbian visibility spiked an unheard of increase in female (lesbian) transition up to that point. A decade or so after the transition of 90's dykes, saw the declining health and even deaths of many of these women. Strong healthy middle aged dykes quickly aged 5 or 10 years after being on testosterone for only a few years. A decade on these hormones many began suffering from autoimmune issues, PCOS symptoms without actually having PCOS, diabetes, heart valve issues, cardiovascular issues, heart attacks, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and a lot of brain cancers. Most of these lesbians who transitioned and developed health issues remain nameless, except to those of us who know/knew them personally. There is a growing list of better known dykes who've transitioned that have suffered for many years with testosterone related health problems, many of which who havent survived them: Pat Califia, Leslie Feinberg, Matt Kailey, Karlyn Lotney, Robert Eads, Max Anderson to name some you may know.

    In the last decade Trans Trending among lesbian youth and now even disaffected straight teen girls has reached such unprecedented highs these numbers are now lending themselves to many new short term health studies such as the one viewed here. The greater the possibility for health risks (doctors being sued) raises red flags, thereby increasing better drug studies. Sadly any new study proving the dangers of transition hormones cant save the dead, wont save the dying and arent going to frighten newly trans propaganda bred Trans Trenders. And while it is tragic and unfortunate, it is one thing when an odd dyke who transitioned dies in her 50's or 60's after ten or so years of testosterone poisoning, its another when female teens begin looking like forty something year old men then getting sick/dying enmasse in their late 20's/early 30's.

    It has been easy to hide the transgender bodies of yesterday's dead dykes: they're wrongly listed as male, families were too embarrassed to challenge medical authorities, lovers too medically ignorant to ask questions about why testosterone was (and is still) not approved by the FDA for transition and must be issued off label, there were few short or long term transitional hormone studies, the studies that existed were crafted to say transitional hormones did no harm, no national data base of transitional hormone related illnesses and deaths, all making it appear that transition related deaths were few and/or unrelated.

    Trans Trender bodies, wont be so easy to sweep under the trans propaganda rug. First, there wont be a rug large enough to hide all their bodies, making trans related illnesses and deaths easier to connect. High illness and death rates will lead to more unbiased studies of transitional related hormones. But how many females who transition or are transitioned via parents or schools will need to get ill or worse die before a hand is raised in question of transitional hormones? What is the magic number?

    For me personally, there has already been too many deaths, one was too many for me. The greatest issue in proving the dangers of transitional hormones is one trans female with breast cancer in one city in one state isnt a medical crisis. Five trans females with various heart issues in three nearby cities, sad but hardly something to contact the FDA over. But multiply that by tens of thousands in the US alone? THAT is a medical crisis! But until the dots can be connected to individual trans related illness/death, a trans female dying from brain cancer in small town Iowa isnt going to be connected to a trans female in California dying of the very same brain cancer.

    So you know dear Readers, a plan of action is WELL underway. Until then, you can continue to count on this blog to challenge and decipher biased and bogus transgender medical studies.



    1. Actually, since starting HRT, the symptoms of my mitochondrial disease have vanished.
      Since you like using anectodal evidence to prove a point, I thought I'd contribute my own to your DIY medical studies.

      1. I am glad that this is so. As you know, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) ia not at all the same thing as HST (hormone substitution therapy).

      2. Actually, it is when it comes to transgender issues. Educate yourself, you'll sound less ignorant!

    2. You can take a horse to water but you can't make her tell the truth.

      1. One of the smarter Anonymae! I think.

    3. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/scientists-find-a-link-between-low-intelligence-and-acceptance-of-pseudo-profound-bulls-a6757731.html

    4. Is the above about trenders? I haven't looked yet, just asking..

    5. So if you can't trust studies claiming that trans hormone therapy is safe because apparently there is an agenda to lie in these studies, why is the writer of this blog so quick to accept as true a study that happens to coincide with her political beliefs?

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    7. Thank you for writing this blog. I am the mom of a FTM, 18 years old now so she can do what she wants, and she's been on T for 16 weeks. I love her and am sick about it, but of course trying to be supportive. I've read so much on the topic, but I'm still in my heart convinced that this is a way for her to avoid all the crap that comes with being an adult female - Peter Pan syndrome. I've only read a couple of your posts but you make a lot of sense and I look forward to reading more.


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