Beyond the Bathroom-Dee Dee and Karri Owens

About a month ago, another transgender school bathroom story surfaced across feminist/social media sites alike. Beyond trying to keep up with the onslaught of each new Trans Political rape of female rights, I paid little attention to the story. About a week or so ago, I was anonymously emailed some information about this particular transgender school story, beyond/behind the general headlines and asked if I would look further into the case. Anon explained that they had done some work already regarding background information and would share it with me. I agreed to take a look and was sent a barrage of links and breakdowns of information as a place to start. After doing a cursory look through what was sent to me, and looking just a little beyond that, I agreed to a VERY concerned Anon that I would do further research and bring the REAL story (a story/study) in modern child abuse to the forefront!

The original story begins like countless other transgender school policy changes, the Marionville School District of Missouri "adopted a policy Thursday regarding transgender students." Stating that "students can either use a gender-neutral bathroom or a bathroom designated for their biological sex. Students who participate in physical education classes that require using a locker room or shower are expected to use facilities designated for their biological gender, or they can take an alternative PE class that doesn't require changing clothes or showering." It all seems perfectly trans-hunky-dory except for the assertion by the school attorney Tom Mickes regarding transgender kids/teens not changing/showing with opposite sex students " 'Female students have a well-developed legal right to be secure in their body integrity. They have the right not to be naked in front of a male,' Mickes said. 'We are going to provide alternatives, but showering with them is not one of the options.' "

One mother Heidi Owens, from the district, with TWO (son/daughter) transgender kids in Marionville schools however isnt pleased:

Sarah Rossi from the MO chapter for the ACLU is working with the Owens family on the "blatant discrimination" their two transgender children are receiving from the school. An aside-readers might also take note of  some well known transgender activists who commented on this story in support of these two transgender kids and their supportive mother.
Another article mentions Heidi's "wife" Krystel who is also transgendered autogynephile "Owens and her wife Krystel — who is also transgender — moved their family from California to Springfield, Mo., four-and-a-half years ago, and then from Springfield to Marionville. Her children encountered no problems at Springfield schools, but Marionville has not been accepting."Again, note the comments attacking the school district, based solely on trans-propaganda headlines.

Another article headline ACLU: Missouri school district’s transgender restroom policy is ‘blatant discrimination’ and once again note the comments.

This is the story behind the story, beyond the shiny headlines of transgender discrimination. The real story is the story of abuse; domestic abuses, mentally disabled abuses, sexual abuses, medication abuses, therapeutic abuses, medical abuses, a host of abuses, none of which has to do with transgender rights abuses.

This story is long and involved and I have tried to shrink the monstrous amount of information to something manageable/readable as best I can. What I'm providing is what I feel is most pertinent/related to the headlines. If readers have questions about something I skirted or left out, feel free to ask. Because for me to include what I know, this blog post would turn into a book.

Dirt commentary and background information on the mother of the two transgender kids, Heidi Owens: I found throughout this complicated saga that Heidi Owens nee Tesch is a sympathetic character. She is (I say this not as a judgement but a fact) of low intelligence and low means outside of what she has gleaned from "the system" and the kindness of internet strangers. I also believe she truly loves her children, those taken away from her, those lost in early pregnancies and those still (for the moment) in her possession. Through private messages I've obtained from conversations with Heidi, legal documents and a few other sources, Heidi's story:

Heidi Tesch, with boyfriend Brian Kelley had their first child William Tesch in October of 1993, all three lived at home with Heidi's mom Donna.
Heidi and Bryan married before Heidi gave birth to their second child Wesley the summer of 1994.
All wasnt bliss and in 1995 Heidi's mother filled a restraining order against Bryan Kelley for the whole household, sighting domestic violence:
The changes were later dropped and Heidi and Bryan produce a third child Wyatt in June of 1998:
Heidi lost all three boys via CPS and shortly thereafter divorced Bryan Kelley. The exact whys to CPS removing the three boys and not allowing even family members to adopt them, beyond the domestic abuse of Heidi, is unknown. Heidi claims it was domestic abuse alone, although she alludes to mental illness and drug problems elsewhere (see #468).

Heidi and Bryan's divorce is granted in 1999:
Heidi in a recent FB PM regarding why she lost her first three sons to CPS:
A year after her divorce, Heidi marries Marty in June of 2000:
In 2003, Heidi finds Marty cross dressing and files for divorce:
Marty tells the impressionable intellectually slow and desperate-for-love-and-approval Heidi that he has Klinefelter Syndrome therefore it isnt his fault he likes dressing up/masturbating in women's clothing. Heidi takes Marty back. From a FB PM:
Intellectually slow Heidi doesnt comprehend that had autogynephile Marty truly had Klinefelter Syndrome, the odds of him successfully fathering FIVE children would be astronomical if not outright impossible. Least I also point out, the couples two transgender children would also not have inherited Marty's purported KS, because Klinefelter's cannot be inherited. That isnt to say Heidi, Marty and their five children (and at least one of Heidi's previous sons, not to mention those she miscarried) arent suffering from genetic intellectual issues, coupled with the issues of being raised by an intellectually disadvantaged mother and a seemingly cold, manipulative cross dressing father.
2010 is the ten year anniversary of Heidi and Marty, and an avalanche of  change beginning when Heidi starts looking for the three sons lost to CPS. This coincides to the time Marty decides to take his cross dressing to the next step and transition:
Apparently Heidi trying to locate her boys takes some attention away from Marty:
Marty's mom isnt pleased with Marty playing dress up/transitioning:
November 2010, Heidi finds two of her lost boys:
But no Wyatt:
In the spring of 2011 Marty begins injecting estrogen:

Apparently things werent going so smoothly:

Later in 2011 Heidi meets William for the first time in a dozen years:
How does Marty celebrate the occasion?:
In 2012 Karri (the 11 year old NOW transgender child) taking at least one known anti psychotic drug was hospitalized for behavioural issues:
 Due to Karri's use (over use) of anti psychotic drugs, she developed:
Keep in mind, this is the transgender child the ACLU, liberal lefties and Transgender leaders are supporting in her transition needs. Think about that for a minute!

Meanwhile the lady of the house Mommy Krystel (Marty moved back in at some point which I could not determine an exact date) was busy with more pressing womanly issues like posting Facebook memes:
In the summer of 2013 Karri is according to Heidi diagnosed with:
Months later more medical issues for Karri:
Does Karri sound like a prime candidate for cancer causing hormone blockers/testosterone to you?

In 2014 it was Heidi in the hospital, grateful that her husband was nice enough to babysit HIS children!
I do agree with this FB meme posted by Marty:
It was November of this year 2015 that the shit his the trans regarding Karri and Daegan's (deedee) school:
The number of mental and psychological issues suffered by this entire family are too numerous to list. It was obvious straight off, that Heidi and her family are all intellectually disabled. Despite the obvious, this doctor (having no history with transgender clients) according to Heidi diagnosed Karri first, who was sent to him for her severe behavioural issues and then diagnosed Daegan who was simply along for the ride. Karri diagnosed because females now diagnosed with autism/spectrum are assumed to be transgender. Meaning any girl who is genuinely autistic or falls onto the broad-as-a-barn spectrum (math geek girls/shy girls/girls not interested in maintaining a smile etc) are being label as transgender by various professionals idiots.
Now both children are seeing this endocrinologist who is supposed to (according to Heidi) prescribe them hormone blockers in January 2016:
From a Facebook PM:
2015 has ended on a bad note and a good for the Owens family:
Some linear pictures of Karri and Daegan illustrating their transgenderism started with dad (Marty) rather than having signs of being born-in-the-wrong-body:
Since last year Daegan had went to school using the name "Deedee", it seems unlikely Karri had went to school using a male name, if she had, I could find no evidence of it. What is evident is sometime this year (November) Daegan had done something to call attention to his sex and was told he could no longer use female bathroom/locker/shower facilities. Given Heidi's intellectual capacity I suspect it was Marty who called attention to this "injustice" via local/national news sources. It is likely from the coherent newspaper quotes from "Heidi" that those quotes when juxtaposed to any other online source found spoken by Heidi, that newspaper "Heidi" is probably Marty.

Heidi is clearly an intellectually impoverished woman who has been abused by men (and the system) since at least her mid teens. She has had as many miscarriages as she has had mentally deficient children. She is however resourceful and like many who wind up in the system, Heidi and Marty have learned how to work the system. They seem to live very well and their children (all of whom it seems receive financial assistance) are used to a degree to finance that living well. In this sense I could not find and did not see any signs of outward abuse.  I do suspect however, the children's multitudinous diagnoses are in part garnered by both parents to ascertain those funds. That isnt to say I dont think the children have some issues. But the extra diagnoses compound their issues.

I cannot prove, but I do suspect, due to Heidi's ongoing issues with Marty cross dressing/transitioning, this is probably why Marty elicited the two most mentally vulnerable of their children to be transgendered, they are less likely to object. Whether we believe Heidi's story that both children were diagnosed by a behavioural psychologist treating a very disturbed Karri or whether Marty has recruited Karri and Daegan in effort to hold onto Heidi using his children in a strength-in-numbers ploy, either way, these children are being subject to psychological abuse and in some cases, drug abuse.

Anonymous wrote me because they were concerned all five Owens children were being abused to a degree that CPS should be involved. After careful study of a massive amount of family history and information I agree with Anonymous. But I wont stop with this simply being a case of poor parenting/familial abuse. These children, two of them at least, are being used/abused to further transgender rights, with no care whatsoever from Trans political leaders and blind liberals about the welfare of these mentally challenged kids.

Pertinent links:

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  1. How can the ACLU and the so-called "professionals" not see that these 2 children are obviously too disabled to be orchestrating this debacle themselves? I am very concerned about their well-being. I do feel sorry for Heidi, though. She seems good-hearted but misguided.

  2. The number of mental and psychological issues suffered by this entire family are too numerous to list.

    This is an understatment. The mother says she is bipolar, and definitely has some serious mental health issues. Authorities had to take some of her children away.

    Attention: ACLU

    "Transitioning" children with obvious psychological problems is clearly child abuse. These children are being abused by the bipolar mother who can barely read and a medical system that will "transition" anyone.

    These children, two of them at least, are being used/abused to further transgender rights, with no care whatsoever from Trans political leaders and blind liberals about the welfare of these mentally challenged kids.

  3. Wow. Thank you, once again, for documenting these stories beyond just the headlines. I think it's profoundly important to bear witness to this madness.

  4. The ACLU and that lesbo lawyer working for them need brain transplants.

  5. @AnonymousDecember 30, 2015 at 2:04 PM

    The term is lesbian not lesbo. It's hard to tell if she identifies as lesbian or transgender. The ACLU like most far left organizations doesn't care about lesbians or women. They have tossed the female sex under the bus for their uber, politically correct transgender rights.

  6. If Heidi's children are taken from her and put into foster care they will probably end up on even more psyche meds. Kids in foster care are heavily medicated.

  7. This story reminds me of my family a lot, minus the cross dressing father. My mother had a learning disability and after my dad died we were low income and on some kind of assistance. When my younger bro and I were taken to the doctor they used to put us on all of the newest psych drugs. My mother was simple minded and thought they were helping us, they were doctor prescribed after all.

    I feel so terrible for these kids. They are so screwed. They will suffer the effects of this their whole lives. Shame on people using these kids to push the trans agenda.

    I agree with sleepyccs. Those kids will be pumped full of psych drugs if they go into foster care. Foster home kids are state funded cash cows for the pharmaceutical company.

  8. That was so hard to read... not just literally but also because it hits a nerve with me because it is a type of abuse. It's a nightmare. How can people like this exist?

  9. Munchausen's Syndrome By Proxy: the transgender, intellectually-challenged version.

  10. Well documented, Dirt. It shows the insanity of modern health system..

  11. Thank you for doing this, Dirt. This is heartbreaking.

  12. HOLY SHIT.
    Thanks for going behind the transline spun by mainstream liberal media.
    I'm afraid for the vulnerable in this situation: all kids, but especially children who are disadvantaged by disability and poverty. They apparently have nobody to speak for them.


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