Transgender Women’s Health Benefits From Transition Surgery-Bogus

Failed music geek turned gay blogger-Zack Ford, recently posted an article in the liberalistic-wet-dream website Think Progress, touting the "health benefits" of "transgender surgery" on trans males. Think Progress's resident band geek's information comes from a "new study" Zack Ford sites here:  Sex reassignment surgery may protect metabolic health of transgender women.

The world according to Zack tells us that
  • "The study compared trans women who were only using hormone therapy to those who had undergone a bilateral orchiectomy — the surgical removal of both their testicles, the body’s testosterone factories. Those who had undergone the surgery were in better health, while those who still had higher levels of testosterone had greater insulin resistance and greater accumulation of fat in the liver."
Zack goes on to say that though
  • "the study was small, it adds to the growing evidence that transgender people can benefit from steps they take to transition their body to match their gender identity. This may help further convince insurance companies that continue to impose exclusions on covering such treatments."
 It is precisely this lack of credible journalism/blogging that misleads the uninformed mind and the uniformed lazy public, who like band geek himself, relies more on a headline that on actual data. And that my be fine if the headline is NO RAIN and although it is cloudy outside and one trusts a weather headline more than their own powers of observation, the worst that can happen is you wind up with a wet head. But when the headline is reporting to trans males the healthy benefits of having your balls cut off, its a tad more serious!

Lets take a moment and do the work of looking behind and beyond the headline and examine the study itself. From the link supplied by Zack Ford, "This is according to new research recently presented at Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Physiology and Gender - a conference of the American Physiological Society". Like you, I never heard of the American Physiological Society either. Lets see who the APS is before delving further:
So a private group of academic and medical alumni who are MOSTLY PHDs, whom for whatever reason are interested in experimental biology. What does it take to be a member of this Schutzstaffel
elite guard? "Regular membership is for individuals conducting original research in physiology. Affiliate membership is for individuals interested in physiology but without the evidence of scholarly work." In other words, anyone who shells out the $185 bucks for the membership dues.

Under the APS's "featured news" from their website is this:
As you can see above, sandwiched between two fatuous articles lies the equally cockamamied article regarding the healthy benefits of butchered balls for the transgendered. Little can be gleaned from the information or to be more exact, lack of information provided by the APS's website upon entering their link to this article. They do give us who rendered the article..."lead researcher Michael Nelson, PhD (notice-no MD)...will present “A pilot study exploring metabolic dysfunction in trans-sexual women: Novel insight from magnetic resonance spectroscopy” as part of the poster session “Metabolism and Diabetes” on Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST in Rhode/Severn Room of the Crowne Plaza Annapolis Hotel. What a minute, PILOT study? Is that a REAL study?
More interesting from the APS's webpage on the PILOT study, is this: NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: To read the full abstract or to schedule an interview with a member of the research team, please contact the APS Communications Office or 301-634-7209. The APS isnt making information about this PILOT study easy to discredit, because it isnt making the PILOT study accessible.

The PILOT study's LEAD researcher Michael D Nelson seems equally inaccessible. Music aficionado Zack Ford and other websites tossed around the PILOT study's research crew at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center giving credibility to the PILOT study. But I had to scour Cedars-Sinai's website before I could locate Michael D Nelson. I found him under one of Cedars-Sinai's Expert Teams, further under Other Participating Team Members-last on that list as Postdoctoral Researcher.

While not gaining FULL access to this new brilliant PILOT study that is ready to neuter the estrogen perfumed saggy sacks of the transgendered, wait one minute before you snip snip. Notes from the APS's conference where the PILOT study was presented gives us not much, but much more than anyone needs to completely discredit this dangerous, illogic farce.

The researchers who made up the PILOT study: Michael Nelson, Deborah Clegg, Lidia Szczepaniak, Josiane Broussard, Richard Bergman and C. Noel Bairey Merz, not a single one outside of this PILOT study has any experience in transgender bodies/health. Not one.

From conference notes:

  • "Trans-sexual women (male to female- MTF) experience significant changes in adipose fat distribution after sex re-assignment surgery, suffer from increased metabolic risk and premature mortality. The exact mechanism by which sex re-assignment surgery and/or female hormone treatment leads to metabolic impairment remains incompletely understood."
  • "To begin to address this question, we recruited 12 trans-sexual women, who had undergone bi-lateral orchiectomy (n = 4-had balls removed) or had not (n = 8 still had their balls). Both groups were using female hormones." 
Abstract from conference:
Twelve males, less than half of whom theoretically prove the PILOT's main point arent a study, they're the last supper sans Jesus. Only unlike the Last Supper the picture painted here isnt beautiful, its tragic! In all likelihood this PILOT offers no new information, and proves nothing. There are tens of thousands of trans males whom have had bottom surgery in the last fifty years, having their testicles removed didnt halt their premature deaths. This PILOT ignores these men's deaths, and further gives no information on the men in the study. How old are these men? What color are these men? What sexual orientation are these men? Were any of these men over weight? Did these men regularly exercise? Did any of these men drink alcohol? Did any have drug issues past or present? Did any have diabetic issues previous to the study? There is an endless list of questions pertinent to control studies that are exempt from this PILOT! The faux study and its faux findings are blatantly obvious when we look past the cocksure headline of Zack Ford the other lookbeforeyouleapers.

I'm not an Adele fan, but I know many a gay man is, I'm surprise Zack failed to take into account Rumour Has it.



  1. I could see a possible reason that MtTs might benefit metabolically from being castrated. When they're on "female hormones", which are they taking? I hear them mention estradiol but not progesterone. OK, so possibly estrogen-only, right? So what's happening here is a dude with two little testosterone factories and all of a sudden you pile estrogen on top of that. So what you wind up with is a guy with the hormonal profile of a fat middle-aged dude, because body fat makes estrogen. He's going to wind up in all sorts of trouble. (Women with PCOS also have a problem with simultaneous high estrogen and high testosterone!) Cutting back the testosterone might then have a benefit. But equally, taking him the hell off of estrogen would have a huge frigging benefit. The problem is that he's piling on both at once.

    Assuming there's anything to the study, anyway. Who knows.

    1. Actually, estradiol tends to be accompanied by a testosterone blocker which is dosed to keep testosterone levels in the "normal female range", so there aren't really competing levels of hormones, which is part of what makes this (poorly backed) claim interesting,.

  2. Does anyone know how a "neovagina", artifically created cavity in a male body works, and how it's created? The testicles are cut off, and skin from the penis and part of the scrotum is used to line the "neovagina" which is nothing more than a man made hole in the male body. Sometimes part of the colon is used to line this cavity.

    Does anyone know about "dilation"? It goes like this. If this cavity isn't "dilated" basically for the life of the patient it tends to close like any other wound in the body. So, they have special metal or plastic rods that they use.

    I know it sounds strange, but sometimes hair can grow inside the "neovagina" if electrolysis isn't performed. It's true. You can't make this up. Skin from the penis and part of the scrotum are used to line this "vagina" (it's really a hole lined with penis and scrotum skin). So, if the hair folicles aren't carefully scraped, or the man gets electrolysis on his balls, hair could grow in his fancy new "vagina".

    I wouldn't wish a rectal neovagina fistual on anyone. The repair of rectal fistulas can be ghastly, not to mention how painful it must be.

    Hello all, I am a mother of a m-f transgendered child post surgery with Harold Reed in Miami. He created a recto-vaginal fistula, she has been on a colostomy for over a year, and had 5 surgeries so far to repair. She is losing hope fast. Can anyone tell me where/who we can turn to for help? Why are these so hard to close? She hasn't dilated in a while, and now doesn't care if she has any depth or not. She has been reduced to just wanting bowel function back. Here is the big question.....can the vagina be closed down completely to fix the fistula? Can't seem to get a straight answer from doctors. Has anyone had this done? Please help, she is only 23 and so scared. Thank you!

    This poor man went through hell.

  3. "Sadly there were 3 weeks where the fistula went from a little bit of discharge to passing actual fecal matter through the vaginal opening (yes, you read that right - poop through the fancy new vagina). Took Week and a half to find someone, and another week or so to get an appointment, and then they made me wait a week for surgery(Plenty of time for them to mark the ostomy site)... Discharge got extremely bad during that time. It caused me to loose a good chunk of hair/weight during that time(wasn't allowed to eat)

    Guess it's humiliating for me. Here I was finding some peace with my body only to have everything end up ass backwards(literally). Haven't been able to do anything I used to, the breaking point was trying to work on my motorcycle when the ostomy failed with a group of people around me. Haven't been able to get more than 10 minutes of active movement without it being an issue. It's temporary, least I hope. I should say, it's not that the ostomy is active when I bend, it's that the seal breaks causing issues.

    I had asked about other procedures besides the Mcindoe, the Vecchietti technique would have been preferred but it wasn't an option. Talked about a colon segment vagina, but that sounds pretty meh(the smell!) Was rushed through the process at Stanford, not many options were available to me.

    And the surgeon was Marci Bowers (***famous trans surgeon). Yep. Even in the best of scenarios it can be a shit show."

    I shouldn't make light of this because it must hurt like hell. I do feel sorry for this poor man.

  4. Hack Heaven! Here we go again!


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