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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Point 5cc-Binding the Ruthless and Remorseless

Point 5cc is a FOR PROFIT online pro transgender (female) T shirt venture of Aydian AMY and Jenilee Dowling. Their website is aimed at Trans Trenders like Aydian Amy Dowling herself, using "trans pride" to separate desperate Trans Trenders or their parents from some of their credit line. Besides clothing items, Point 5cc offers harmful breast binders, including a free used/slightly soiled breast binder to anyone who makes any over priced T shirt purchase.
The Dowling Sisters scrounge used breast binders in the form of donations from Trans Trenders who are no longer in need of them due to having had unnecessary double mastectomies. The not exactly "free" breast binders are used as an obvious incentive to sell merchandise under the ruse of helping/servicing fellow Trans Trenders.

While the Dowling Sister's site casually warns against breast binding too tight or for too long, it does nothing to dissuade breast binding, despite the overwhelming evidence of breast binding dangers from Trans Trenders themselves. These comments come directly from groups that Aydian AMY is an active member of and bear in mind they are the tiniest drop in the biggest bucket of girls suffering/dying from breast binding:
The Dowling Sisters using misogyny to promote and then profit off the chests of Trans Trenders who are rightfully uncomfortable with the Male Gaze upon their breasts, is precisely why the Drop the T petition is so important for the Gay and Lesbian Community. Selling/supplying breast binders to Trans Trenders would be the equivalent of Gay leaders supplying HIV infected needles or condoms riddled with holes to young gay men during the AIDS crisis! Or Lesbians passing out dental dams plastered with HPV to vulnerable dyke youth!

Profiting from your own misery is sad, profiting from the misery of others by increasing misery in order to increase profit, is fucking foul, nauseating and revolting!




  1. Its good to be a Dyke. No extra equipment, materials, vials, restrictions needed. I don't need validation from any passing stranger.

    My swag is undaunted and free from domestication.
    YouTube is a poser's circus.

    1. What about your dildo collection?

    2. No "collection" here. But the harnessing of pelvic energy I've never had a problem executing. But its always been about fun, not desperation. ( ;

  2. Binders are the New Corset.
    Same shit, different day.

  3. @November 11, 2015 at 5:20 AM

    Binders are the New Corset.
    Same shit, different day.

    Spot on, and both practices can mis-align ribs and cause other health problems.

  4. You're really not telling anyone anything they don't already know by illustrating for us the dangers of binding. I know. I know and I continue to do it because I'm at the point where if I don't do something about my breasts I'll go insane. Binding incorrectly results in pain. I know. I know, I know, I know, and yet I continue to do it. At this point a study could be published that binding is known to give you cancer and I would still do it. The emotional pain my body brings me every day is worse than anything a binder could do to my ribs and the organs they protect.

    Thank you for looking out for me though. (Although I feel as though the purpose of this post was to degrade Aydian and those like him and shame binder users rather than educate them.)

  5. A healthy body is a luxury most well people are disconnected to, we are reminded intermittently but it is easily taken for granted.
    You have breasts because you are female. Because you are female you were born to be more powerful than pain.


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