Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Drop the T or Kill the LG? THAT is the Question!

In the last week or so there has been a flurry of ado about a petition titled Drop the T, the T being transgender from the LGb. While I support and share some of the sentiments behind the petition, I cannot get beyond its ANONYMOUS "clayton" petitioner. I have expressed these same grievances and many others for no less than a decade to little or no avail, so have many other lesbians and Radical Feminists, all to similar silence.

I think its great that MR Anon has been able to rouse some of the Gays and Lesbians who've been asleep at the wheel for some time now. But I as a political lesbian blogger who receives regular threats of violence from transgenders, regular efforts by transgenders to have this blog shut down and all its critical information removed, and regular crusades by transgenders to find my personal whereabouts, signing a petition with my location information accessed by an unknown person or persons causes me more than a little trepidation. Its like walking down a dark street past an unknown male who is wearing an I Heart Lesbians T shirt-friend or foe? My growing up a female in a patriarchal world, screams FOE! 

The Drop the T petition could be a much needed fire in whats become a Gay and Lesbian political frozen tundra or a convenient hit list for the easy elimination of critical thinkers, feminists or any voices of dissent toward transgender ideology. Any group that would use or harm children in their warped campaign toward bulletproof rights isnt above starting a pro LGb petition to gain access to addresses of Gay and Lesbian heretics to stalk, harass and kill us. Harvey Milk didnt die peacefully in his sleep as an old age pensioner, he was murdered from a bullet released by a trigger from the hand of hysteric, historic, homophobia!

I personally hold a healthy suspicion of the Drop the T petitioner, but regardless of its authenticity, it has unequivocally showed us in glaring uncertainty where LGBTorganizations lie:
  • "GLAAD stands firmly with the transgender community"
  • Human Rights Campaign "This is unequivocally wrong"
And the silence and cold shoulders from former Gay and Lesbian publications like OUT magazine, the Advocate and HuffPost Gay Voices reads loud and clear. Human Rights Campaign mentioned the hate that murdered Matthew Shepard but fails to take into account that were Shepard a young, insecure homosexual man today, his gayness would get him strapped with a Gender Dysphoria label and he'd be transitioned (drugged/mutilated) into a faux woman. The men that murdered Shepard didnt slight of hand their homosexual hatred, but countless lgbT orgs/associations are doing just that, including passing school policies to ferret out Gays and Lesbians at ever earlier ages. I wont quibble over what is worse, being pistol whipped to death as an obvious homosexual or carved and narcotized into an unrecognizable characterization of a man or women for conformity's sake. What I will say is before the T, and despite the times, we (Gays and Lesbians) lived, loved and died homosexuals, be it on our feet or on our knees. We werent liberally reduced through medical jurisprudence.



  1. Because the of an inner core of illusionary values and deception in trans affairs, from the interpersonal, to the self, to policy goals, careful evaluation is warranted, and wise.
    Follow your instinct. Trust your intuition.

  2. drop the T. let them float in space. bye.

  3. If the T does get dropped from the lesbian and gay movement, it's the death knell for ftm's. It's well known that mtf's have little use for women beyond dominating and defining them to elevate themselves. Ftm's don't have the cash or killer ambition the mtf's use to lord over society. While that will come to an end, ftm's may die a slow painful isolated death, left to fend for themselves.

    1. My hope is that with the T gone, the LGB will have a renaissance and FTMs can detransition and go back to being nonconforming lesbians or bisexuals in a supportive environment. But that's being optimistic.

  4. If you are a woman (straight, lesbian, bisexual, celibate), please sign this petition because this impacts the entire female sex.

    This is the actual petition, and all of this has been going on for years. At the end of the petition, it states:

    "At the very least, a discussion must be opened up to these issues, which for too long are being suppressed and censored – they are genuine concerns that need to be aired. In the end, we feel that the transgender ideology is not compatible with the rights of women, gay men and children and ask that the organizations and media outlets mentioned above disassociate themselves from the transgender movement and return to representing their base support of gay men and lesbians."

  5. Clayton is not a foe. There will be a website very soon, but in the meantime here is a bare bones page with a mission statement.

  6. here is the forum website for Drop the T

  7. The Advocate has added their response,

    12 Nov 2015 — One clear aim of this petition is to suppress news about transgender people, to which the reply of any reputable journalistic publication is an obvious, “No.” But advocacy organizations are also being petitioned, so it’s apparent that the other aim here is to denigrate transgender people, to divide our populations, and to marginalize those whose civil rights and physical safety are very much imperiled. With that other aim in mind, the reply of any group of compassionate people who can see beyond their own needs, beyond the tips of their own noses, should be equally evident: “No.”

    —Matthew Breen, editor in chief, The Advocate

  8. Backlash. We all knew it was coming. Now maybe the insanity will slow.

  9. It may be remembered, though I suspect only by old shufflers like myself, that the inclusion of the "B" in "LGB" was also never a foregone conclusion. Some, myself included, argued that since bisexuals were either "weekend straights" or "weekend gays", they did not merit a separate initial in the names of our organizations.
    Others (lesbian feminists and feminist lesbians) felt that, for example in the London Lesbian and Gay Centre, which flourished in the 1980's, they and their children could not feel safe in a space that was open to avowedly bisexual as well as homosexual men. Of course, for the former (lesbian feminists) sharing space even with gay men was already an uncomfortable compromise.
    You "young'uns" can't know how close we came, at least in Britain, to being the "LGP movement": Lesbian, Gay and Pedophile. The pedophiles/pederasts (terms which they purported to distinguish, but in fact blurred), made, for their entryism, exactly the same appeal to our liberalism/libertarianism that "trans" now make. And now, like then, we rely on the courage and commitment of lesbians to counter them, in face of the pusillanimity/indifference of most gay men.
    There's a lot of nonsense talked about "anonymity" here. Using a pseudonym does not equal hiding your identity. I use "Roman Tepner" for my music website, but it's no secret.
    "Petre" is my real forename, my surname is "Norman", my street address is: "calle Los Robles 2, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, España". Despite living in such a wide country, Americans seem to have little conception of time zones outside their own territory, so I hesitate to give my phone number, but what the heck: +34 649 490031.
    Of course it's true that I'm too old to care, and if any angry trans called round and stove my head in with a blunt instrument, my partner would be quids in on the insurance. I can't expect younger people to be so désinvoltes.

  10. The b's are always culturally more to one side or the other. I'm a dyke-identified b & am fine on dropping the b from the list. Only het-identified b's think they need to be told they are special, so they can live as straights while trying to set the priorities for the rest of us.

    1. Your comment is spot-on, and close to what some of us were saying at the time. But I had no intention of re-opening old conflicts around bisexuality. My comment was just meant as a "great-uncle Petre remembers..."-style history lesson (-:

  11. I am gay and trans, but according to Dirt, I am neither. Where do feminist Butch ftm men who are attracted to men (and rarely, women or nonbinary people) fall in your eyes? I didn't transition to 'become straight' or to 'be a special snowflake'; aside from my name, pronouns, and more freedom from my parents in terms of what I can wear, my life hasn't really changed-except that I'm a lot happier now. I hope to start Testosterone soon. I just think it's a bit closed minded (not to mention wrong) to assume that all trans people transition to 'escape being gay'. People thought I was straight before I transitioned, but I'm much more comfortable with my attraction to men as a man than I ever was when people thought I was a woman. Thoughts?