Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Les Age 17

Ari Age 19 (my cat's name-aww)

Tommy Age 17

Rem Age 21

Kris Age 15

Cal Age 18

Tate Age 18

Max Age 18

Nik Age 18

Turn A Blind Eye-The Call

To the desperate young, turn a blind eye
To the old and lonely, turn a blind eye
To our inhumanity
To our death dealing vanity

To the methods of persuasion, turn a blind eye
To the masters of evasion, turn
To the science of control, turn a blind eye
To a world in chains, turn turn

To the sellers of illusion, turn a blind eye
To masters of confusion, turn a blind eye
To a hollow culture
To the circling vulture

To lovers of power, turn a blind eye
And to a final hour, turn a blind eye
To the resurrection
To a world in chains, turn turn

I don't want to get involved
It's not my problem
I'll just ignore it
I don't want to feel this

To the starving children, turn a blind eye
To your own redemption, turn
To the horror of extinction
To a world in chains, turn turn turn



  1. That one called "Tate" at the lower left corner is clearly a feminine woman, not a "man" by any stretch of the imagination!

  2. And I'm not even seeing any "boy" connection at all to the one named "Kris."

  3. @ October 24, 2015 at 8:48 AM

    And I'm not even seeing any "boy" connection at all to the one named "Kris."

    This 15 year old young woman is just another victim in this trans craze.

    What is with the young 15 year old girl with the long hair? She looks like any other 15 year old girl. This is not "gender dysphoria" bullshit. It's something else. Are we supposed to believe that this young woman always felt like she was a "boy"? Isn't it more likely that she got tired of the trying to measure up to the perfect size 5 Barbie Doll image that society says girls must adhere to, and with all things trans b.s. propaganda saturating the internet, she was convinced that she is really a "boy". She tried being a "girly" girl and that didn't work, so it means she is magically trans. At 15 years of age she says she is pre-T (testosterone). Jesus Christ on a crutch, what are we as a society doing to teenage girls.

    1. I know in my case performing femininity always felt "fake," but I didn't even know trans was a thing until I heard of it as a teenager (through internet and peers). Of course, seeing myself as a boy made it possible for me to be my real self, while also maintaining the gender binary I was raised with, so it felt comfortable and made sense.
      What these people need to realize though is that a life of imposed health risks and lying to family and friends is not necessary.
      Variation in personality (i.e. what they call "gender expression") among the sexes is ok. It's natural. And yes, that includes being a female that constantly feels "male" according to societal standards.

    2. And what if the variation includes the sort of body you feel comfortable in? What if you consider the health risks worth it, if it means you can set aside the stress and emotional drain of constantly being at war with your own body, and having your own self-concept challenged in every single interaction?

    3. This is anon 9:31, just adding that I was responding to anon at 3:50.

  4. Someone should tell these girls that they will never be male no matter how much "T" they inject.

  5. How unfortunate older trans individuals don't responsibly step up to the plate and speak what's obvious.
    So much for "caring about kids.."
    Such drink the kool aid bullshit.
    Meanwhile people who actually do give a fuck get threats and insults.

    1. What are we supposed to "speak"? The obvious thing I see is that Dirt is obsessed with trans men to a degree that makes me wonder what sort of gender issues... Dirt... has... Dirtself.

    2. Wow, you really proved your point. I guess you really DO care about these young people!

  6. I have personally witnessed just the opposite of "caring" or "telling the truth," in that I was told by countless FtM's on YouTube in 2008-2009 that I must be "trans myself," otherwise I wouldn't be watching their videos. They clearly were interested in recruiting, not educating, and made several videos about me being "trans myself" and even the possibility of me being a "gay transman," since I hinted around at an attraction between myself and a much-older man in the 90's and how it would make it just that more ridiculous for me to "transition." Like, WtF?!?!? Since when do "gays" need to be liberated from their female bodies, even if you do believe in that "born in the wrong body" BS? That's even more freakish than a Lesbian living as a male, and is part of why I deleted my YouTube in 2010.

    1. "Since when do "gays" need to be liberated from their female bodies"

      So basically, you believe that people should transition in order to be straight? The very thing that Dirt is always ranting about trans advocates supposedly wanting?

      I haven't met many gay men who wished to have a vagina and breasts. Oh, I've met a handful who did, but the vast majority... hell no.

  7. P.S.: There was a time when you actually had to PROVE yourself to be exclusively homosexual at the therapist's office in order to get cross-hormones, and if they found-out you could be attracted to the opposite biological sex (i.e. bio-males), you wouldn't be allowed to continue your transition. My mom, for some reason, believes it to still be that way today and reminded me of my attractions to a few of my male teachers when I was in jr. high and high school when I mentioned the trans thing. And she actually thinks Bruce Jenner is "gay," lol. She has never heard of "autogynophilia" and wouldn't understand it even if I wanted to explain it to her.

    1. I've never felt sexual attraction to a male, but I remember fudging something like that in middle school so people wouldn't think I'm gay. I liked how this one guy in my class looked aesthetically (he had cool hair! Now that I think about it, since accepting that I don't have to conform to the gender straight-jacket, my appearance matches his a bit), so I told people about it and everyone knew that I "liked" him. Of course that had to imply a romantic/sexual attraction, e.g. "Wow, you want to marry him and have kids in the future, right? That's so cute!"
      Thinking about it now is really cringeworthy.
      Anyway, if I had to go through that sort of "test" at the doctor's office, testimony from "witnesses" like my family and old friends would say otherwise, because they would cling onto that event as proof that I can't be exclusively homosexual (when I am). That's pretty messed up.
      Girls really are pressured into liking boys from everyone around them. I felt a huge obligation to be a fake (and coincidentally, that event was at the "hyper-feminine" phase of my life, too). Needless to say, I feel really embarrassed about it all now.

  8. I will answer.
    Because a picture is worth a thousand potential moments of Clarity.

  9. Anonymous 9:39
    A Moment of Clarity.
    Look it up.
    I suggest this in utter sincerity.

    1. There is no anon 9:39. Something that was deleted because it scared Dirt?

  10. No, the post was deleted by the trender that made the comment, asking dimly.. "I see a nice collage of cute transboys..but.. why?.."
    Real powerful stuff. Lol.
    Trenders will post something here and then delete it after, if the response they receive highlights their foibles of logic.

    "A Man At His Word" doesn't seem to hold the importance that Standing To Pee does.

    1. I posted that, and I promise you, I did not delete it. Dirt did, as, I suppose, she'll delete this.

      I'd still like an answer. Why post this, Dirt? What do you think it proves?

  11. By the way, the post of 11:19 is not Dirt's but one of the many readers of this blog that post and must use Anonymous, because of hackers and threats to our life, our home, even our pets. Although I suspect its mostly keypad transbabble under a Justin Bieber poster, I also suspect co morbidities of mental illness in the trans populace, and one cant be too careful with cyber savvy crazies. Dirt is uncommonly fearless in this respect.
    Dirt doesn't author all of the comments on this blog, there are Many of Us.

    Being called Dirt - by plastics & chemicals - is a compliment.

    1. Shame no one actually called that person Dirt. They said Dirt deleted something. Reading comprehension, much?

    2. Hi anon 4:01
      I'm the person who wrote that being called Dirt is a compliment.
      You aren't very limber, conceptually.
      That's unfortunate as it actually means you didn't understand the comment. No snarky insult. Just sayin'.

    3. Anon 8:57 You have no answer, no way to cover for your own failure to understand, so you resort to childish insults. Always a sign of a keen intellect!

      Dirt is presumably reading all these comments, therefore, it's legitimate to address her at any point. It doesn't mean one assumes the previous "anon" was Dirt. Again, your reading comprehension is extremely poor.

    4. There have been several comments by - who knows - some one/ some several, but they have oddly accused a commenter of being Dirt, Dirt's "Alter" etc. A quote to that fact was "Nice try" and the comment of being able to "analyze" the writing style of Dirt's comments. As more comments have been posted, including Dirt's, its become more clear to everyone that it was a wrongful perception. I suspect, don't know for sure, but it seems you finally see it too, and thus the back peddling commentary above.

    5. Its as if thinking one is "trans" is part of a matrix of disorders that also affect cognition.
      There seems to be some hyper sensitivity of self, yet no awareness of ones own words or projection type behaviors .

  12. Riiight. So Dirt deletes the aimless "but..Why?" comment, but leaves yours, 9:39 - Addressing the deletion.
    More and more it seems that trenders are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. I'm sorry I know its insulting to say, but wow, the blank spots are commonly tragic, and more than that it pisses me off that $ medical industry and "Gender Specialists" are lapping up the naivety like special sauce.

    1. As the person who posted it, I didn't delete it. So unless there's another person moderating this blog, Dirt deleted it.

      Incidentally, the fact that you think it was "aimless" is just another piece of evidence telling me the readers of this blog aren't the "brightest bulbs on the tree".

  13. Correction on time , above comments are reply to Anonymous 9:33.

  14. Please, Anonymous 4:04,
    As the person whom posted the post I called aimless...
    Post it again. I remember it, so you must recall your own words, right?
    Lets have another read of your frighteningly razor insight..

    Post it again.

    We are waiting for your incredible smart post ...

    1. I asked what the purpose of these collages was.

      I'm not sure why that was so upsetting to Dirt. I assume she simply didn't want to answer, and preferred to give the impression that I thought the "better of" asking. Which is absurd. I would still like to know what the purpose is. Dirt? What conclusion are we supposed to draw from these photos? Aren't you willing to make it explicit? Would spelling it out make your own sexism and hypocrisy too obvious?

    2. First of all, this is not Dirt answering.
      In my own opinion, for me seeing the numbers of young women whom are being cultivated into the belief that they are trapped in the wrong body is presenting a clear case of Illogical Phallacy.

  15. Anonymous 4:04 : I'm sure those who didn't catch it the first time, would like to read The Post So Scary It Had To Be Censored...

    1. God damn, you're an idiot. There's no hope.

    2. Resorting to an ad hominem is synonymous to admitting defeat.


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