Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-A Pedophile's New Playground

Cam-Age 16

Rian-Age 19

Dean-Age 19

Tyler-Age 15

TG-Age 15

Aaron-Age 17

Ryan-Age 17

Dakota-Age 17

Seb-Age 17

Trans Trender facebook groups, internet forums and tumblr groups are the new playground for pedophiles. These groups are filled with young, insecure, secretive, troubled and often underage girls much like the ones seen here. Pedophilic pervs like the one I'm about to feature in this post, are sniffing around the tighty whities of trans females throughout the internet. These sicko's are not merely tolerated on trans trending sites, they're welcomed by group moderators and members alike. Both, I suspect, misguided by a sense (hope) of male bonding, but the only things these perverts are interesting in bonding, is their dicks to any orifice they can trick a trans trender into providing.

An open FB group called All transmen know each other  has been posting topless (child pornography) pictures of (some under age girls) and yes this has been reported to the FBI. I'm working with a particular agent as I write this. ANYONE who has clicked on these children's photos is being tracked by said agent, I cannot at this time give any other info out. Therefore if you choose to go to this FB group, DO NOT GO BEYOND PERUSING MODE or you may find yourself on a sex offender registry soon!

This guy has been lurking around various trans female FB groups for months, and tried interacting with one of the underage girl's (age 14) who posted her bare breast yesterday:
Joe isnt much of a smooth talker and seems to pretty much stick with the same line:
Joe's YT account:
Joe's Twitter account and a few choice Tweets from Joe:


Joe clearly doesnt care which side of the trans fence his kinks lie, anymore than he seems to care what age. Joe is also one out of millions of perverts prowling Trans Trending sites for action. Whether thats charming their way into actual face to face encounters with these girls, or copying/redistributing their underage nude photos to fellow deviants, it is obvious transgender female youth are the new merry-go-rounds that pedophiles everywhere are hoping to have a turn.

Perhaps if the majority who regularly bemoan my photo documentation of Trans Trenders paid a bit closer attention to home, they'd see who the REAL threat to their precious pictures are.



  1. Thanks dirt, I really appreciate you taking underage people's pictures, outing them and putting them in danger. It's creepy and unnecessary.

    1. If you stop and think about it that is exactly what she has been doing and does not even realize it.. They way she has their photo's today is less damaging than she has in the past. Maybe she too has learned something? Maybe the FBI agent brought this to her attention, which I hope will end up being a good thing.

    2. I wouldn't doubt that she'd Posy GPS coordinates to their houses if she could.

      She's a train wreck.

    3. To the 3 Anon comments above: It is obvious you have no clue what the hell you are talking about. For one thing, Dirt is not "outing" trans people, they have already "outed" themselves publically (where do you think she gets the pictures? Duh!). She is not posting anything more "damaging"or "dangerous" than they have already posted about themselves publically. For another, she posts these things because she is concerned about their well-being. In this case, she is warning them of predatory males who follow their public postings. Underage individuals are apparently posting topless pics in a public forum -- a pedophile's dream situation. If she is trying to warn them, would she then post their GPS coordinates? That doesn't even make any fucking sense. You people are so busy blaming her that you aren't even processing information well. Wake up and realize that posting information publicly opens up the possibility of others seeing it. That seems like it would be self-explanatory, but apparently not.

    4. I agree with 12:26. The danger lies in these girls belonging to and posting on trans group pages on Tumblr and FaceBook, which attract creeps like Joe Mikula. Dirt is helping get pedophiles and sex offenders locked up to make the world a little safer for the dumb kids who post their photos and personal identifying information online. (In other posts, Dirt's also warning these kids about the dangers of posting personal information online, as well as the dangers of puberty blockers and cross sex hormones.)

      That Joe Mikula guy sure seems like a dangerous creep! The internet is his candy store. To parents: monitor and limit your kids' internet activity! To kids: don't post photos (topless or otherwise) or personal information online!

    5. I agree with 12:26 and 1:28. Certain people are quick to assume the worst intentions. Whether you agree with Dirt or not, it is obvious that she is trying to present an alternative viewpoint to the current trans runaway train. Clearly, the medical establishment with their dangerous hormones and surgeries and men like Mikula actually present very real dangers. But instead of doing the research themselves to verify or refute this information, certain commenters just play the old "Dirt is Evil" song over and over. Easier to just assume Dirt is evil than it is to think critically about a very serious topic.

    6. I hope the FBI checks into it. Trans-Pedophiles activists dudes are disgusting.
      All a pedo has to do, is say he is a confused men who thinks hes' a woman..
      I ran across this guy as well: he claims to be molesting a six year old using trans as a excuse to be allowed to continue,

    7. I think you need to reread what 9:24 said.. Which I posted. I said *without realizing it*. We all have something to learn in life and learn by what we do and how we can do it differently or better. It was not a negative post. Not by a longshot.. The thought this blog could be a venue to get 9 potential victims for a predator every week did not even occur to me. So I learned something. And the *they posted it first* does not mean we as adults should use that excuse to post it elsewhere. Especially not with a link right back to their own YT or FB account. If the predator is a hacker or has some software, why give them more avenues to these kids?

      Past that, I hope they fry this Joe guy. And if you truly are working with the FBI, Dirt, kuddo's to you. Hang the bastards..

    8. You really think Dirt has nothing to do with it? Here she has a nice collection of fresh, young trans boys every week for people to track down. It makes the work pretty easy for the pedos, huh?

  2. Hi Dirt, I post as Livvie over at gendertrender and I wish I could sit with each and every one of these girls and tell them that they are perfect just as they are. I wish I could take these feelings of dysphoria away simply and easily, like waving a magic wand. I wish they could understand that it is okay to be a woman who does not conform to gender roles.

    I wish I could ask them to please, wait a little bit before going on T. Mostly I would listen to them.

    As for these sick fuck men who cannot wait to get their greedy paws on their bodies, I'm so glad you're working with an agent and I hope that you can get this man put away for a very, very long time along with any 'friends' he may have. Disgusting.

  3. She's not working with an agent. She's full of beans. I could've said anything other than "beans". But I'm *TRYING* to be nice while I voice my opinion.

    Yes, some of the creepers doing their creeping around online is ridiculous and gross. But for %#@&s sake, can we not have underage, teenage kids posting nip shots online? Really? Where are their dang parents? Clearly they have no idea what's going on. Yuck.

    1. Anonymous September 11, 2015 at 12:55 AM: I have no idea whether or not Dirt is working with an agent, so cannot comment on that. I do know that the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is very keen on people reporting situations such as child pornography and online predators and that they work with law enforcement closely, so it is entirely possible that law enforcement would get involved in such situations -- so perhaps it is not as "full of beans" as you suggest? I don't know...but I do hope someone is checking into this for the safety of the minors involved.

      Regardless, I totally agree with you regarding underage kids should NOT be posting "nip shots" --- for a variety of legal, ethical, and safety reasons.

  4. Dirt is exposing PEDOPHILES who are already preying on kids. You ignorant people who attack her are like the racists who think calling out racism CAUSES racism. This is either a conscious reversal on your part, an attempt to gaslight us, or.... geez, maybe you really are that confused. We are trying to save female lives here. Wake the fuck up already.

  5. The formerly-ubiquitous F2Tfrown, aka the F2TransScowl, has dropped off sharply by this post, down to one in three. And it's barely present at all in the next two posts. Which to me indicates two things:
    1. These girls are actually reading your blog.
    2. Even after drinking the trans trender kool-aid, these females are still conditioned to obsess about how others see them.
    They have only swapped one gender straitjacket for another.


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