Jane Says-What Lies Behind Trans Trending

To Blogger Personnel, if wondering why you are receiving copious complaints about this blog, see below:
In effort to silence factual information and critical thinking of the harmful, dangerous and deadly transgender trend among many disaffected female youth, posts like the above are used as both tactic and threat. Nonsense aside, these posts also reveal the pathology behind Trans Trending! With no information, little information and in most cases WRONG information, droves of girls/young women calling themselves "men" hear a single battle cry and blindly are off to war. It is this very same non questioning compliant myopic blindness fueling girls who are transitioning.

There is no thought process (critical thinking), there is just do as others are doing; damn psychiatric history, damn medical history, damn proven health hazards, damn depression stats, damn suicidal stats, damn unsound medical practices, damn disapproving parents, damn disapproving anyones and damn all straight to hell who isnt drinking the Kool Aid with them!

Jane Doe says _______ is evil lets attack her, then she's attacked. Jane Doe calls herself a man, hey what a great idea, we're all dudes now! Jane Doe gets her tits butchered from her body and says its the best thing in the world and she couldnt be happier, then by all means lets line up for a titectomy!

There is no thought that Jane's HEAVILY EDITED social media transgenderfied happiness is more edited than a Steven Spielberg film. There is just this honest belief that all troubles, problems, evils etc are washed away or found at the end of a syringe and scalpel. Not because they are, but because so and so said they are! The same so and so's saying feminists are evil and should be tracked down and slaughtered.

Blindly following anyone's orders or ideology are the exact same sides of a coin. Heads I win, tails you lose.



  1. I've learned more on this blog that I've learned anywhere else.

    "Transitioning" a developmentally disabled woman with Down Syndrome is a human rights abuse. This poor young woman could have died in the ICU.


    Drugging and sterilizing children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones is a human rights abuse. They know it's happening, but it's pushed and branded as something progressive.

  2. The mobbing tactics promoted against this blog, will be seen for what they are : Mobbing Tactics.
    Especially once the contents of Dirt's blog are read by Blogger personnel.
    There is no hate motivating the information presented here, the catch words and rhetoric of those wanting to censor perspectives that they see as,a threat to agenda, fall flat.
    Which is why this blog still stands.

    1. I agree, but Dirt seems to thrive on abuse under which I would crumble. Hats off, I guess, but let's be ready to pick up the pieces, when she finally crumbles.

    2. I must have been feeling very pessimistic when I wrote that. No reason why that rock (no, I didn't say "stone"!) should crumble, especially not under ridiculous attempts to equate reasoned criticism and analysis with "harassment". Paf!

  3. There is absolutely no hate or harassment in this page. Just facts that could potentially save lives. But of course, the trans mob from Tumblr (a site filled with the twanz agenda) wants to silence somebody who exposes their hate.


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