Goodbye Once Upon a Time: Transgender Kids-the End of Childhood

Who could have dreamed a day would come that a child's fanciful utterances would be gleefully pathologized by parents and therapists alike into a modern day money making diagnosis. And yet this is exactly what the world has come to. In yet another article on the proofs of transgender children, a young mother not only knew her daughter was truly a boy, she pinpoints exactly when, the grocery aisle!
BUT it was until the next morning this mother's son-trapped-in-daughter's-body notion was reaffirmed, giving full validity to her having a transgender child:
BUT BUT, just to be sure, this mother went to the best source for information, GOOGLE:
The two and a half year girl was soon referred to Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust’s Gender Identity Development Service who boasts of 700 new diagnoses of transgender children a year. Diagnoses based on the most rudimentary, pedestrian modes of outdated thinking imaginable:
Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust’s Gender Identity Development Service is nothing more than a conveyor belt mass producing transgender replications like some horror scifi Model T's. Clearly the mother AND the mental health professionals missed magical thinking when reading/learning/studying or knowing other/small children:

"A thriving 2-year-old is a busy scientist actively exploring and creating his own theories about how things work. Julian loves to turn lights on and off. Does he think it is his fingertip that magically creates light and dark? Or, is it the blinking of his eyes that he does each time he flicks the switch? Two-year-olds do not have enough information about the world yet to draw reasonable conclusions."

Three to Four year olds..."During this magical-thinking stage of development, cause and effect are not necessarily objectively determined, but slanted by the preschoolers' desires."..."The most amazing part of magical thinking for young children is their belief that they can make life be anything they want it to be. And, of course, wishes and dreams help to make us who we are."

Five to six year olds..."Learning to distinguish between fantasy and reality is an important developmental step that children make in the kindergarten year. In fact, 5- and 6-year-olds tend to step in and out of reality in their dramatic play as well as their view of the world. Children at this stage can be predictably unpredictable. They can be very clear about what is real and pretend in some situations, but still engage in magical thinking in others"..."Kindergartners can use magical thinking to explain cause and effect. They might offer what seem like illogical explanations of how the natural world works. But often their thinking, while not totally accurate, is based on some experience or observation. It is as if they are putting two and two together and not necessarily getting four, but are still using important thinking skills."

Pretend used to be a refuge for children, a place for them to lay they little heads as well as develop skills to arm themselves with for later use when traversing the real world. Today, a child's pretending can get himself or herself diagnosed with a major mental illness, where doKtors  magically turn reality into fantasy and children into indecipherable parables.

Goodbye Once Upon a Time



  1. This is idiotic. You will go to great lengths to make sure that you use a transman's birthname, but birth names are in fact completely irrelevant (ie. the fact that we don't call Jon Stewart Jonathan Leibowitz, the fact that we don't call Ice Cube O'Shea Jackson).

    The fact that you can't change your body structure is elementary, congrats on figuring that out.

    Clearly transmen don't care about the side effects, just like when you take your pills that give you diarrhea and vomiting so that your fat ass can get skinny.

    What is this tirade about anyway? So you meet John. His birth name is Jane. He has visible hips. What the FUCK business is it of yours? Why are you so mad?

    You all need a better hobby.

    If you think transition is "killing feminism" or hurting you or your beliefs in someway, you are making a mockery of feminism and wasting your time. I feel sorry for the women who fought for rights and suffrage, because now feminism seems to be just talking shit about other people. And how do "women born women" need protection from someone, pumped with estrogen and feminizing gender confirmation surgery, using the same bathroom? YOU ARE SO STUPID THAT YOU ARE BEING MISOGYNISTIC IN YOUR ATTEMPT TO BE FEMINIST YOU FUCKING IDIOT.
    How are some of you saying that applauding transwomen on their transition but hating on transmen in the same sentence. YOU CLEARLY JUST HATE TRANS MEN AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A PHILOSOPHY.

    Why don't you change your tirade about people who repeatedly get botox or liposuction? Are they "at peace with themselves"? How about people who hurt others, are they at "peace with themselves"? No. But instead, you decide to take a ridiculous amount of time and energy into a group of people who literally don't give a fuck about your life, are not hurting anyone, and are not effecting you in any way.

    Get used to trans people, you dumb fucks, we are not going anywhere. And find a better use of your time. I wouldn't normally comment but I'm tired of this retarded ass site coming up every time I look up trans issues.

    Oh yeah and all you dumb fucks can sure hide behind an Anonymous ID, but wouldn't have the guts to say this to me in person I GUARANTEE.

    1. The threat of violence strongly implied in John Dillon's last paragraph is sad corroboration of the research evidence (Djehne et al, 2011) showing that women attempting be men have increased criminality, in the range of actual men. Imagine, her "identity" is so threatened by discourse and speech on a blog that she would respond with violence. I'm sorry, John, but this is not a healthy way forward.

    2. John, you said, "Get used to trans people, you dumb fucks, we are not going anywhere."

      Get used, John, to adults advocating for our children and teens not going anywhere.

      It's quite telling that you threaten violence against those who engage in public discourse.

      That is very manly of you.

    3. "That is very manly of you." Is it? It's certainly macho, but if there's a good way of being a male human being, even a "man", I would like to doubt that it's "manly". Even within patriarchy, the sort of bravado that launches indiscriminate threats of violence is regarded as "unmanly". Of course, I have a vested interest in the question, but am very far from sure that I am right.

  2. No rational person really believes that a two year old girl knows she is a "boy".

  3. We post under Anonymous "John Dillon" because we don't want to get hacked, or mobbed, by unstable Dillions.

    And I wouldn't be so quick to guarantee anything about real life encounters, if you are implying physical threats.
    I'm a Martial Arts practitioner - in both Japanese and Korean fighting arts.

  4. I hope to hell this people know what they are doing

    Sorry for the typo...meant to say, "I hope to hell these people know what they are doing"

  5. dirt great post! I love the phrase "rudimentary and pedestrian" to describe their crappy diagnostic process. Clearly Portman is a gender mill. Their diagnosis process consists of incompetent questioners of small children. Gee, that doesn't say 'satanic ritual abuse fiasco' at all!

    I don't know what "John Dillon" is so bent out of shape about. But I do know this, O'Shea Jackson is a great name. He sounds like a character in a good, kinda weird novel set in New Orleans in the 40s. "Then O'Shea Jackson walked into the place…"

    This gender crap, and this medical crap, both have to end. Magical thinking, exactly! And it's close cousin, dress up. And WTF is wrong with these doctors that they're so keen to believe in this crap? There's no evidence. And it's full of internal contradictions.

    1. O'Shea Jackson is an actor, the son of Ice Cube. But yes, isn't it a great name? I can imagine encountering O'Shea on the pages of James Joyce's novel Ulysses, if I ever get round to reading it all the way through. But New Orleans is good too: write that novel, I want to read it!

  6. When Transgender Kids Transition, Medical Risks are Both Known and Unknown
    June 30, 2015,

    What makes [puberty blocker] treatment tricky is that there is no test that can tell whether a child experiencing distress about their gender will grow up to be transgender. The handful of studies that do exist suggest that gender dysphoria persists in a minority of children, but they involved very few children and were done mostly abroad.

    … the use of puberty blockers to treat transgender children is what’s considered an “off label” use of the medication — something that hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. And doctors say their biggest concern is about how long children stay on the medication, because there isn’t enough research into the effects of stalling puberty at the age when children normally go through it.

    … However, doctors caution that estrogen and testosterone, the hormones that are blocked by these medications, also play a role in a child’s neurological development and bone growth.

    “We do know that there is some decrease in bone density during treatment with pubertal suppression,” Finlayson said, adding that initial studies have shown that starting estrogen and testosterone can help regain the bone density.

    …Finlayson said there isn’t enough research on whether someone who was on puberty blockers will regain all their bone strength, or if they might be at risk for osteoporosis in the future.

    Another area where doctors say there isn’t enough research is the impact that suppressing puberty has on brain development.

    “The bottom line is we don’t really know how sex hormones impact any adolescent’s brain development,” Dr. Lisa Simons, a pediatrician at Lurie Children’s, told FRONTLINE. “We know that there’s a lot of brain development between childhood and adulthood, but it’s not clear what’s behind that.” What’s lacking, she said, are specific studies that look at the neurocognitive effects of puberty blockers.

    …The physical changes that hormones bring about are irreversible, making the decision more weighty than taking puberty blockers. Some of the known side effects of hormones include things that might sound familiar: acne and changes in mood. Patients are also warned that they may be at higher risk for heart disease or diabetes later in life. The risk of blood clots increases for those who start estrogen. And the risk for cancer is an unknown, but it is included in the warnings doctors give their patients.

  7. John Dillon the Anonymous ID would have been a better choice for you.

    I actually cringed in embarrassment on your immortalized behalf.

  8. The Tavistock and Portman clinic intentionally misleads parents.

    "One of the options may be to prescribe hormone blockers, which can stop the physical changes and developments associated with puberty for a limited period of time. This is considered to be a fully reversible treatment"

    Why do they deliberately mislead parents?

    (1.) No one really knows the long term effects of GnRH agonists in children.
    (2.) They know full well that most of the kids who are put on GnRH agonists end up taking cross gender hormones. Pumping a kid full of cross gender hormones before their bodies have the time to sexually mature renders them infertile. Sterilizing children is often viewed as a human rights abuse.

  9. John, I identify as Anonymous.

  10. This is shit this blog is shit who ever writes this blog is shit

  11. Three things in the Guardian article stood out for me: when the reporter was alone with Callum/Julia, the child says "“I’m both (boy and girl). It’s all right if I’m both.” The parents had never mentioned this ambivalence/fantasy of the child. The reliability of the parents' as witness fell apart for me at that point.

    2d, the mother says: "“My mum said: ‘You wanted a girl, that’s why this is happening’,” If I were the 'gender specialist' assigned to the case I would definitely try to interview the grandmother.

    3d: one of the slogans of the Trans movement is the innocuous-sounding 'they just want to be themselves'. So it's intriguing when the article points out that blocking the natural puberty of these children, which would likely resolve their dysphoria into an LGB identity, is to deny the children the chance to find out who they really are.

  12. I think "John" inadvertently exposes a telling point in expressing frustration and anger at this site coming up when looking up trans issues.
    Its because others will too.
    Its about the PC umbrella breaking in the winds of critical thinking and research and review.
    The magical cozy rabbit hole of social media isn't a secret Yes Club any more.

  13. That is where the tantrums come from to silence this blog. To block information.
    So far they have been anti advocates of their own agendas, whether its immaturity, fear of easy T prescriptions ending, or other issues.

  14. "Who could have dreamed a day would come that a child's fanciful utterances would be gleefully pathologized by parents and therapists alike into a modern day money making diagnosis?"

    Well, Engels, for one. Désolé, but early communists did predict precisely such a thing. Poor Angela!

  15. I remember being a Princess, and quite recently I was a Pirate King (needs musted). Tonight I'm a hedgehog, but nobody is kind enough to bring me bread and milk. High-ho, crawl to the kitchen! Thank whatever goddesses and gods there be that not everybody loses "magical thinking" at puberty. Otherwise we would have no poets, no composers, no painters.

  16. Dear John,

    (I always wanted to write a "Dear John" letter, but never imagined its contents would be as follows.)

    You write:
    "Clearly transmen don't care about the side effects, just like when you take your pills that give you diarrhea and vomiting so that your fat ass can get skinny."

    Can you possibly imagine that the people who write here critically about transgender support the medical abuses you refer to?

    Since I've had a couple of glasses of wine, and feel well-disposed to everybody, let's imagine that it really is possible for a woman to become a man, and let's compare that (offending all kinds of people, no doubt) with something that certainly is possible, for a Gentile to become a Jew. We don't come knocking on your door inviting you, but if you push hard enough on ours, we'll let you in. It's not easy to become a Jew, and I know sexual/gender transition isn't easy either.
    When you've finally jumped through all the hoops, we say: Welcome to the Chosen People; now you're a Jew, all you have to do is figure out how to be a Good Jew; we've had eight thousand years, and we still haven't cracked it.
    I can no more easily imagine why anyone would choose to be a man than I can imagine why they would choose to be a Jew. But people do.
    Speaking "man-to-man", if you MUST be a man, at least try to be a good man. Sadly, I can't give you much guidance on that. We've had much longer than the Jews to figure it out, but with no greater success.


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