Michfest Obituary

The Moon IS used to this sort of thing, the violence and murder of femaleness. But when did we become so fucking used to it, we stopped fighting?


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  1. Mich Fest will NEVER die because it will always be in the hearts and minds of women. Something bigger and better will replace Mich Fest.

    Fuck you Equality Michigan and HRC (trans/men's rights organizations) If you think you can shut women up, you are crazy.

    What Equality Michigan and HRC did will never be forgotten. Even the religious right doesn't tell women what they can do on their own private property.

    Fuck you HRC and Equality Michigan.

    I hope to hell you sons of bitches are right about sterilizing children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones. How will future historians will judge you for all the drugged, mutilated, and sterilized kids? I hope to fuck you are right about this Dr. Mengele experiment on children. I'm glad I won't have to answer for what has, and is being done with the full support of trans/men's rights groups like the HRC. Fuck you all...

    Fuck you Equality Michigan and HRC for ignoring the lesbian phobic "Cotton Ceiling" (lesbians are bigots for not sucking a transwoman's dick) and your deliberate failure to even acknowledge all the TERF death threats.

    Fuck you Equality Michigan and HRC for making Lisa Vogel's life a living hell.

    Fuck you Equality Michigan and HRC for making the lives of lesbians a living hell.

    Fuck you Equality Michigan and HRC for "gender identity" laws that shred the privacy rights of girls and women. Dick in the women's restroom and locker room is not a civil right. You are violating the privacy rights of women.

    Fuck you Equality Michigan. GLAAD, and HRC for destroying women's sports, and celebrating Mr. Boyd Burton Fallon Fox beating the crap out of Tamikka Brents, a black lesbian. They wanted to see her blood.

    There is so much more to say "fuck you" for, but I think I've covered the basics.

    Mich Fest will always be alive in my mind.


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