FTM Top Surgery for Sky-a Tragic story in Munchausen by proxy & the Transgender Support of it

A few days ago someone left a comment to a dead link regarding a funding site for a Down's Syndrome (Sky/Melissa) girl. By the time I got home that evening to check this potential child abuse horror story further, feminist crusader GenderTrender was on it. GT's prime focus of her piece was on Aydin Olson-Kennedy's (ex lesbian trans propagandists) seeming promotion of Sky/Melissa's Top Surgery fund. In order words, why would Aydin Olson-Kennedy (social worker-married to an MD) promote the butchering of healthy non cancerous breasts from a young woman with Down's Syndrome? Satisfied with GT's tackling of the issues at hand, I planned not to write on the subject. That is, until my inbox received a screencap of an email header
that the sender claimed to have received from Sky/Melissa's mother Mary T. Utilizing what I received to look further into this case, this is what I found (with help of course-thank you Anon who ever you are):

I'll begin with Sky/Melissa's Breast Mutilation funding site that many at this point are familiar with:
Hmmm Who exactly is Mary T? And why is she transitioning her mentally (physically?) handicapped daughter?
Mary actually changed her FB name between yesterday (from Mary Patty Thompson to just Mary Patty) and today (more on why later)
and Sky/Melissa:
 Sky/Melissa and Mary T:
What did Mary Patty Thompson do before SHE decided to garner ATTENTION for HERSELF (using LGbt funds mind you) by seeking transition for her mentally handicap daughter?
Interestingly she isnt too concerned now to dope her daughter with cancer causing/blot clot causing/heart attacking causing drugs.
Hmm...seems Mary P Thompson utilized the Net to diagnose her mentally handicap daughter with other illnesses.
Her daughter in remission from Leukemia, should Melissa have been give the green light for testosterone if this is true? Aydin Olson-Kennedy? What does the doctor of the family Johanna Olson, MD think about this? Moving on...
Sounds like this poor kid has a vast amount of health issues or does she?
Wait? The doctors cant find anything wrong with her??? Ah but Mary Patty Thompson has some issues it seems...
Seems Mary T likes her pain meds. But enough to use her mentally handicapped daughter to get them, who knows? Melissa was clearly given a clean bill of health, despite Mary's insistence that there was something wrong. So what does a good Munchhausen by Proxy mother do when the doctors pshaw her? Find another illness, only a better illness. Better in the sense it cannot be scientifically proven...
Suddenly, Down's Syndrome daughter Melissa disappears and trans son Sky is born:

Mary is so gung ho and determined to transition Melissa she'll obviously use illegal means to do so. Maybe Johanna Olson could help with that?

Mary also started a FB breast butchery funding page for Melissa around this time:
Also like a good Munchhausen by Proxy mother, Mary T is a tad paranoid and prone (I post only 1 example-trust me there were others) leaving Melissa periodically, in this case the police were called:
Despite Mary's efforts to raise money for her drug addictio...errr Sky/Melissa's top surgery, all purportedly comes to a halt last month:
Wait? So Melissa (Down's Syndrome) is on anti depressants, blood thinners, in remission for cancer AND the doctors were allowing her to be on some form of testosterone???? Johanna Olson, care to chime in???? Isnt this dangerous??
If yesterday is an indication perhaps Melissa has recovered a bit?
But if this is any indication, Mary's determination to remove her mentally handicap daughter's breast remains intact:

And MARY'S UPDATE to the breast mutilation fund:
Unlike GenderTrender, who was smartly on top of Aydin Olson-Kennedy and Johanna Olson's involvement in the top surgery for a Down's Syndrome young woman, I was more concerned with Melissa' mother Mary Patty Thompson and a little skeptical of Team Olson-Kennedy. Skeptical in this case, obviously not in their joint effort to murder gay and lesbian youths, like Kennedy herself was, not so long ago. BUT, something changed my mind....see next post tomorrow for Part Two of FTM Top Surgery for Sky-a Tragic story in Munchausen by proxy & the Transgender Support of it.



  1. Horrifying. Poor Sky. Shame on the medical professionals who would even think of participating.

  2. Shame on every single doctor involved in destroying the body and life of this vulnerable girl.

  3. It's impossible to read all of this and not wonder if the mom (whether consciously or unconsciously) is trying to nudge her daughter's body, life and spirit towards the edge of cliff. Perhaps to the point of no return.

    This is chilling. Who is there for Melissa? Who speaks for her human rights while she is languishing in depression and illness and utter dependency on guardians who are not sane? Will her flesh, her physical and emotional health, and perhaps her life, be sacrificed to uphold gender ideology?

  4. beautiful tomboy down's child, so unique in a world of mediocrity, a fierce tragedy is having a mother with a mind full of crazy bees.

  5. A classic Munchhausen by Proxy mother that transactivists have leached on to,,
    this is so sad.

  6. So infuriating. The mother even refers to the double mastectomy as "life saving surgery" at one point (when trying to persuade people to give her $$$). Even if we put Sky's mental disability aside for a moment, with all the medical problems Sky has, why is the mother in such a rush to get her a double mastectomy? The red flags just keep piling up.This story is horrifying on so many counts.

  7. Poor kid! I am glad (and rather surprised, to be honest) that this mother had to shop around to find a doctor and therapist willing to get on board with transing this kid. Great reporting. I hope this situation starts to get closer scrutiny.

  8. Someone should file a report with the state Child welfare office and the state disability office as well

  9. The showcase trend of : "I Have The Edgiest Child and Am The Most Progressive Parent, Look At Me."
    Turning their own child into a social prop.

  10. What kind of mother would be raising money for elective surgery (yes, ELECTIVE surgery, because top surgery is NOT "life-saving" despite the trans rhetoric) as her child lies in critical condition in the ICU? That fact, alone, is enough to raise a serious red flags as to this woman's intentions and character. What is wrong with people that it is even a possibility, much less a reality, to give serious drugs and major surgeries to a mentally disabled woman who does not have the capacity to make such decisions for herself? Appalling. And for a MSW to support it...even in theory? Unprofessional, unethical, and unbelievable.

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  12. Why isn't the mainstream media picking up on this obvious human rights violation of a special needs individual? They report about FGM, why doesn't this bother them?

  13. I have been busy the last few days, so I am late to seeing this post and GenderTrender's post on this situation. Like the other commenters above, I find this situation to be beyond reprehensible on the part of the mother, pro-trans supporters in the community, and any medical professionals who would approve of, promote, or in any way participate in this travesty.

  14. Although Aydin Olson-Kennedy, MSW appears to only be promoting this case, as opposed to actively involved as a professional, I nonetheless wonder what the MSW licensure board in California would think of Aydin's immediate readiness to jump on the bandwagon to perform surgery on a medically fragile, developmentally disabled Down Syndrome individual who does not have the ability or agency to make an informed choice? Good professional judgment? Hmmmmm...


  15. Oh, look!!! The ignorant assholes are all "anonymous"!!!! What makes you think that you can invade someone's space and publicly share someone's private medical information this way?

  16. The mother is choosing to share her family's information publicly. If she had not posted all of this information on FaceBook (it doesn't get more public than FaceBook), we wouldn't even know she or "Sky" exist.

  17. Not Dead Yet and other disability rights organizations should be notified of this outrage. There should be a formal investigation by local authorities.

  18. 2:26 Anonymous calls posters ignorant assholes... but then.. posts as...

    How effective.

  19. I agree with commenter Anonymous August 24, 2015 at 2:43 PM: This mother has chosen to put herself and her child in the public eye by publicly fundraising as well as public posts on FB and other various social sites. When someone is asking the public for donations, by default, they open themselves up to public scrunity to determine whether or not we want to give our hard-earned money to the cause, which includes investigating the veracity and credibility of the claim and the person making it. If Ms. Thompson does not want to be in the public eye, she should choose to not ask the public for money.

  20. This whole sordid scenario may be an elaborate scam for attention and/or money. Or, it could be true that a delusional mother is actually intending to put her disabled child through health risks, surgeries, and unimaginable pain. Either way, this situation is inexcusable and shameful. Good for Dirt and GenderTrender for exposing this saga.

  21. I agree, @3:17. Even if the mother wasn't asking for money, she is still posting information about herself and her daughter on public websites. Just like those "Looks Who Is Trans-Trending" girls -- if you don't want someone to broadcast your business publicly, don't post it on a public website in the first place.

  22. I grew up in the before-internet age, and my mother always said, "Don't ever put anything in writing that you would not want known publicly". It was true then, and the concept of "Don't put it out there if you don't want it known" is even more true now that instant access to information is available to all who decide to look. For those who complain about Dirt putting their information out there, the answer is stunningly simple: If you don't want Dirt (or anyone else) to find it, then don't post it publicly. Simple. Problem solved.

  23. Do... Do any of you understand how the medical world works? I mean, you *do* realize that Down Syndrome doesn't equal stupid and incapable of thought, right? There are plenty of DS people who are extremely high functioning. No doctor out there is going to give Sky top surgery unless Sky is able to speak for himself and ask for it. And his mother is trying to get it covered by fund raising because insurance covers medical illnesses like being in the ICU for an emergency - it doesn't cover elective breast removal.

    And testosterone doesn't cause blood clots and death or all of the men in the world would be dead. High blood pressure and poor cholesterol causes blood clots. This never ending "Testosterone is a horrible thing to put in your body" is ludicrous. I mean.. every single one of you has testosterone in your body right now and I bet I am the only one who knows exactly what my levels are.

    God people... Does any of this actually accomplish anything? Do any of you have medical degrees? Are any of you trained psychologists? No? You mean this is just a group of women all cackling about something they don't really understand? Shocker there, really. I don't know that I have ever seen a group of people who just simply spew harsh judgement to actually know what they were talking about.

    You claim you want to *help* trans people but I think you guys just enjoy having something to sit back and feign outrage against. It's so easy to sit in front of a computer and gasp in horror making yourselves look righteous and thoughtful.

    There have been several trans people on here making comments and not ONCE have any of you tried to reason with them in a thoughtful kind manner. Instead you attack and treat them like they are pieces of garbage. If you *truly* cared about the well being of people you would reach out with compassion and not all of this hateful judgement.

    And let me tell you this - I started hormones recently and I have been so happy! My weight is dropping down, I have begun socializing due to major decreases in anxiety, and as I see myself coming more and more into focus I am filled with a sens of joy and life I have never experienced before. If that means that I have to stop eating pie so that I don't get plague in my arteries I am all for it!

    Please, read this link:

    If nothing else maybe it can help you understand why so many of us would rather die than not transition. Maybe there is hope that some of you can find true compassion in your hearts. Or maybe not. I just thought I'd try.

    1. Did you not read the bit that noted synthetic testosterone products can cause blood clots in some individuals? And that blood clots can lead to a pulmonary embolism? The actual manufacturer of the drug has admitted to this!

      Most men do not use synthetic testosterone products. And yes, women do naturally produce low levels of androgens. So what? That doesn't mean that taking large amounts of synthetic testosterone is without risk.

      For example, here's a list of problems that can result when a pituitary tumor causes excess secretion of certain hormones:


      So your observation that women do produce testosterone is meaningless here.

      In this case, some deranged individuals want to give a person with a history of blood clots (and who nearly died from a pulmonary embolism) a drug that is known to increase one's risk of blood clots.

      Tell me, how compassionate is it to purposely kill someone like this?

    2. Neurotypical people can think and make decisions too. That doesn't mean they can't be influenced into doing stupid things. (Do I need to invoke Godwin's Law here or do you have any historical perspective whatsoever?) People with body dysphoria seem even more suggestible than typical folks. And my understanding of people with Down's is that they are even MORE suggestible YET.

      What's next, are you going to advocate for drunk people to be able to sign contracts? I mean, drunk people can think too.

      You're incredible. Don't ever have children.

    3. Also, FYI, female bodies are only adapted to deal with a certain level of testosterone that is WAY LOWER than the level male bodies are adapted to deal with. If you're an FTM, you're not actually male, you know. Your body is still female, you're just deluded about it, and your conscious mind does NOT get the final say on everything that's appropriate for your body. Your body gets that say. If you give it stuff that doesn't suit it you are going to pay the piper eventually. Excess testosterone does NOT suit females. It makes us infertile, which is one of your first, front-line signs that something is wrong with your health (assuming it wasn't a surgical sterilization--but even that is going to alter things in ways you never imagined).

      It's not difficult to learn about medical stuff, you know. Try it.

    4. "You claim you want to *help* trans people but I think you guys just enjoy having something to sit back and feign outrage against. It's so easy to sit in front of a computer and gasp in horror making yourselves look righteous and thoughtful."

      You mean like when transgenderists sit back and gasp in horror at the big meanies who call people by the correct pronouns based on sex? You see, THAT has always struck me as feigning shock, because everybody knows, no matter their politics, that one's sex cannot be changed.

      Our outrage, on the other hand, is not manufactured. We are sincerely horrified that a developmentally disabled girl, who cannot read or write, and who is depressed, and in fragile health, may undergo a completely unnecessary, radical, and risky surgery. We are sincerely horrified that her own mother is pushing for her vulnerable daughter to have her healthy breasts removed, and that genderists are cheering her on.

      Your ideas about what is compassionate, and what isn't, are very strange. Backwards, I would say. Maybe there's very little we can do except express our outrage and concern and compassion via our keyboards with like-minded others. So why should we sit back and say nothing? At least people are reading. At least people are beginning to slowly but surely think more critically and to recognize how transgender ideology hurts, harms, and sometimes kills.

      You say you are happy and healthy to undergo medical transition. Good for you. What about Melissa and other vulnerable, young and/or confused people whose bodies are being carved up and poisoned, whose very lives have become pawns, who have no complete concept of the irreversibility of these procedures, and who won't know they've been USED and sacrificed until much later. Will YOU have compassion for them as they try to put back together their broken bodies and lives?

    5. "I started hormones recently and I have been so happy! My weight is dropping down, I have begun socializing due to major decreases in anxiety, and as I see myself coming more and more into focus I am filled with a sense of joy and life I have never experienced before."

      That's because estrogen has antidepressant/neuroprotective qualities, ya dipshit, not because you are somehow innately "a woman." If you were intelligent, you might be doing research on why you feel marked relief of anxiety by taking estrogen. You can be a man who takes estrogen without pretty much destroying everything women have fought for and appropriating our gender.

    6. Oh, and Dirt is totally going to change her mind by reading an article written by Zinnia "If every transwoman was a rapist they should still be allowed in the women's restroom" Jones. My god these people are dumb.

  24. Actually, the Informed Consents all of you have to sign to get your precious testosterone delineated a variety of health risks and a plethora of unknowns involved in administering cross-sex hormones. That is called Cover Your Ass on the doctor's part so they don't get sued when someone has a serious medical issue from the so-called "treatment". So, to blithely assume such concerns are ludicrous is naive. And if you read the info on Sky you will see that she is not an independently functioning individual. Yes, some individuals with Down's Syndrome are higher-functioning, but available information provided by her parent does NOT indicate that Sky is one of them.

    1. Developmentally disabled people lack the ability to give informed consent. I agree that this disabled young woman doesn't seem to be higher functioning.

      She could have died in the ICU, and there are lawsuits over testosterone and blood clots.


  25. Wait? So Melissa (Down's Syndrome) is on anti depressants, blood thinners, in remission for cancer AND the doctors were allowing her to be on some form of testosterone???? Johanna Olson, care to chime in???? Isnt this dangerous??

    The more you read about this, the sicker it gets. It's time to call child protective services.

  26. HOLY CRAP PEOPLE - do any of you actually read through this before going off the deep end? Let me break this down for you:

    Dirt says, "Interestingly she isn’t too concerned now to dope her daughter with cancer causing/blot clot causing/heart attacking causing drugs.
    Hmm...Seems Mary P Thompson utilized the Net to diagnose her mentally handicap daughter with other illnesses."

    But clearly the email that Mary sent in says that she is worried about placing her child on medications and is looking for other means before they move in that direction. Right here is a *major* conflict in what Dirt wants you to think and what Mary has actually said in response to an email you can't read. She also states that Mary is using the Net to diagnose her daughter, above a picture that clearly shows that Mary is referencing pre-diagnosed conditions and relying on her ophthalmologist and neurologist's recommendations. Isn't that the *exact opposite* of what Dirt is telling you she did?

    Dirt says: "Wait? The doctors can’t find anything wrong with her??? Ah but Mary Patty Thompson has some issues it seems..." in reference to the picture where Mary is talking about how doctors have not diagnosed Sky with PTC - stating that the information she has gotten from them has been vague and unhelpful. Something any woman who has had hormone issues has experienced - I have had period issues for years and couldn't get anyone to take it seriously. Doesn't mean there wasn't something wrong.
    And then Dirt takes potshots at the mother for having physical ailments as well, because obviously the mother of a Downs Syndrome kid couldn't possibly have health problems? It is clear in this part of the email that whoever Mary is chatting with is part of some sort of health support group and that nothing in the email is related to transgender. Dirt is merely trying to cast doubt on Mary by taking her words - and only a few words out of one sentence which makes no sense - out of context.

    Dirt then says, "Seems Mary T likes her pain meds. But enough to use her mentally handicapped daughter to get them, who knows? Melissa was clearly given a clean bill of health, despite Mary's insistence that there was something wrong."
    So even though Mary has already acknowledged that the symptoms for PTC are missing from her daughter - outside of papilledema and high csf which are documented symptoms, and that her daughter is not suffering the same level of pain, potentially from PTC, as Vicky, who is apparently the daughter of the person that Mary is emailing, Dirt is trying to say that Mary is insisting that something is wrong. Well that's because according to the emails there IS something wrong, it just might not be PTC.

    She then tries to make it sounds like Mary is abusing pain killers because she mentions using hydrocodone. Does anyone here know what Hydrocodone is? It's commonly prescribed for pain and TMJ causes a lot of pain, and she appears to be uncomfortable with the fact that the meds made - past tense you will notice, not present tense - her feel "too relaxed and a little spacey". So maybe Mom's not such a pain killer addict after all? I mean she clearly wasn't a fan of the meds - just one more example of Dirt saying something that is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what this woman has said. Anyone else starting to think that Dirt has an agenda here?

  27. To continue:

    Dirt says "So what does a good Munchhausen by Proxy mother do when the doctors pshaw her? Find another illness, only a better illness. Better in the sense it cannot be scientifically proven..."
    Ummmm the next email is basically Mary saying "they found out my child has hormone imbalances out the wahzoo!" Due to thyroid treatment Sky is losing weight, And she feels that the hormone issues that Sky is experiencing probably are due to PCOS which seems to explain a variety of symptoms that Sky has - making NO MENTION that these are related to Sky's trans status though she mentions that Sky has been questioning for THREE YEARS. And Facebook comments by people who are infinitely more aware of what has and hasn't been going on in Mary's life than Dirt are asking if she has finally succeeded in getting someone to address this issue, which indicates to me that it's been ongoing. So, why does Dirt think that Mary just suddenly made this up? Maybe because Dirt needs to? Pictures of Sky seem to all be very butch/masculine to me. Maybe Mary also forcibly dresses Sky?

    Dirt says "Also like a good Munchhausen by Proxy mother, Mary T is a tad paranoid and prone (I post only 1 example-trust me there were others) leaving Melissa periodically, in this case the police were called"

    First, how many of you have issues with Facebook's ever ending changes to what they do and don't share with people? I have plenty of friends who are uncomfortable with the fact that so much info is shared. Doesn't make them paranoid - just means they wish things were kept private. And yes, even if you have your profile set to "only friends" stuff that you hit like on can be seen by the friends of your friends. It's a legitimate concern. And the "police" situation? Has nothing to do with Facebook and paranoia. Sky was eating food at a restaurant and some fucking asshole called the police because you know, people with Downs Syndrome can't possibly eat at restaurants by themselves? Or wait... don't some DS people live on their own? So now it's Mary's fault that someone called the police to "rescue" Sky from the burger he was eating? Does that make sense to you?

    And on another note, despite the fact that Dirt has all of these posts strung together, making it look like there is a high level of paranoia here, all of these are like a month or so apart. Can you all say you don't have friends who get dramatic and a little cray-cray on Facebook once a month or so?

    And finally, if there have not been enough examples of Dirt basically lying about what this woman is saying, making slanderous accusations based on the twisted version of reality she has concocted by reading one or two words out of every sentence, we see a distinct lack of compassion for Sky who apparently has a heart attack.

    I'm not sure if Dirt struggles with reading comprehension or not, but the evidence here seems load and clear that Dirt wants you all to hate this woman. She has intentionally butchered everything this woman has said. And why? Because Dirt disagrees with allowing Sky to transition. This woman has had doctors working with her every step of the way and has shown an active interest in trying to reduce the number of medications that her child is on. Dirt has made claims of abuse, mental illness, and drug addiction that are unfounded. I believe making false statements that are intended to smear someone's reputation is called libel which is an actual crime.

    1. You have the same info I do, do the work. Were I to have screencapped the multitudinous yahoo groups dating back to 2003 until Mary was asked to leave/felt pressured to leave or removed, all documenting, not simply the abuses outlined here, BUT copious amounts and years of others. Same goes for her FB going back to 2010.

      So when you take a break from defending child abusers and thoroughly read through and research Melissa's medical issue going back to age 3,
      those a natural result of her biology and those (documented) inflicted by Munchausen Mary, then feel free to get Mary Patty Thompson a lawyer and sue me for fucking libel, I'll pay for the fucking lawyer YOU hire!

      And if you cannot call Melissa by her actually name, your comments WILL be removed. Again, had YOU bothered to read beyond what little is posted here, you would know whose idea "sky" was, you would also know Mary moved on recently to renaming Melissa "Seth".


    2. Anon @ 9:50 and 9:51 is apparently the one with reading comprehension difficulties (or more likely, Anon has REALITY comprehension difficulties). Anon wants us to believe that Big Bad Dirt is picking on Sweet Innocent Mary and in doing so, attempts to draw attention away from the very real issue of what is happening to this helpless young women. Good try, Anon, but Dirt and her loyal readers do not support abuse, nor those who defend the abusers.

    3. Anon is a male transgender. I know this because he's saying he's the only one who knows what his testosterone levels are (zero, because he had his nuts lopped off). A male transgender defending abuse of women/the disabled to prop up his agenda? That's weird! Never seen that before. /endsarcasm

  28. "I feel like shouting from the rooftops..SKY IS SOON TO START T AT LAST!"

    The mother is insane.

  29. @ Anon 9:51. Wearing butch attire. So this means Sky wants to be a man? I think Sky is a Tomboy who happens to be a Down's Syndrome child, and whose mother has coached her into trangenderism.
    If it weren't for the current Sci fi PC hype, Sky wouldn't be corralled by chemical and bodily "modifications"

  30. "I feel like shouting from the rooftops..SKY IS SOON TO START T AT LAST!"

    This was dated March 21, 2014....

    July 6th (not sure if it's 2104 or 2015)

    Melissa (Sky) is in the Intensive Care Unit with a pulmonary embolism...given blood thinners...

    There are currently lawsuits over Androgel and blood clots....all this information is out there.

    A young woman with Down Syndrome doesn't have the ability to do research to know whether or not testosterone gel is safe. Read the online fundraising pitch for Melissa's "top surgery". Someone put together an online fundraising page for "top surgery" for Melissa.

    "My name is Sky. Most of you know me as Mary’s son. My mom writes this for me, to help with your understanding. "


    In one of the posts, the mother complains that she can't leave Melissa alone at Red Robin.

    In one screen capped rant, the mother complains that she can’t leave her daughter Sky alone. She says, “Under a lot of scrutiny lately for leaving my boy places on his own…….he still looks and acts like he is 12 years old. ….Can’t a guy (meaning her daughter) eat lunch and watch a Seahawks game at Red Robin without his mom”……..they call the police because the mom hasn’t returned to pick him up…”

  31. What do we know about Melissa (Sky)? According to one post made by the mother, Melissa received chemotherapy for leukemia when she was younger.

    In addition to lower intelligence, the inability to grasp abstract concepts, and being easily manipulated, there are often medical conditions associated with Down Syndrome.

    Children with Down syndrome can have a variety of complications, some of which become more prominent as they get older, such as:
    •Heart defects. About half the children with Down syndrome are born with some type of heart defect. These heart problems can be life-threatening and may require surgery in early infancy.
    •Leukemia. Young children with Down syndrome have an increased risk of leukemia.
    •Infectious diseases. Because of abnormalities in their immune systems, those with Down syndrome are much more at risk of infectious diseases, such as pneumonia.
    •Dementia. People with Down syndrome have a greatly increased risk of dementia — signs and symptoms may begin around age 50. Those who have dementia also have a higher rate of seizures. Having Down syndrome also increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
    •Sleep apnea. Because of soft tissue and skeletal changes that lead to the obstruction of their airways, children and adults with Down syndrome are at greater risk of obstructive sleep apnea.
    •Obesity. People with Down syndrome have a greater tendency to be obese compared with the general population.
    •Other problems. Down syndrome may also be associated with other health conditions, including gastrointestinal blockage, thyroid problems, early menopause, seizures, ear infections, hearing loss, skin problems such as psoriasis, skeletal problems and poor vision.


    From what I've read, Melissa (Sky) is 23 years old. These are my questions.

    (1.) What is the name of the physician who prescribed testosterone gel for a young woman with Down Syndrome and a history of leukemia and other health issues?
    (2.) What specifically did Melissa do to convince the physician that she believes she is a "boy"? Isn't it possible that the mother was coaching the girl?
    (3.) Is Melissa under guardianship? If so, who is the guardian? I'm assuming it's the mother.
    (4.) If she is not under guardianship, how can a young woman with Down Syndrome make informed decisions regarding her health? This is an "Informed Consent" form for testosterone. It basically covers the ass of doctors in case there are side effects. How is a woman with Down Syndrome supposed to understand all the side effects of testosterone?


    This poor young woman with Down Syndrome could have died in the ICU. She has no idea what is going on. This is out right abuse of a person who lacks the ability to make informed decisions.

  32. I just want to say that this is an amazing story; one which, apart from being about professional transgenderists and a crackpot parent conspiring to prey on PC mass psychosis to get transition surgery done on a Downs Syndrome child, perfectly illustrates the damaged mindset which drives this sort of thing.

    Fully realized, this story would be a powerful antidote to the propaganda put out by the transgenderists. My only recommendation is that this presentation gets confusing in terms of the What, When and Where bits. Only due to my interest in these kinds of stories was I able to follow along and interpret what was shown in the screenshotted evidence. I'm honestly not trying to be a jerk. I think you did a good job investigating this.

  33. This is not a child. I went to elementary school with this person and they are the same age as me. I am 24 now, so when this was written they were 22.
    You are entitled to your own opinions but at least get your facts straight first.


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