Down's Syndrome Children/Adults-the NEW Face of Transgender Agenda

Just in as I'm nearly out the door for work and no time to comment. Two new pictures of Melissa T, the first, a cute sweet picture of her before she was poisoned with testosterone, the second, Melissa's most recent hospital stay, clearly aged, ill and with facial hair:

Transgender Agenda is more warped than any of us could have previously thought possible. Just when we thought transitioning children was as low as Transgender activism could go, they've went lower. Supporting, promoting and paying for the transition of a helpless mentally handicap Down's Syndrome young woman in the hands of an abusive mother.

Help IS coming Melissa. I promise!



  1. is this reall. i really hope its not.

  2. Yes, the situation is real. See previous 2 posts for story.

  3. "Just when we thought transitioning children was as low as Transgender activism could go, they've went lower."

    Yes. Trans-activists are perversely excited to see surgical violence done to young, vulnerable bodies.

    But just look, also, at the nature of their protests. Look at the picture, above, of three people pretending to sit on toilets with their pants down around their ankles. To demonstrate what -- everyone's right to privacy? No shit. Then how about they stop doing that and embarrassing themselves and passers-by. What the hell is wrong with them? These people are childishly obsessed with everything "down there," including the act of elimination, but they are projecting their infantile obsessions outward onto the public. It's sad and shameful.

    Sex-segregated facilities ARE about comfort, privacy, modesty and safety. Concepts these big children apparently do not understand, since they are dropping their pants in public and pretending to make wee-wee on the potty. Gross. Grow UP.

    Queer activists: please, stop. It's not working. You are turning people OFF.

  4. Jesus. Put some pants on. And leave the kids alone.

    Mel/Sky needs an emergency guardian and a restraining order against her abusive mom. She needs immediate protection from these bottom-obsessed wackos.

  5. They think they are so cute and cool....look at them.

    There is nothing cute or funny about being in the ICU.

    Melissa (Sky), the young woman with Down Syndrome, could have died in the ICU with a pulmonary embolism. This is a young woman who, according to online posts from her mother, had chemotherapy when she was younger because of leukemia. What crazy doctor gave this disabled woman with Down Syndrome a prescription for testosterone?

  6. This photo has been edited, even if the situation is real


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