Breast Feeding Trans Men-Misdiagnoses-Malarkey and Medical Malpractice

I made a recent post on testosterone's pornographic effects on the trans female brain, using this woman's VERY sexually explicit public pictures
of her and her husband. Blatantly illustrating with yet another case, where the actions of the Gender Dysphoric DO NOT meet with the definition of Gender Dysphoria, including that of the DSM's. What also came to light, was this same trans female was breast feeding WHILE injecting testosterone! I suspected the post would receive some guff. I suspected Blogger would receive complaints seeking its removal. I didnt expect Blogger to remove the ENTIRE post, INCLUDING MY copy written text WITHOUT explanation or warning! (Interestingly this post was ONLY removed by Blogger and not the other blogs I posted it to) I also am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Reason to be revealed later in this post.

For the purpose of context, sans the trans gal's pictures, here is most of the post (screened from public forums) that was removed:

Aside from connecting the dots revealing a picture of a female who most certainly is NOT suffering from Gender Dysphoria despite being treated for GD, the above was the gist of the post.

Then this trans bully campaign sprang up shortly thereafter: (I know its a bit much, but many of the comments I include shed a great deal of light on the mentality of those being transitioned)
Even within this transgender campaign to remove information deemed to strong for impotent egos, there is revealed a slew of other trans females clearly wrongly diagnosed and treated for Gender Dysphoria, coupled with SERIOUS misinformation and a misunderstanding of available information.

In back tracking to (re) put together this post I stumbled across this from Miss Trans-Breast-Feeding mom:
Our testosterone filled mom states clearly Drexel Hill Pediatrics  not only told her she could breast feed while on high doses of testosterone, they encouraged her to breast feed as much as possible! She is issued this study on the safety of breast feeding while on testosterone:
A study of ONE woman who was NOT transgender who's child was breast fed while using low testosterone in methods unrelated to how this trans female is introducing testosterone to her body, via injection! While the trans patient/parent should have followed up herself on the inaccuracies of this study, the doctors/clinic who utilized the faux study to give this transgender mother a false sense of safety for her child should have their license revoked!

This transgender mother claims above, her son pickled with years of testosterone soaked breast milk tested absent of testosterone serum. What she doesnt mention or her pediatricians clearly didnt test, was this little boy's estrogen level! It is common sense that a male child's body receiving added male hormones is going to aromatize the extra testosterone into estrogen! 

"Aromatization is a process that occurs naturally in the body to convert testosterone into estrogen. The reason for the name, which sounds more like it would deal with scents, is because the enzyme aromatase performs the conversion. Aromatization mostly occurs in the male body, but can occur in females, and occurs naturally, whether from aging or to balance out a large testosterone boost from anabolic steroids."....."Testosterone is not a hormone made in great quantity but is created at an average of 7 mg a day. Most anabolic steroids pump a much higher amount of testosterone into the body, typically from 100 to several hundred milligrams, which makes the human system more susceptible to aromatization"...."Problems occur when estrogen is too high in the body. Aromatization in the presence of high testosterone levels, especially people with high levels of aromatase, will develop gynecomastia, cholesterol problems and decreased immunity, among other effects"

According to the transgender mother, this is the pediatricic clinic where she received the okay to breast feed her son testosterone laced breast milk:
Thank the heavens, I had to retrace my steps for this post as a result of the other post having been brutally removed. This information has been sent to all the doctor's emails at this office,,, and a handful of other PA news sources. The medical malpractice on the part of Drexel Hill Pediatrics is reprehensible, lazy and unethical! They gave this transgender mother incorrect/ignorant information which she has spread like wild fire to other trans females seeking to breast feed and thereby poisoning their infant/baby. Its about time the medical establishment loses a battle!



  1. The constant use of catchwords, like Hate, being a euphemism for critical review is tiresome, and fools no one.
    Synthetic Testosterone is considered a magcal elixir of harmless dream making power. Oh what a perfect way for a product to be viewed. The entities reaoung the monetary benefits of it not only disrespect the lives of immature trenders but are gleefully drooling at the pot of gravy stirring in the pot while its still hot.

  2. Reaping the monetary benefits.* Typo - and worth repeating.

  3. Yes, a study involving ONE subject (who wasn't even using T in the same way nor for the same reason) is woefully inadequate and inappropriate to use as a basis for so-called professional medical decision-making that could lead to harmful effects for a child. Shame on the physician(s) who okayed this.

  4. Why would a woman who is breast feeding take testosterone?

    Why would a woman who gave birth to a child and is breast feeding call herself a "man"?

    It's insanity...

    1. Sej is not a woman. He is a man. A man who happened to get pregnant and decided not have an abortion. Horrifying I know. Sej takes testosterone for GID. Staying on the meds keeps him from feeling dysphoric, thus after almost a year off of T sej began using them again after clearing it with his doctor.

      And before you say "men can't have babies" I wouldn't point out that a transgender person who has not had an invasive surgery to remove certain parts can conceive. Wanting to have children is not just a female thing. Men want children to. Some men experience a deep sadness that they cannot carry a child inside themselves. This man did. It's not that complicated and it's not insanity. Why should someone who is transgender be forced to give up the hope of having a family?

  5. Rapacious Entitlement of a Narcissistic Pathology - unprecedented in how its being coddled by the medical machine and the most ridiculous expression of political correctness society has ever regurgitated.

  6. What we seem to have here is a neo-patriarchal practice. The practice has this is common with other neo-patriarchal practices: it is irrational, it harms women, it harms children, it makes a profit for the male elite, it confuses the issues of women's reproductive rights and women's autonomy, and it is a novel, outrageous attack from left field that drains feminist energy to have to fight.

  7. These people are so enabled by their internet communities, modern-day political correctness, therapists, parents, etc. Some can say this is a good thing. Hey, Dirt was enabled to be herself by her family when she was younger instead of being forced into cultural "feminine" habits and attire, right?
    The difference is there's a low-maintenance way of being yourself that doesn't require anything but others' acceptance: no money, no surgery, no hormones or health risks, no stealth concerns, no potential guilt on the consciousness, etc.
    Reading these reddit posts, after reading this blog, I don't understand their strong aversion to the word "she," but then again I do, because I've felt it. I'm not one of "those people." I don't relate or fit in with girls and I feel very alone, and it causes me stress. But when I'm alone and doing things of interest, I'm happy. Why can't I be like this all the time and never feel insecurity and frustration?
    I notice this person calls herself an aspie (Aspergers). I'm not even sure if that's still in the DSM, but that's how I feel, too. Always kind of weird, and apparently autism is a "masculinization of the brain" so it wouldn't be a surprise that I relate with males. But here I am, a female. Oh well, so what? I still do what I want. Surgery and deception are not on my list of things to do, but I'm extremely sensitive, and if my ego is hurt enough by others around me, or if I'm laughed at for my identity I can very well see how they could be. I've been treated pretty well so far though.
    I think "identity" is way overblown nowadays, too. Everyone has one, but I know that mine is very personal (and yes, inspired by male role models) and I'd rather not tell people. I definitely don't force everyone to think of me like that, because frankly, it's pathetic. My role models wouldn't do that. Show, don't tell. (Ironically, that's the manly thing to do anyway.)

    1. It saddens me to hear you say that you have feelings of maleness,and suffer from lonliness and stress because of it and yet don't believe you are transgender. One of "those people"... I lived the last 8 years of my life as a soft-butch lesbian. Nothing that I have done has taken away the knowledge that I am a guy on the inside. I am happiest and most comfortable presenting as male but I do not pass in public. I have an option to change my body so that I can feel strong and sexy. Why is that so abhorrent? My desire to bring my body in alignment does not detract from the female population. In fact I am an even stronger supporter of women's rights because I have had to try and pretend to be one.

      I have been hiding in a woman body for too long. I feel it it time to man up and be true to myself. Loud and proud. I'm sorry you feel you have to keep your personal identity so hidden. I hope that one day you can embrace yourself, however you identify, and live your life so that whether you are in the company of men or women you can feel comfortable and happy. You deserve to be happy.

    2. I was almost tempted not to reply to this, but here goes. You realize my feelings of stress are from me being different from everyone else, right? But look, I've learned to accept myself. I've also learned that those I love accept me, too.
      I don't get why you're saddened because I choose not to risk my health with hormones and surgery, or change pronouns to try to convince people that I'm biologically something I'm not and never will be. I decided to be true to myself, and I'm doing it. I'm fucking doing it! I've made peace with myself as a "man in a woman's body" and the fact that those two don't have to match! I really, really don't understand why you're saddened about this.
      Couple of extra points: by "those people," I was referring to stereotypically feminine girls. As for feeling "strong and sexy," try weight lifting. Seeing your own muscle development as a result of hard work and clean eating is incredible.

  8. sejhammer, 26, ftm aspie, gay at home dad

    I'm assuming that "aspie" is Asperger's Syndrome.

    Regular porn user...."T" increases the libido

    On page 6, she says, "I need visual porn. Which I look at. Every day."

    On page 7, she says she took testosterone while nursing her baby, and by the tone of her posts she isn't concerned whether or not it can effect her baby.

    Also, she says, "...I get flagged down to answer questions about chest binding while lactating a lot, too (I had to wait until my supply went down quite a lot before I could do it without getting plugged milk ducts/mastitis, though)....

    Why on earth would a woman try to bind her breast when she is breast feeding? It sounds painful very painful. It's bad enough that she took testosterone while breast feeding her baby.

    She bitches about dirt finding things she posts online, but on page 11, she says, "Yeah They're not deleted either. I have to at least make the attempt to have them off my blog where I originally posted them for two years for a project I'm doing. It was begrudgingly voluntary on my part because the project was worthwhile. But I'll have every thing up with my face in clear view again someday since porn is my passion.

    Also it takes a lot of work to setup and to do edits and get all of the colors perfect. I have retouched cocks by hand to get all the pretty colors you see on them in real life to show on camera. It is time consuming.

    1. Is feminist Dirt really trying to shame someone for having a healthy sex life and not being ashamed of it? What's wrong with porn? And if he wants to bind while breast feeding isn't that his choice?

      Also, sej was obviously concerned about how the testosterone would affect his baby because he took the child to get tested. How does that not show concern? And how does any of this negate the fact that he is transgender?

  9. On page 17, she says that she got lab work for testosterone levels in her 2 year old son. Why would a healthy 2 year old male child need lab work for testosterone levels? The mother was taking testosterone while nursing him. Was she on testosterone while she was pregnant?

    "Here is a link to the abstract of the study that my doctor and Caleb's pediatrician used to help us make the choice for me to go back on T while continuing to nurse him".

    One study and they are all convinced that it is perfectly safe to take testosterone while nursing a baby.

    What is really spooky about this is FTMs are always talking about where to get "T", how soon should I go on "T", breast binding, "top surgery" ,etc. Indeed, there are 191,000 results when you type in FTM in the search box at There are millions of trans websites. Now, they are telling each other that it's safe to nurse a baby while taking testosterone.

    On page 18, she says the baby got referred to an audiologist and speech therapist to help him learn how to start talking.

    The study that she links to was a study that involved one woman that was NOT transgender. She had depression, anxiety, irritability, etc., and her testosterone was low (women naturally produce very small amounts of testosterone). The testosterone was NOT used to make this woman more masculine looking. The testosterone was delivered sublingual (under the tongue), vaginal cream, and subcutaneous pellets.

    As to sejhammer, ftm, aspie, gay at home dad, on page 18 she says," I've been injecting testosterone cypionate subcutaneously at 100 mg/week for the past 14 weeks and he is still breast feeding" (page 18)

    This is a typical dose for FTMs, and it is different than the study they refer to.

    This is from the

    • women should not receive this medication if they are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding. Testosterone may harm the fetus.

    Nursing Mothers

    DEPO-Testosterone is not recommended for use in nursing mothers.

    Do NOT use testosterone cypionate if:

    •you are allergic to any ingredient in testosterone cypionate
    •if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding

    Pregnancy: This medication is not recommended for pregnant women.

    Breast-feeding: This medication is not recommended for breast-feeding women.

  10. This is from the PDR website.


    Category X, not for use in nursing.

  11. I would bet both my big toes that Breast Feeder Dad thinks its cool to have Asperger's and isn't an "Aspie" at all.

    Both Big Toes. Or maybe she IDENTIFIES as an ASPIE.

    Ah yes that's it. "Identifying" is all it takes, right?

  12. Just like "Identifying" as a parent and putting your child on the back burner so you can take drugs.
    The drug of choice with these delusional individuals is "T".
    This is why they want to silence this blog - that information and hard data will interfere with their supply someday.
    Its the same with all addicts and the relationship they have with their substance of choice. Nothing comes first.

    1. If you knew the person you were making random accusations about you would know that they went off testosterone for a good year or so while they were pregnant specifically so that they would not harm the baby.

      Also, there are plenty if biologically born males that recieve treatment so that they can medically induce lactation. This allows them to be a part of the child's growth and development. They would have the correct level of T in their system that would give you a good comparison. If the T levels in a cisgender man's body is acceptable for breast feeding, why would it not be acceptable in a transgender man's body? And in what way is getting the child tested to ensure his safety not putting the child first? If there had been anything wrong sej would have stopped.

      And people want to silence this blog because of the lies it disseminates. Have you seen the "news" posters that Dirt made?? She fabricated a criminal act and posted it to her blog that is supposed to be about helping women break out of the gender binary so they can accept themselves. How is that helpful??

    2. Anon on Aug 7 @ 8:21 a.m. said: "Have you seen the "news" posters that Dirt made?? She fabricated a criminal act..."

      Satire, anon. It's called satire...

  13. On a phone so I don't have a link, but she talks a lot about how her son is developmentally delayed and unable to speak, but she's decided to homeschool him anyway. She also has a long history of anonymous unprotected sex, despite having genital herpes. I highly suspect her child is being abused - she's also posted before about being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and alludes to including her child in her hardcore gangbang amateur porn that she posts to her blog filled with pictures of her breastfeeding. I've considered calling CPS about her myself a few times already just from random Reddit comments.

    1. Provide the links to the child/porn and I'll fucking call CPS.


    2. How does ANY of the information about this person's personal life have ANY bearing on whether they are transgender or not?

      His baby has developmental delays! So do the babies of thousands of people who aren't transgender. So what's your point?

      He has a healthy and active sex life! So do lots of non trans people, doesn't mean he isn't transgender.

      Unprotected sex even though he has herpes! I mean, ok gross, but at what point did transgender people lose the right to be sexually active? You guys have sex right? Or is that only ok because you aren't transgender? I know SO MANY straight women who intentionally infect people, it has no bearing on the fact that they are women.

      So much porn shaming... What you guys are against porn? Isn't a MAJOR key stone in the feminist movement that women should be allowed to control their sex lives? That being horny doesn't make you a slut? Or does that only apply to people who don't have GID?

      HE doesn't act like someone who has dysphoria. Gee really? I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that he has physically transitioned to male thus aleviating his symptoms - i.e. the transition did what it was supposed to? No no you're right. It couldn't possibly be that. That would just be silly!

      OH MAN!! There are female to male transgender people in the world who want to help each other have easier access to the treatment that allows them to live their lives in peace? How scary!! The world is going to burn! They are destroying the fabric of our society! If we let them transition next thing you know they are going to force US to transition! God... You people would think you were old white men freaking out about homosexuals or something.

      DO any of you guys actually KNOW someone who is transgender or are you all up here jerking each other off over the life choices of a community you will never even see?

      I would feel saddened that this is here, but honestly? Haters gunna hate. And yes - this is hate. Particularly this blog. Dirt devoted an *ENTIRE* post to a person she has never met trying to make them look bad. Which is sad.

      I hope you all enjoy being angry at someone you will never meet, ripping their life to shreds for your amusement. I mean, that's what the internet is for right? So you can sit at your desk and tear people down? Dirt has no motivation to help this person. She doesn't want this person to be happy. All she cares about is trying to prove how not transgender they are. Even though they have already transitioned and are living their lives happily.

  14. Anon 8:44..
    Stay in school, don't take drugs, and choose your role models Carefully.
    There is no real condition of Transgendered. Its a self appointed term coddled by entities that are making money while the PC iron is hot. So your point is moot, regarding 'All Dirt cares about is trying to prove how not transgender they are.."
    It doesn't exist.
    What does exist is a media fueled impetus feeding this trend and the creeping consequences and collateral damage that are revealing themselves as we speak.
    One doesn't have to have Met a person in order to assess their presentation of behaviors to others.
    I am worried about that baby.

    1. Graduated from college, own my own home, don't have role models because everyone will disappoint you. At the end of the day, even if being trans isn't "real" my choice to transition puts me at ease. I guess it doesn't really matter what you guys rebel rouse about on here, you aren't actually doing anything anyways. And who am I to say that you can't do the thing that makes you happy?

      Enjoy pretending you know better than the DSRM and the scientific/medical community at large. I'm going to go enjoy the life I deserve. Maybe one day you'll pass me on the street, think to yourself "wow what a great looking happy guy". I won't even know when you do, but if there was a way I would love to be able to look you in the eye and say "Yes. I transitioned and now happier than I have ever been. Thank god being transgender isn't a real thing!"

      One more thing though - Dirt's campaign against Sej has nothing to do with Sej's transgender status. If Sej isn't transgender then why is he so happy? Why is he out enjoying his life and body now that he has transitioned? You would think that if he was truly a female inside that he would be miserable right now. And yet, he isn't. Seems to me that the fact that he is so happy and comfortable with himself is proof enough that transitioning was the right thing for him.

      But you all can't see that. For you it's "They will be miserable when they do transition or if they aren't it's because they are addicts". Seems like false logic to me. *shrugs*

  15. Wow how revelatory. Your points read like a handful of bent paperclips strewn on the floor. No one said a delusional person can't be happy honey. Good for you!


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