Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning and Why ARE they Being Transitioned?


Brett-Age 15

Seb-Age 17

Ell-Age 20

Hng-Ahe 20

Ben-Age 16

Ryan-Age 17

Peter-Age 17

XXXXX-Age 17 

The psychiatric community (DSM) by its own descriptions, depictions and definitions of Gender Dysphoria, concur that:
Bearing that in mind, there are female transgender sites with thousands of members (many in their early teens) who've been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, issued testosterone prescriptions and surgeries completely comfortable within constructed femininity. So long as THEY are in control of their own chemically created male gaze and no longer the subjects/objects of the Male Gaze itself. Below is some of the general topics of discussion men (like the ones documented in our Trans Trending Posts) are keenly discussing:

Even one of the young women in this posts states:
None of these are girls/women are suffering from Gender Dysphoria, they are however acutely suffering from Male Gaze Malaise. And lacking the maturity to know the difference, they instead joined 'em rather than braving beating 'em. These girls do not need poisonous drugs and slaughtering surgeries, they need strong FEMINIST female role models and a psychiatric community with common sense over common consumerism! Nadia Comaneci couldnt perform the mental gymnastics required for the ongoing transition these young women are facing. If their present is this bleak, what does the future hold?



  1. The second girl (in jean vest) is just shy of 16, meaning she is 15, and according to her post on Tumblr, she has been on testosterone for one year and one month -- so she started testosterone at 14. It's sickening that girls so young are being given testosterone. Mostly, though, it is heartbreaking. I hate to see girls so young being allowed to make such life-altering decisions. Teens simply are not equipped with the maturity and life experience to make such major life decisions. Kids at 14 years old are not allowed to marry, quit school, legally sign a contract, consent to sex or move out of their parents'/guardian's home -- and it is all to protect kids' lives and well being. These girls taking testosterone are falling through the cracks. No adults are protecting these kids.

  2. @July 26, 2015 at 10:22 PM

    It is sad...

  3. "None of these are girls/women are suffering from Gender Dysphoria, they are however acutely suffering from Male Gaze Malaise. And lacking the maturity to know the difference, they instead joined 'em rather than braving beating 'em. These girls do not need poisonous drugs and slaughtering surgeries, they need strong FEMINIST female role models and a psychiatric community with common sense over common consumerism"

    The water boarding APA's "gender dysphoria" is a joke.

    These confused kids don't know who or what they are.

    What does this mean? "I feel so much more comfortable being a girl since I became a boy"?

    This comment is really sad...

    "...I would feel more comfortable as a male presenting femininely than being perceived as an actual female"

    This isn't the torture loving APA's special, sparkly "gender dysphoria". It's something else, and it sounds like these girls know that being a girl sucks. Anything is better than being a girl....even a boy presenting "femininely"...or a drag queen.

    1. I am always reminded of the John Lennon song "Woman is the Nigger of the World" (I hate writing out the N-word, but it's the title of the song). All these children should have to listen to it before shooting weird shit into their bodies.

  4. i’m brett, im 6 days short of being 16. im 1 year and 1 month on testosterone.

    15 year old kids can't vote, buy alcohol, buy tobacco, take out bank loans, or join the military....

    they can however.....

    inject themselves with synthetic hormones....

  5. This is addressed to:

    The APA (American Psychological Association) aka the good water boarding folks and the American Psychiatric Association (not known for waterboarding, but gave us lobotomies, shock treatments, and other really cool stuff)

    Does this sound like "gender dysphoria"?

    "I feel so much more comfortable being a girl since I became a boy"

    "...any other trans guys here wear makeup?"

    "...I really want to wear eyeliner and makeup but I want to make sure that I'm still going to be seen as male. I want to be seen as a pretty boy, not a girl"

    "Are there any flamboyant transboys?...The ones that love make up heels and Girly Style...

    I'm a flamboyantly gay transman and proud!

    Yep and I flaunt it 24/7."

    Maybe they really aren't "gender dysphoric" after all, and it's just bullshit. They are just girls who know that being a girl sucks sometimes. They need strong female role models to tell them that it's okay to be a girl.

    1. And that there's eleventy bazillion ways to "woman" and they all rock. Cheerleader/prom queen isn't the only choice.

    2. Sex dysphoria has nothing to do with gender stereotypes.

  6. Dirt I have a question: In your opinion, are transwomen women?/subject to the male gaze? ect?

    1. why dont u read the post below this one for the answer

  7. The more I read the crap these stupid children write, the more I hate this whole trend. These children are NOT going to survive the real world where they will not be the special widdle snowflakes and no one will care what fucking "gender" they think they feel at any given moment. I'd sure as shit not hire them for a job. Gah! What a bunch of sexist wankers! Someone call them a waaahmbulance! Thanks for letting me rant.

    1. "Advocates of the homosexual agenda seek special rights for homosexuals that other people don't have, such as immunity from criticism (see hate speech, hate crimes). Such special rights will necessarily come at the expense of the rights of broader society."

    2. Lino, dissent against transsexualism is not the same as dissent against homosexuality, but females totally enthralled by and in the trans cult of gender have always tried to legitimize transsexualism via homosexuality. Your rhetoric isn't new by any means.

  8. Anonymous 1:05 is right, and its especially highlighted by the booming sector self labled "Gay" Trans individuals, who are actually just ....HETEROSEXUAL.

  9. Straights have stolen and appropriated from gay culture since the early 80s, just like whites steal from blacks since the 50s.
    As usual the mainstream mutations of straight appropriation has a bloated,buffoonish factor that always ties in with how it can be sold.
    "How edgy can I become?".. Short hair and an exotic boy blowjob for my straight hubby? A second existence online being a multiple labled human avatar?
    Hey how about showcasing sex acts.. ON THE SAME PAGE AS I DISCUSS MY YOUNG CHILD? One big happy family!
    I said it before and I'll say it again Straight people are twisted.

    Its what happens when boring people try too hard to be "Interesting".

  10. I see all of this "research", using casual conversations chopped into pieces to "prove" a point, as an indication of a deep seated mental issue. When people do what Dirt is doing here it is typically called "stalking". Or "obsession".

    At what point during this non-stop out put of hateful trash talk does Dirt take a break and spend time with family and friends?

    You can talk all you want about how transitioning is negative and "harmful", but as far as I can tell most of the people who transition become successful citizens with families, friends, and healthy fulfilling lives. Does Dirt have this? Or is she too busy blogging hate?

    If you cannot maintain healthy relationships and are willing to call the DSRM a pile of shit, my guess is that something is wrong. Sounds like there is a certain amount of jealousy, projection, and denial happening here.

    Transitioning socially, and soon physically, has allowed me to feel like I am actually real for the first time. I have never been so aware of and in-tune with myself as I am now. I've got a family, a home, and just got a promotion at work.

    But please, keep telling us how harmful it is to let us transition. I guess you would rather that I shoot myself in the face first?

  11. Has any one ever called you a chicken hawk for picking on children?

  12. Ive seen a lot of posts against trans men and a lot of posts about how you resent the idea that you are trans. Have you considered the notion that part of the reason folks think your trans is because by you spend so much energy giving them a hard time?

  13. I'm not Dirt, but share her views. I know many people and have a diverse social sphere of friends acquaintances and work associates. In real life. Not a virtual online one.
    Dirt examines the Trans Phenomenon to provide important data and insight on an important and troubling trend.
    If you notice she never wastes time "defending" herself against sophomoric accusations because secure people don't need to. She is doing extremely vital work uncovering the REALITY of a trend that has and will have many negative consequences for females, including female children. The gay and lesbian community also is being impacted.

    But you just keep "considering your notions" k?

  14. I do believe that CONSIDER YOUR NOTIONS would be an excellent Trans mantra!

    Oh wait - it could use a little finessing to fit Trans agenda groupthink...hmm lets see, how bout ...CONSIDER YOUR NOTIONS AND FABRICATE AN ALTERNATE REALITY !
    Then try to globalize Delusion. Keep youtubing and tumblring! Each one is like getting Tea Bagged by Patriarchy & Big Pharma.

  15. Aw how cute worrying about how much time Dirt has to spend with family and friends.
    Don't knit your little brow too Bieberesquely, Anon 2:28, and kudos to you for tearing yourself away from the mirror long enough to post!

  16. Poor Anon 2:28... Inspired by the efficacy of quotation marks in posts she read above she decided "more is Better" lol!
    If you are a student, please stop looking at tumble in class. And if not, be sure you have any work resumes you write proofread by someone on the ball grammatically. Just trying to help you out. (:


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