Another Dying Transman-Michael (Heidi) Saum Age 35

Trans female Michael Saum's story was recently picked up by the watchful eye of the liberal pro trans media hoping to use her tragic story as another step toward California legalizing euthanasia.
While Trans/Liberal media were focused on the Right to Die issues with Saum's story, they inadvertently let some key issues slip out of their clutches.

A little background on Heidi Saum:
WOW her tumor was larger than it EVER was! What could have happened? 

Saum had battled cancer for 14 years and won, she went into remission! At this time in her life she decided it would be a good time to transition from lesbian to transman! Certainly no doctor in their right mind would give a former female cancer patient who suffered from glioblastoma, regular macro-doses of testosterone?

A little about the glioblastoma:
 Glioblastoma tumours affect more men than women. Women during their reproductive years are suspected of fairing better due to the protective properties of estrogen. Glioblastoma tumour growth seems to also increase in men. While Saum clearly developed her tumour long before her transition, there is so much unbelievable overwhelming evidence that Saum's brain tumour came back and came back with a vengeance because she was given HIGH doses of the male hormones (testosterone)! Sex steroids, particularly males (testosterone) influence/increase these types of tumours! If I as mere medical pedestrian can determine how insane transition using cross sex hormones in any dose, let alone extreme doses as a course of treatment for Saum's mental issues, why didnt the mental/medical professionals????

Heidi Saum, soon to be another lesbian murdered by medically approved testosterone poisoning.



  1. We how to start this long time reader first time posting. Well dirt for a long time i didn’t really get what you were trying to get at, well at least until I watched PBS front Line grown up trans, all I can say is WTF. Ok so some girl is a boy a year after he dad tells her that she’s a lesbian. Sadly the parents are literally to stupid or to obsessed with god to see the truth. These people should be I jail not on TV. The ‘Umm I say that its bad to be I lesbian and now my child say she’s a boy. I just don’t get it’ statement from the dad was one of the most depressing things I have ever heard. More tellingly the F2T at the end of the program seemed full of regret but so wrapped up in it she couldn’t bring herself to admit it. It would have been best if the parents had left all this medical stuff until they were 18 and able to make their own decisions based on the life experience called puberty, yes if you feel the same after puberty then by all means turn you’re self in to whatever you want, but until a person understands their own sexuality and how that relates to gender its seems like a really bad idea. Finally for some reason going M2T seems to work a lot better both in terms of looks and function.
    As a M2T I must say I have never really noticed or been involved with the F2T community but they all look like teenage boys, I just don’t personally get why anyone would want to take T as it shortens you’re life and make you hair fall out. Also what would any wan want to be a boy its fucking horrible, I believe that’s totally nuts but that’s just me.
    So any way im not sure if im even welcome on here but I just wanted people to know that the Trans community is not one big group and some people really think its wrong to castrate kids because they might want to change gender, Jazz Jennings still looks like a boy, so im not sure if the idea of stopping puberty even works. I can only think of myself but I must say that I think not going through puberty and going to the doctors to have my testacies examined with my mum watching would have fucked me up a lot more than the puberty I did go through and the relationships I made and the social skills I learned. To transition successfully you need to be strong, kids don’t have that strength or inner knowledge. We should just let them where and do what they want and see how it all turns out, Ive been on Lupron for over 12 years and the thought of giving this stuff to kids is a bit scary. I mean like yea it makes you feel better but it has some not so nice side effects like mind blowing head aches and crushing chest pains, as an adult I get the risks and know what taking a10 years of your life really means, sadly they can’t and won’t be given the opportunity to either. FFS works a treat and can wait till 18, surely its better to wait till then, I mean literally they can make you’re face look female in day so its not like if you don’t take the blockers you will never look female. Any way I felt the need to share that with this blog as I think this is going to be a huge issue in a few years when lot of kids hate their parents for castrating them at 13 for no other reason than they liked pink FFS …
    Anon trans person.
    P>S yes you can boy that like long hair and wearing makeup and dresses and also likes girls but you can’t do that unless you like to receive beatings on a regular basis from random members of the public, so yes the brain sex /gender stuff is Bull shit, it is for me any way. Really its survival, you look fem you can act fem without being attacked by males. Males enforce gender norms with violence not matter what you’re sex.
    Sorry about the crazy spelling im dyslexic 

    also your blog post demonstrates why t may be a bad idea for many even after the age of 18.

    1. As a "masculine" female, I have always felt that "feminine" males had it a lot worse in society. For me, at worst, all other females do is ostracize me, think I'm gross, or maybe call me names. That's it. Guys usually don't have an issue with me and some even think I'm cool.
      Still, living as an outcast is difficult for everyone.
      Dirt focuses on females and our experiences here. I wonder if there are some blogs out there similar to Dirt's but for males. It's going to be a lot harder to change things though because we've already got a head start with feminism: we can wear pants comfortably and without a second thought, while men still can't wear skirts without being brave. (And I'm guessing the majority of males still think, "Well, who would want to anyway?")

    2. if we lived in a sane world men would wear skirts and ride side saddle.

  2. First of all, I do feel deep sympathy for this person because no one should suffer like this. I do hope that Saums gets a lot of support and comfort from friends and family. While no one can say for certain that synthetic hormones caused the cancer to come back and I'm not a physician, common sense tells us that maybe cancer patients in remission don't need synthetic hormones injected into their bodies. I did briefly google gliomas and testosterone and I'm still researching it.

    Saums was in remission from brain cancer, and then went on testosterone. How long was Saums on testosterone?

  3. I think you may be overreaching yourself here, Dirt. While it's known that Glioblastoma affects men disproportionately more than women, nobody has any idea why. It could as easily be due to different environmental exposure as anything to do with hormones or physiology. As the evidence stands, the likelihood is that this unfortunate person's disease is entirely unrelated to her "sex-change".

  4. Peter, I am curious as to why you so strongly discount Dirt's theory immediately, when recent medical data from a very large study suggests that testosterone affects cancer growth/aggressiveness. ("...findings suggest that male sex hormones give rise to cancer aggressiveness". Citation: Shahabi S, He S, Kopf M, Mariani M, Petrini J, et al. (2013) Free Testosterone Drives Cancer Aggressiveness: Evidence from US Population Studies). You said "As the evidence stands..."; what evidence are you referring to that would refute this theory?

    While I agree that none of us can know for sure all of the factors that have influenced Saum's tragic situation, it would be foolhardy to simply dismiss the fact that her cancer (which was in remission) returned with a vengeance after she began transitioning.

    You said yourself that glioblastoma affects men disproportionately; that fact, combined with medical studies indicating that androgens can drive certain cancers, leads me to believe that this unbelievably sad situation, and other cases like this one, may have indeed been affected by testosterone.

    Whatever the case, I applaud Dirt for speaking out and raising a very interesting possibility (even probability) that there are as-of-yet-undocumented catastrophic health effects involved with the use of hormones in transitioning.

  5. Anonymous @ 5:55 p.m. on 7/4 said it perfectly: "While no one can say for certain that synthetic hormones caused the cancer to come back and I'm not a physician, common sense tells us that maybe cancer patients in remission don't need synthetic hormones injected into their bodies." It seems that common sense completely disappears when the transgender card gets played. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, mental health professionals, teachers, parents, potential patients, the media, and the general public ALL should step away from the trans Kool-Aid and stop to think about the many ways people's lives are being damaged or ruined.

  6. >"While no one can say for certain that synthetic hormones caused the cancer to come back and I'm not a physician, common sense tells us that maybe cancer patients in remission don't need synthetic hormones injected into their bodies." It seems that common sense completely disappears when the transgender card gets played

    Because it's actually that pressing. No one would give a male estrogen to divert cancers that are affected by male sex steroid hormones.


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