Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-How Sick-Sexists are DICKtating Public Perceptions of Homosexuality

Ryan Age 17

Alex Age 15

Jay Age 19

Jake Age 17

Jordan Age 19

Jayce Age 17

Dylan-Age 18

Nem Age 21

Dan Age 18

While already seeing an unprecedented number of diagnosis of transgenderism (post DSM 5) in lesbian youth/young lesbian adults and gay/lesbian children as young as age two, that number is about to rise even further. Bruce Jenner-the heterosexual sick-sexist male celebrity who has chosen to take his paraphilia publicly to further his transgender highs, is giving this sickness both an air of respectability as well as legitimacy. He is also conflating autogynephilia transgenderism (straight males like Bruce who enjoy masturbating to/in girls/womens clothes) with gays/lesbians who transition out of deep internalized misogyny/homophobia or the recent string of straight girl youths jumping on the Trans Trending bandwagon to escape the current confines of hyper femininity as DICKtated by men like Bruce.
An unwitting politically-incorrect-fearing general public believing Jenner to be some sort of ultra gay drag queen is further confused by the media circus selling Jenner as an asexual (no threat to girls/women) brave Olympic icon where his ongoing transition is another hurdle he medals in!
What has been omitted to the general public is what Bruce (and those like him) are doing behind closed doors where the camera (outside of his own personal pornography pictures of himself) is forbidden to go:

Also omitted from the general public's knowledge is that glamour shots, trick lighting and air brushing do not follow men like Jenner around in their everyday lives.
Estimating from the bulge in Jenner's various Vanity-soft-porn-Fair pictures, he has YET to have these mutilative surgeries:
 Jenner has admitted to an array of feminine facial surgeries such as:
For example:

All so that Jenner doing this:
Can hide the fact that he is doing this:
Meanwhile the production line to transition has been sped up for Nancy boys and Tom girls so that Bruce can have his day in California's lenient liberalistic lights camera action sun. 



  1. why do you assume Jenner is masturbating while wearing feminine clothing? Most trans women I know, trans men as you call them, hate their penises.

    1. The Trans Politic (men like Jenner) have been working for years to change medical policy/laws where their cocks are concerned and successfully doing so. Look what just occurred in Ireland and many US states.

      That isnt because autogynephiles hate their dicks. It is because they had to hate their dicks to qualify as "woman". Theres a fucking difference!


    2. Please they LOVE their "lady sticks".

    3. His ex wives and step daughters have caught him. It's actually public knowledge.

  2. If you havent commented here before, unless correct pronouns are used your comments WILL be removed. There is enough misinformation and confusion via the Gender Straight Jacket and its newer minion (the internet), that will not fly here.


  3. He's not brave. He's hiding behind transgenderism. It would be brave if he wore his autogynephilic paraphilia like he wore womens clothing, that is, conspicuously. Gays and lesbians suffer because that is exactly what they do. I have absolutely no problem with him getting his kicks off to dressing as a "women", I do have one with him hiding it behind trans ideology which harms actual gay/lesbian/confused youth. Be a proud autogynephilic. Be brave, Bruce.

  4. "why do you assume Jenner is masturbating while wearing feminine clothing? Most trans women I know, trans men as you call them, hate their penises.."

    This makes me want laugh. Indeed, I'm chuckling at this comment. Jenner is the biological father of 6 children by 3 different wives. These are the children we know of. If he didn't like his penis so much, why did he father all those children from all those wives?. From everything that I've read, he still has his balls and penis, and plans to keep them. There is nothing wrong with a male using what they have and enjoying sex, but to say most transwomen don't like their penis is a joke. Most autogynephiles are heterosexual, and no they don't hate their penis.

  5. That last photograph is really creepy and disgusting. Still Bruce, Caitlyn, plans on keeping his penis and testicles, this is what the cameras don't show.

    I could have done without this gross, porny photograph, but most of these men still have fully intact male genitalia. Think about this. Bruce spent hella $$$ on facial feminization, tracheal shave, makeup, frilly clothes, etc. etc. etc, but still keeps his balls. It makes sense if he is an autogynephile because it's the sexual rush they get from dressing up as women. I'm not buying the trans* propaganda that he always felt that he was a "woman". Yea, screwing all those women and being a daddy 6 times makes him feel "womanly". What he really means is that he liked to secretly steal his daughters dresses, wives panties etc. to get his freak on.

    More on autogynephilia...

    The thing about autogynephilia is that these men usually aren't interested in the kind of clothes women wear to church or work. No, it's always some slutty, cheap outfit, street walker style because this pornified, hyper-feminine stuff is how they see women, and what gets them excited.

    Gregory Philip Schwartz likes the frilly pink Barbie doll outfit.

    1. Yes, that is a disgusting photograph, but I think it's to the point, so Dirt was justified in using it.

      I do believe there are MtF's (probably originally gay or gay-ish men), who are so disgusted by maleness and men that they cannot bear to remain one themselves. I imagine them living quietly in little coastal towns, running a book or pottery shop where only their boy or girl friend knows their history. Yes, I'm as guilty of stereotyping as anybody, but I have known a few such, and they are surprisingly clear-sighted about their situation. Typically, they HAVE had, or are saving up for "complete surgery", but nonetheless say, when pressed, "I know I'll never be a 'real' woman, but just not to be a man is something, and passing publicly is a bonus."

      I don't think such people could ever be guilty of the abuses of the autogynephiles, but equally, they will NEVER be the publicly visible spokespeople of the transgender "community". You may not have much immediate sympathy for them, but I think they too are the victims of the appalling autogynephiles who have not just swamped them but colonized the "lesbian'n'gay" (LGBTqwertyuiop) movement too.

      Going off topic now (as usual), do any of you have any idea of how difficult it is to get a regular non-fetishist (even gay!) man to shop in the women's section, for purely practical reasons? My former boyfriend was (still is, I imagine) very small (both short and skinny). He knew perfectly well nothing in the men's department was going to fit him, but he still preferred to go home, frustrated, in his old clothes than take my hand to the women's T-shirts and jeans. Ifinally managed to lure him into the children's (boys', of course!) department, where he bought all his clothes thereon. Fine by me, when I was paying: this was in Britain where there is no tax on children's clothes, but 20% on adults'!

      I'm sorry if you think that's trivializing, I didn't mean it as such. But as (as far as I know) the only gay-male born-male r

  6. Dirt, what happened in Ireland? Im Irish and the only thing i know thats happened recently is same sex marriage has been legalised nut i don't think that has anything to do with transpeople?

    1. A Chara Anonymous,
      I'm surprised you have to look so far for an answer to your question, if you are really Irish. The Irish Parliament recently validated same-sex marriage. That did not involve any change to existing law regarding "gender-identification". I'm not an expert in this area, but I'm prepared to bet that any law (if such there be) on this question is inherited from the British.
      You are quite right that the recent change in Irish law does not affect "transpeople" (directly or indirectly)

      Slán go foill,


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