Children and Gender Dysphoria-Where the Impossible meets Homophobia

This article, Gender Dysphoria in Children: Let’s Think This Through from the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing (2012) takes a realistic look at diagnosing children with Gender Dysphoria and why it was/is being diagnosed then/now. While the author misses the boat on a few different docks, she does see the link between gay/lesbian children and Gender Dysphoria diagnosis. 

From the article:
Homosexuality has never been removed from the DSM, it has merely been carefully disguised.

"Additionally, there has been discussion about who is the true loci of GD characterized by the DSM criteria—the child, their family, community, or even society as a whole. Consideringthe validity of GD in childhood versus prehomosexuality/bisexuality and the principal object of the discomfort (the child or family/society) are of paramount importance if the purpose of the DSM (regardless of edition) is to ensure an accurate diagnosis of a mental disorder."

Gay/Lesbian children DO suffer tremendously in hetero-normative family's/communities/societies! Hell we suffer strife's particular to us as gay/lesbian children even in the best of families, because of hetero-normative communities/societies. Should WE be transitioned because we deal with specific homophobic strife amid a large anti homosexual society or should mental health professionals assist us in strengthening our reserve to better face those strife's????
Gay and lesbian children are ourselves before we even acquire language. It is parents/family who first apply (inform us of) established nomenclature signifier's. When those signifier's do not match our NATURAL feelings/mannerisms it is ONLY then that gay/lesbian children mislabel themselves, NEVER before!

Conclusion from the article:

"Nurses are charged to be advocates of human rights: We submit it is the responsibility of nursing to advocate against inclusion of a diagnosis of child GD in the DSM-V, noting,“In a caring context,nurses advocate for patients’ rights, especially those whose rights may be more easily violated or not fulfilled” (American Nurses Association, 2010, p. 10), such as gender nonconforming children. It is currently known that therapies designed to treat gender non conformance are harmful. Would it not be even more harmful to expose children to these treatments? As a professional that embraces a rich history of ethical caring, we must weigh the cost of diagnosing a child with GD against the clinical benefit of this labeling. When considered, the cost far outweighs any benefits."


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