Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-Testosterone Effects on Female Foreheads

Tom-Age (young woman)

Ryan-Age 17

Kai-Age 19

Damien-Age 22

Tyler-Age 16

Jay-Age 18

Andy-Age 15


James-Age 20

Transgender bodies are different bodies. Different because they are imprinted with cross sex hormones/surgeries designed to reconfigure the natural body. Trans bodies are recognized as transgender (their actual sex) by these differences as much as or in many cases more than they are unrecognized by them. One of these recognizable differences in trans females is the forehead. While there are distinct differences (bone/cellular) in male and female foreheads, none adequately explain the trans female forehead, post hormone. These distinguishable forehead changes seem to occur somewhere around the 9 month period on testosterone, taking into account genetics and lifestyle.

The female face ages something like this:
Notice the lines in the forehead of the 35 year old female image, hardly noticeable. It really isnt until twenty years later in the 55 year old female forehead we begin to see a more creased/lined look. But even in the 55 year old female forehead, these lines pail against that of trans female foreheads in their 30's, 20's and even teens IF they've been on testosterone for more than 9 months.

This is an image of four random trans female foreheads, all four in their late teens/early twenties:
This image is of four random female foreheads of similar age:
This image is of four random male foreheads of similar age:
Four random middle age female foreheads:
Four random middle age male foreheads:
Four random old age female foreheads:
Four random old age male foreheads:
It is clear from just a cursory glance into what surely is an effect of testosterone on the trans female body. That females applying high doses of testosterone experience some kind of metabolic (?) facial change beyond a reordering of fat and muscle. There are obviously exceptions (I think?) but in studying thousands of timelines of testosterone's effect on females diagnosed as transgender, a (seeming) rapid aging forehead is more the rule than the exception.

I've tried to explain away (to myself) varying possible factors as to why a young (healthy) female forehead (even on testosterone) would in a matter of months resemble that of a male forehead in his 70's or 80's. But no matter which way I turned, I failed. As there are little studies on the effects of testosterone on/in the female body and none on testosterone/the female body and aging, this observation stands alone in its speculation, (in HIGH doses testosterone accelerates aging in the female body) but in no way does its unicity invalidate it.



  1. After years of "T", most FTMs end up bald, or have thinning hair and a receding hair line. Look at Buck Angel and Patrick (Patricia) Califia.

    1. Buck Angel is 44 years old
      Patrick Califia is 62 years old
      According to the American Hair Loss Association, by 35, two-thirds of men experience some degree of hair loss, and by the age of 50, about 85 per cent of men have significantly thinner hair.

    2. Their ages is irrelevant. Measure their hair loss from the first T injection to their first experience with hair loss.


  2. You fail to take into account their expressions...(eyebrow positions). As usual, you talk out of ignorance and go out of your way to bash people. How sad.

    1. Interesting you interpret potential harming drug effects as "bashing" is that out of fear, anger or both? You clearly have access to the internet, check any trans female photo over 9 months on testosterone poisoning. I dont ask anyone to take my word, I merely present the issues.


  3. I think it's premature aging of the body due to an endocrine system at war with itself. This is then exacerbated by the severe stress of living a lie.

    And the f2t, "Please see me as anything but female, anything but a victim, aw fuck, who am I kidding, I'm terrified" scowl just emphasizes the wrinkles.

  4. Do you have social media accounts? I'd love to follow!

  5. I dare you to come find my pictures you creepy old lesbian fuck

  6. "I dare you to come find my pictures you creepy old lesbian fuck"

    So, yet again, WHAT is the great sin? Daring to be OLD(er) and a LESBIAN. Rather than the young F2T who can't even cope with being a young lesbian?

    And a 'fuck' because as we all know, that is all women are good for........Well done little anonymous, you've got the typical male lingo off pat already!

  7. It thicker skin results in more noticeable creases. Testosterone thickens female skin. I also suspect it ages them faster than testosterone would on a male bodied person.

    though I agree with the general message, I believe the evidence is disingenuous. First of all the trans female photos show them making expressions. Second the random photos you pulled off the internet are heavily photoshopped or have different lighting. Use images of trans female relaxed faces, the crease will be less drastic but probably still obvious.

  8. I can't be a lesbian because I'm not a girl :) I'm sick of all you brainwashed nasty creeps doing this to YOUNG men. Fucking idiots.

  9. This girl is only twenty years old and has been on T for three years. She totally has the old man forehead thing.

  10. It is really sad to see these girls. Thinking aging faster will turn them into "men". What kind of man looks like that in their mid 20s? Benjamin Button?

    It really shocks me how old someone in their early twenties can look after a mere months on "T". I've yet to see a man with such forehead full of wrinkles (not even my dad who is in his 60s has a forehead like that!), not to say while some men may go bald due to genetics. These women almost are guaranteed to be bald at their late 20s/mid thirties, unlike the majority of men.

    And no, it's not only because they're raising their eyebrows, look at other pictures and the lines are fully visible as well even when they're expressionless. They feel like "men", but they're nothing but mentally ill faster aging bearded women.

  11. I was wondering why "Damien" was there when she looks like a normal teenage girl in that picture, I thought she was another of those self called pre-everything F2Ts. Then I looked a little further and what I found let me nothing less than amazed in a bad way. It is terrifying what synthetic testosterone can do to a female body in less than a year.

    Here it is what 10 months on T did to her:

  12. Even Hudson's which is supposed to be something of an expert on FTMs clearly states that male pattern hair loss is common.

    Look at all the FTMs who are either bald, or have a receding hair line.

    It's actually rather sad because FTMs have male pattern hair loss, a beard, deep voice, etc., but have no penis.

  13. lmfao did you even TRY
    raised eyebrows don't count

  14. I am a 50-year-old woman who has lived in the hot Southern sun all my life. I have a sun-damaged face full of freckles and wrinkles, but no matter how high I raise my eyebrows, I cannot make my forehead crease like those young F2Ts -- not even close. When I raise my eyebrows, two very faint horizontal lines appear. These F2T girls are 30 years younger than me but they have multiple deep creases? Even if they are raising their eyebrows in the photos, it is disturbing that they have multiple deep, noticeable forehead creases at this early stage in their lives.

  15. Not to mention the foreheads of men of similar age look completely different. The first row of hairlines, if seen as male, still read as very feminine. They are just too rounded and the forehead is too short.

  16. I work in a diverse city in a business where many demographics cross paths.

    To the Anon who calls herself and other F2Ts "Young Men" and is so worried about creepy lesbians, I guess she is either too emotionally demented to realize it or just ignorant because, we creepy lesbians are all ya got, kid. That's way you float in the periphery, never wandering too far.

    Back to my place of work, all types of folks come in - its a big city - many gays, lesbians, trans, multi ethnic, hipsters, and straights - its that kinda party.

    F2Ts PREDOMINATELY come in either with other F2Ts, or Lesbians.

    BUT the most telling social clue is how they behave around Young Men. Especially strident alpha types.

    Any animated convo amongst them STOPS. And a withdrawn, shy countenance is almost uniformly presented. And often THEY LEAVE.

    This behavior doesn't occur in the proximity of Lesbians.

    So pack that in your pants you little poser. You know what Im saying is true.

    Oh you SO KNOW IT.

  17. It would be fascinating to see what would happen if Justin Beiber got changed the trademark troubled puppy expression say, for biting his bottom lip. Oh, and Cornrows.Yes.
    Within 6 months there would be minions of trenders biting their lip sporting cornrows in their "This Many Months on T..." videos.


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