The TRUTH about Testosterone effects on Transmen/FTM (a series)

Due to underwhelming and overwhelming information on testosterone dangers in trans female subjects today and the high numbers of lesbian youth (being influenced to transition/being pressured to transition/being forcibly transitioned by an authority figure), I'm going to do a series of posts on changes from (high dosing) testosterone in females, all of which I'll later locate in full on a future post.

In female transition at this point in time, there is a general (standard) outline/timeline/possible issues of the effects of testosterone therapy on the female (brain) body (short term). These standards are used by general practitioners who may have never served a transgender patient or who've served hundreds. These standards are shared among GPs, endocrinologists, psychologists, therapists, gender specialists, academic etc. These standards are then shared by mental/medical professionals with female clients seeking transition or parents seeking to transition a child (or supposed to be shared).

These standards have come to be standards based on a combination of self reporting and various medical studies involving females treated with testosterone for GID/GD (gender identity disorder/gender dysphoria). Testosterone is the hormone that will chemically construct the female patient into her new transgender mind/body/life. So long as testosterone is maintained throughout the course of the female patient's lifetime, her mind/body will remain in an ongoing transitional state, with her natural brain/body fighting for control.

Females seeking transition or parents transitioning a female child/teen can expect to find a general outline of testosterone induced changes on (rarely in) the female brain/body. There is a perceived notion of changes based a basic/intimate knowledge of male bodies (as a comparison) as well as knowledge gleaned from already transitioned females in the form of friends/online acquaintances, online blogs/vlogs-videos of trans females.

This series of posts will remove perceived changes, call into serious question (when required) self reporting and place a magnifying glass on some of the more cited medical studies/journals used to sell transgender hormones as safe to patients, medical practitioners, psychologists, therapists, gender specialists and the general public.

Covered/dissected in the Testosterone Changes and Dangers in Female Transitioning will be as follows:
  • Mood/mental changes
  • Hair changes-head to toe
  • Body odor
  • Epidermis (skin) changes including acne
  • Voice changes (thicker vocal folds)
  • Breast changes
  • Vaginal/clitoris changes-including menstruation (periods)
  • Appetite/weight gain changes
  • Virilization of face/body-reordering of body fat/increase in visceral fat
  • Sex drive changes
  • Romantic attraction changes (not to be confused with core sexual orientation)
  • Aromatization of high testosterone dosage (on various organs)
  • Blood changes  
  • Endocrine system changes
  • Ovarian changes
  • Uterine/endometrium changes
  • Liver/pancreas changes
  • Heart/cardiovascular change

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