The GREATEST TRUTH on Testosterone & its effect on Transmen FTM

The GREATEST TRUTH (it is impossible to emphasize this more) of the effect of testosterone on the female body is self preservation.

The female body (including the brain) is organic. A living organism. It (she) is therefore subjected to the laws of nature that govern the female sex. Self preservation (survival instinct) isnt confined solely to our mind's interpretation of physical danger. Human (female) bodies intrinsically fight to stay alive, whether that is healing a paper cut, fighting off the flu or fighting cancer cells desperate to multiply.

The female body produces small amounts of testosterone naturally, but when testosterone is introduced in high doses for the purpose of transition, the laws of female (and male) nature go into action. When the female body senses testosterone is superseding its natural level of estrogen, the female system will aromatize the extra testosterone into estrogen. It does this in a self preservation attempt to bring the female system back into a balanced state of being. Sadly this self preserving act can unknowingly cause a host of negative (life threatening) issues. Even after years on high doses of testosterone the female reproductive system if intact will still struggle/continue to ovulate.

A full hysterectomy can minimize some of the aromatization as testosterone dosages are cut in half depending on free range testosterone in the female body post surgery. But because the body in question IS female, it will continue to fight the unnatural doses of testosterone until transition ceases, or the transitioner does. Fighting for her life the entirety of transition, the psychiatric/medical community prefers to ignore the period red smoke signals the female system continues bloodying their personal skies with. Bear in mind, this post takes none of the self preserving mechanisms of the mind.



  1. I believe self-protection and self-preservation are also behind the desire to become other than female. To become somebody who will no longer be subjected to male violence. To some how avoid being a victim. How tragic and horrible that it doesn't work, and that this effort to escape harm results in terrible harm to the same body she was trying to protect.

  2. I personally don't feel like being female equals being a victim... But that's just me. I'm sure there are a lot of stats out there about women/females being victimized, etc. so I definitely don't deny that it happens.

    I have no qualms about being biologically female, it's just another stat to me. Like eye color, etc. I have no problems with my state of being.

    What really irritates me, though, is being called "ma'am" and having males open doors for me, smiling and expecting me to gratuitously smile back and say "Thank you!"
    And similar behavior.

    It's being treated like a princess by strangers--basically the complete opposite of a victim--that really bothers me.

    I think I'm a bit on the younger side of followers of this blog... Does this type of thing ever go away?

    I don't consider being referred to as "lady" or "madame" as improvement.

    1. But here you are wrong. It's not the opposite of a victim - they are actually making you a victim again. The thing that bothers you has a name: benevolent sexism.
      It's something many women enjoy (I do not understand this, I guess it's largely the socialization - brainwashing and not their 'natural state') but the men that call you a lady a hold the door for you think of you as someone fragile (and therefore not competent) who needs their help. Studies had actually shown that this type of men considers women inferior to them, even when they say women should be protected and men should do sacrifices for them.
      No wonder it bothers you!
      I guess it will go away... With time. The unfortunate thing is that most women enjoy this, they crave this attention... I still don't understand why but we've been here already.

    2. I guess that makes sense.

      It's different when someone's at the front of a group and holds the door open for everyone. Or if someone's carrying something heavy and can't get the door themselves.

      But in this seems like the overwhelming majority of women are brainwashed, then. I always get weird looks when I'm "being rude" to some male "being nice" by holding a door open for me, at least in this area.

      Maybe most girls actually do enjoy it, though? I myself like being nice to ladies sometimes. It's just offensive when it's done to me because from my personality and appearance, you can probably tell I won't appreciate it.

      How exactly will this sort of thing go away?

      I'm sure this sort of thing is one factor transtrenders consider, because it's so damn irritating, and when they "pass as male" they actually might start being treated "as an equal" more regularly. It's pretty fucked up.

  3. "A full hysterectomy can minimize some of the aromatization as testosterone dosages are cut in half depending on free range testosterone in the female body post surgery. "
    "Free range testosterone"? Is this testosterone also grass fed and antibiotic free? Cattle are free range. Testosterone is not. Nice work.


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