Resolution on Gender and Sexual Orientation Diversity in Children and Adolescents in Schools-Official Policy on all things Trans Kids-Teens Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I did a little digging and with a few turns of the spade unearthed a fertilizer of fetishizers, garden variety academics, misogynists, lezbo/homo-phobics and queer theorists behind the APA's latest weapon in the arsenal to straighten out (eradicate) gay, lesbian and other non conformist youth. Arming both the school system and school professionals with wider and wider nets, for the sole purpose of bringing gay and lesbian youth to the attention of APA officials as early as possible. In this post I will delve into this Orwellian monstrosity, ferreting out the true conversionist aims, front/back/sides and behind its policy.

 What some children do not identify with are the roles assigned to their SEX via centuries of patriarchy and an ever shrinking Gender Straight Jacket not fitting all children. And in case you forgot who Rachel Pepper is, follow link-not exactly an unbiased opinion.
Bear in mind, unless cross sex hormones are administered, NO person be it child-adolescent or adult is transgender. Bear equally in mind whether parent or school, it IS child abuse to psychologically bully/shame a child's natural inclinations simply because they do not reflect yours/the masses. It IS child maltreatment to suppress a child's natural physiology, it IS child murder to mutilate a child/teen's natural healthy body/mind because they make the parent/school/society uncomfortable!
Intersex children are pulled into the mix because intersex rights groups have made some serious gains in the last few decades. Intersex rights groups have encouraged parents of intersex to allow the child to decide for itself later on regarding its sex, stopping doctors from playing God. This hasnt been a popular position in the medical community, who continue to support the likes of  the John Gender Identity Money's of the world. By adding the intersex to policies on transgender children, intersex children can once again be roped back in to requiring surgeries/hormones to fix their condition simply by putting them in the same category as transgender. The transgender and trans apologists dictating these policies also reap the benefits of aligning themselves with the intersex. By drawing constructed similarities between transgender paraphilia/social issues and the intersex's biological differences, it gives the notion to the casual observer that transgenderism is a biological disease/illness. Which clearly spells out that the Transgender Politic/Community view intersex people as wrong/ill/diseased/in need of fixing. But just for good measure, this was added (as we street smart autodidacts say) to cover thy ass!
The Trans Politic/Community/Trans supporters/enablers are NOT allies of the intersex, they are obviously enemies.
Gender and sexual orientation diverse children? I know, sounds like something shit out of the arse of a gender studies classroom, not something we expect to see written from the American Psychiatric Association, especially cocked, aimed and fired at school children. 
In the DSM5, the APA made a conscious effort to move away from Gender Identity Disorder, while at the same time using the very same criteria to continue diagnosing transgenderism in children/adolescents and adults via a diagnosis of Gender Incongruence. It is obvious from this gem alone the APA crew remains fond of Gender Identity, using it in various states of dress throughout the document. The APA crew does not however credit the father of Gender Identity, John Money; to which they surely are heavily indebted. And for whom without, transgender progresses in general society, schools, policies/laws, locker rooms, showers, dressing areas, TV shows/films/documentaries, newspapers/magazines and other assorted areas where gays and lesbians (not yet transitioned) clearly lag decades behind, would not yet be. John Money-the Mengele of the Intersexed, murderer of David Reimer and darling of pedophile groups everywhere, when John Money so elegantly stated with pride in PAIDIKA-The Journal of Paedophilia:

I'm rarely one to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but in the case of John Money's theories, be it Love Mapping, Gender Identity or Consensual Pedophilia, none were/are worthy of saving, preserving or using.  
The APA very casually slips into this document for school officials to "COLLECT DATA ON SEXUAL ORIENTATION" a term associated predominantly with Gays and Lesbians using AIDS as a scare tactic. Were this APA crew invested in teen STDs, this would read teen and NOT sexual orientation. They then repeat the importance of school officials to collect data on sexual orientation (gay/lesbians) for the added purpose of effective interventions. Meaning, effectively transitioning as many gay and lesbian youths school officials can effectively identify.
Interesting wording here, because our APA crew states it is recommending school officials "support affirmative interventions with transgender and gender diverse children and adolescents that encourages self exploration and self acceptance..." Self acceptance and transgender in the same sentence is oxymoronic. By accepting one's self as carrying their maleness or femaleness differently and feeling good about it, one clearly wouldnt feel good and then transition into a chemically created hybrid of male or female.

The APA crew doesnt say how the binary-male/female/intersex "limit all children from realizing their full potential" because they cannot. Because simply being a male or female or intersex human isnt encumbered by our sex, BUT by the stringent social roles/rules and expectations placed on the sexes by tradition, religion, parents, society and the APA themselves!
The APA using the school system/school officials to ferret out/collect data on gay and lesbian children/teens and encourage them to accept that the/ir binary sex/orientation is not normal and limiting their potentials is no fucking ally! It is the same erstwhile psychiatric homophobic mumbo jumbo with a few new technological twists, that for centuries has been used to incarcerate, drug and torture gays and lesbians all for our own good.

The writer and victim of John Money, Janet Frame once wrote: "'For your own good' is a persuasive argument that will eventually make a man agree to his own destruction." Think what it will make a child agree to.



  1. I hate to think about what it would be like being a baby butch preschooler in the present groupthink, lockstep, politically correct, pro-trans environment. The natural process of becoming who you are meant to be would be terminated by some presumably well-meaning, but biased and brainwashed, cog in the system.

    1. Poland is not pro-trans and not politically correct. When a person announces they're trans, almost everybody asks why they can't simply be lesbians/gays, because Poles think lesbians or gays are more 'normal' than trans people. What's the result? More young trans people committing suicide.
      Under every article about Anna Grodzka's (she's the only trans politician in Poland) most of comments are full of hate. Trans people disgust other Poles. I guess it is some kind of heaven for people like you...
      Fun fact about this blog. Everything which Dirt writes applies ONLY to some western societies.

  2. There are credible sources that say that the American Psychological Association collaberated with the George W. Bush administration on its "enhanced interrogation" (torture) policies. Google it because the informaiton is out there. If they see no problem with a little water boarding, do people really believe that they care so much about children.

    The APA basically puts its finger in the air to judge which way the current political climate is blowing. Trans is the big thing now, and they will milk it for all its worth. After all, there is no money in not "transitioning" children.

  3. Anyone like Quiz and Answer? Who has a higher suicide rate than the patients of American psychiatrists? Bottle of Veuve Clicquot (customs allowing) for the right answer.

  4. "Everything which Dirt writes applies ONLY to some western societies. "

    It's a fact that some of the most oppressive countries on earth "transition" (hormones and surgery) people. Iran isn't a western culture and neither is Thailand.

    On this very blog, there have been several comments about gay and lesbian eugenics in Iran whereby gay men and lesbians are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. There are credible sources that say this has been going on for years. From what I've read, Thailand and Iran are the two countries that carry out the most sex reassignment surgeries. In Thailand, it's cheap, and in Iran it appears that it's a way to deal with the homosexual problem. The government of Iran will pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals.

    More young trans people committing suicide.

    What exactly is this person trying to say? Am I to believe that Poland is some kind of gay and lesbian mecca of Eastern Europe? Any young person that is different in any way can feel depressed.

    1. I am trying to say that Poland is rather some kind of place trans hell, which doesn't stop people from transitioning.
      As far as I know no one forces people in Thailand to transition and in Iran there it only applies to transwomen. An outed ftm would have been executed.
      And since when Thailand is oppressive? It's poor yet definitely not oppressive. Most of people who transition in Thailand are mtf.
      Dirt says ftm exist only because of gender stereotypes and homophobia. I have NEVER heard that I shouldn't do something because I'm a girl, or that I behave like a boy, or look like a boy. I have never heard that I'm not good at something because I'm a girl. The most oppressive act of sexism that I have ever experienced was a stupid tv commercial. But I have been identifying as a boy since an age of 5. I was raised by a feminist, surrounded by women. In my family house there were no other man. I don't say (as Dirt suggests in one of her posts) that I adore women or want to protect them. I respect them. Women did more for me than I will by ever able to do for them. Now I live under one roof with a lesbian couple. I love them - they're my family.
      I have never had any sexual attraction towards women. Since age of 12 I have been fighting for gay rights in Poland (because there are a lot to improve anyway). I am truly sad because my best friends can't legally marry and adopt a child, but I have also buried my other friend, when she was refused to reanimate in hospital, when the doctor discovered that she's transsexual.
      Dirt says ftms are lesbians or "transtrenders". I am neither.

    2. "The most oppressive act of sexism that I have ever experienced was a stupid tv commercial." Like, wow. How is that even possible? Didn't you hear great insights into women nature by Korwin-Mikke? He still has supporters after this. Bracia Figo Fagot also have quite a few fans althought how sexist their songs are (I only know of them because the few guys I work with listen to it, teh "intellectual" STEM dudes). I had 3 man (none from my family) tell me to my face that they consider themselves to be cheuvinists. I had a guy on the street flick a cig at me. I had a guy have the gall to throw "what a funny looking bitch" at me from his window. I've had my younger brother sending me to the kitchen. I've had my father constantly telling his buddies how hopeless I was cause I supposedly didn't know how to do house chores, and it didn't matter that I spend lot more time than my brothers studying while they played video games or watched anime. It didn't matter I had training after school. I've had my aunt tell me (in a sympathetic way) that I shouldn't read so much or i'll get too smart - I've just finished my first semester studying physics at this point. I've been harassed, insulted and got into fights multiple times throughout primary and secondary school. One time I got in trouble with guys cause I've been throwing them out of girls changing room. I guess they used me to establish their pecking order, since they were obviously trying to impress one another. I've had dudes in my office singing "...internet is for porn...".
      I don't think there is much acceptance for the idea of identifying as the opposite sex as this concept is transparently too vague. It invokes "what does that even mean?" almost immidiatelly.

  5. @Petre,

    I'm assuming that it's mostly American citizens see American psychiatrists, but in reality any person from any country could be a patient of a American psychologist..

    Are you talking about suicide rates in general, or suicides of people who are seeing psychiatrists?

    According to WHO (World Health Organization), in 2012, Guyana had the highest suicide rate (per 100,000 population ). Countries like Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, and North Korea also had high rates. Eastern European countries, Russia, and poor African countries were the countries with higher rates.

    1. Thank you very much for that link, which I have looked at and bookmarked for further study. As far as I am aware, and unless I grossly misspoke, I made no comment at all about psychologists, American or other. As far as I can myself be aware, the proportion I quoted compared USA psychiatrists with their own patients, of whom the majority must be American residents, even if not strictly "citizens". Just to be absolutely clear, I was talking about (mostly) US-resident patients of US-registered psychiatrists.
      The data that you have been good enough to send us clearly requires more considered examination than I have so far given to the question, but nonetheless I hope you will reply soon.

    2. Before making my last comment, I should have confirmed that the (quite well-known) answer to the question "Who has a higher suicide rate than the patients of American psychiatrists?" is "American psychiatrists".


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