FTM Detransition-The Courage of Going Back in order to go Forward-A Reader Thanks Us



  1. This is why I post her as a regular reader.

    Good news and great to hear how her story ended.
    A lawsuit is a good thing, it'll make doctors think more careful, I hope.

  2. Awesome woman!

  3. Thank you, Big, but do you understand the health care issues? I confess I do not. Very comfortable, EU (obligatory) insurance for all my life covers me, but it's a different story for my partner (wijfske, OK let's get it over with). He's kinda covered in a secondary way, but keep calling 112, and not the European Claims Office, if he keels over.
    For American readers: 112 = 911 .

  4. @Big,

    This human experiment called "transitioning" simply isn't sustainable, and the ethical issues are enormous. Wait till the lawsuits over the GnRH agonists (puberty suppression) and cross gender hormones pushed on kids start to pile up.

    I wish this courageous woman all the luck in the world,, and much happiness for her and her partner.

    "I was approved for top surgery after seeing a therapist for 1.5 months....After reading those comments, I felt that the therapist was indeed in the wrong. So, I decided to take legal action against him. For the damage emotionally, financially, and physically that I was caused. Almost a year later, after hiring two lawyers, my case goes to court this summer. My lawyers and I are taking legal action for medical malpractice. The outcome is looking very much in my favor. Thank you to you and all your readers for encouraging me to take action for something that should have never happened in the first place.

    Stay strong sister,

    1. That's great, in a capitalist-medicine society like the US, but in countries that have socialized health-care, we don't expect to have to sue our doctors when they screw up (though we can, of course). What we DO expect is to have some say in how our tax-money (state health insurance) is spent. We are the real target of the "transsexual" lobby, seeing our tax pounds or tax Canadian dollars flow toward the costly "treatment" of entirely fictitious conditions, while we remain on an endless waiting-list.


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