Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

_______Age 16

Eli-Age 22

Scott Age 20

Pete-Age 16

Danny Age-19

Aiden-Age 22

Jen-Age 18

Luke-Age 17

Eva-Age 17

Dedicated to a Lesbian who had fallen prey to the Trans Monster.


  1. It is so tragic to see these young women ruining their lives. I wonder what it will take and how long it will take for the medical and general community to wake up.

  2. Anonymous (9:45 post)

    I am curious as to how you believe that anyone in the above post (excluding Leo) is ruining their life. Based on the fact that most of the people that are depicted seem like they are happy with the changes that they are making, and the fact that statistically there is only about a one percent chance of them later detransitioning, it would seem that they your observation is incorrect.

    As for Leo, I haven't been able to find anything which would indicate what the cause of their suicide was, beyond people being terrible.

    So I am curious as to the nature of the ruination that they are experiencing, because they all appear medically and mentally in the clear.


  3. Hi Perishcoda, I am not the above Anon at 9:45, but your questions can be answered in 3 words: Read Dirt's Blog.

    1. Anonymous (4:45 comment)


      I actually have read around the blog. In fact, I find this blog to be an interesting insight into other people's opinions. But I felt the need to ask because:

      1). Many of the things said on this blog are subjective or else not congruent with what science or transgender people (two primary sources of information) have shown us, therefore it is worth asking questions here to try to find the reasons behind what's being said, or else to clarify what was being said.
      Understanding the reasoning for what is being said is just as important as reading the words themselves.

      2). The first anonymous commenter made a statement which presumably has some reasoning behind it, so I was curious as to what those reasons were and whether or not they were based on something factual or not.
      You would be surprised by how often I ask someone for the basis of their opinion, only to find out that it's based on a lack of accurate information.

      Tl;Dr: I get what your saying, but it still leaves questions on reasoning and content.

      So my three word retort would be: My questions stand.


    2. There is no science on paraphilia or the trans disorder. All info is subjective, homophobic and a complete product of misogyny and the Gender Straight Jacket.


  4. @ April 25, 2015 at 5:02 PM

    Many of the things said on this blog are subjective or else not congruent with what science and transgender people say...

    (1.) It's a scientific fact that no primate, human, or non-human can change its sex. Please don't bring up rare disorders of sexual development (intersex) because DSD are not the same thing as transgender.

    (2.) Few things discussed on the millions of transgender websites, blogs, etc. have anything to do with reality.

    (3.) There is no precise way to separate "gender dysphoria" from cultural factors, and even some FTMs admit this.

    (4.) There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that what we are seeing today is largely cultural driven.

    (5.) Despite what transgender activists say, there are serious ethical issues involved in "transitioning" children, especially the sterilization of children through GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones.

    1. I get cross with you, Anonymous, because you say exactly what I want to say, say it before me, and say it better than me.

  5. @April 25, 2015 at 3:56 PM

    I don't know where you got the 1%, and what ages are you referring to? How many FTMs were questioned? Where are the long term studies?


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